Aug 30 2011

10 Unusual Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’ resignation indeed has left the technology sector shocked no matter how prepared everybody was about this extreme step of the legendary figure. WebTabLab is a blog dedicated to the tech world, and a legend like Steve jobs deserve a special mention which is one of the reasons that we came up with the article dedicated to him after the news of his resignation spread all over.


Was that one article reading ‘Most Remarkable Steve Jobs Quotes And Memorable Video Moments‘ enough as the dedication to Steve Jobs? We can go short of words but the thoughts that keep running in our minds persuade us to sit down and write more about him. So, we are here once again with yet another article in which we have talked in length about Steve.

There are indeed innumerable blogs around the web that are talking in length about the success stories of Steve. Why not! After all this legendary figure deserves to be applauded for all good reasons. With so many blogs coming up with Steve’s business successes that at one point might sound bit boring, we thought of bringing a twist in the story and talk about the things that not many people might have known about.

No matter how well known personality Steve is in the technology sector, he has lived the life of an artist. Turning everything in the life upside down, making horrible mistakes, doing things differently, failing, cheating, lying, having everyone hate you, and working with wisdom is what you call the way of living life that leads to success and Steve has lived his life this way. How I wonder Steve stands out of the crowd!

Read on to know ten things about Steve Jobs which probably you didn’t know about till date.

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Steve Jobs: Psychedelics

This might be shocking for most of us. Steve Jobs was actually a psychedelics. He used the LSD drug once when he was young. Was the LSD drug the reason behind him being totally out of the normal frame that taught him how to look at problems from such a unique perspective? Before knowing this fact about Steve, I didn’t even know that such kind of drug existed but quite possibly it helped him adding to the long list of inventions.

Steve Jobs’ one big lie to Steve Wozniak (the co-founder of Apple)

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs had planned to split the pay into 50-50 ration when they made Breakout for Atari. Atari gave Jobs $5000 to get the job done but he told Wozniak that he got $700 and Wozniak took home $350 as decided. But does this show that he is a bad person? Read above (making horrible mistakes, doing things differently, failing, cheating, lying and coming out the other side with wisdom is what you call the way of living life.)

Strict no to philanthropy

Did you all know that no matter how profitable Apple Inc. is Steve didn’t throughout his career as the CEO of the company, didn’t do any charity. Jobs just believed in putting his energy into improving the quality of life with his best inventions.

Steve didn’t attend the college

Know that Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are the famous college dropouts but lot many of us were not aware of the fact that Steve Jobs went to Reed College just for one semester and then dropped out.

Breakout Game

Steve Jobs was the man behind Breakout game most loved by first-generation Atari users. Probably, many of you out there don’t know that Steve had worked offered his ingenuity to Atari too. Look how things worked for Steve, today he is the legend in the technology sector while on the other hand Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari shifted to eatery business and became the owner of largest restaurant chains in the history of mankind.

Steve Jobs: Pescetarian

Steve just eats fish and no other meat. He eats anything else a vegetarian eats like eggs, dairy and much more. Now, even I was unaware of this fact that Steve is a pescetarian.


Mona Simpson: Steve’s sister!

Mona Simpson, one of the renowned novelists is Steve Job’s sister and he didn’t know it until he was an adult. Steve and Mona didn’t know that they were brother-sister until the 90s when he tracked her down. One sibling is novelist while other is totally into technology. Both have a unique sensibility of life and the best artists in the world working in completely different areas.


Steve’s parents; his adoption

Steve’s parents were graduate students who I guess weren’t sure if they wanted the kid so they thought of putting him up for adoption and few years later they had another child (Mona Simpson). Steve’s parents had put forward one requirement that Steve should be adopted by two college-educated people. The couple that adopted Steve lied and turned out not to be the college educated, so the deal fell through and they promised to send Steve to college. A promise couldn’t be kept! Abdulfattah Jandali was the father of Steve Jobs. By the grace of almighty, despite so many personal issues, everything ins Steve’s life fell into places.

Steve’s Paternity Denial

We learnt that Steve’s parents denied their paternity by putting him up for adoption. Steve was no less. Like father, like son! When his wife first delivered the baby, he denied paternity on his first child claiming he was sterile. His wife had to initially raise the child herself. But as they say with time, people change, they get mature; in due course Jobs became a good father. The Lisa computer the “Apple III” was named after his first child whom he denied at first.


 Steve Jobs: A Zen Buddhist

Steve is a Zen Buddhist, not only this, he once thought about joining a monastery and becoming a monk. Besides this A Zen monk, his guru married him and his wife. Buddhism is all about non-attachment. It is this fact that might leave lot many of you out there amazed as being a Zen Buddhist and being one of the wealthiest people sound contradictory. Those practicing Buddhism know it states are that it’s absolutely normal to pursue your passions and outcomes, taking care that you don’t become overly attached to those outcomes.


I’m pretty sure, you all did not know all the above listed unusual facts about Steve Jobs. I remember the dialogue of the film “Never underestimate the value of zero”.

Steve started Apple in a garage, he started Pixar and almost went broke with it, he was fired as CEO of Apple and lot many times in his life he started from zero and we can’t imagine what the man behind amazing gadgets flying up on the market shelves might have gone through to reach this position where everyone loves him for his amazing inventions!

Did you find the facts of Steve Jobs’ life interesting? Share your views with us.

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