Nov 16 2011

11 Great iOS 5 Camera And Photo Editing Enhancements For iPhone Photographers

We all know that Apple has just recently released its biggest mobile update yet. Namely iOS 5, the latest update offers a slew of compelling features that are likely to make iPhone 4 users to think twice before upgrading to the iPhone 4S.

As anticipated, iOS 5 is not just a simple update instead combines hundreds of features that promise to improve the user interface, solve few issues, and also include number of cool new features worth checking out. Apple added a number of new features to the camera in iOS 5 to persuade consumers to drop their point and shoot cameras and enjoy taking pictures from their iPhone.

Curosity for checking out the enhancements made as far as camera and snapping is concerned made me come up with this article. While checking out these cool features I thought of sharing them with you all and here I am with the list of cool new features of iOS 5 that adds to the awesomeness of iPhone’s camera. Enjoy reading and exploring new features and rejoice being the proud owner of iPhone!

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1. Grid view

The grid view helps in composition. You want to ensure your image is level or play by the rule-of-thirds guideline all this can be done with the grid view.

2. Lock exposure and focus

Press and hold your finger on the iPhone screen to lock the auto focus and exposure balance on a particular area of the image. It’s as simple as that!

3. New options menu

In the camera app, there is a new ‘Options’ button. Clicking on this will give you the HDR (High Dynamic Range) option and also the option to turn on the ‘Grid’ display.


4. Photo browsing with a swipe

Swiping left and right will enable you to browse through the images saved in your gadget. So, there are no more arrow keys for operation.

5. Zoom by pinching

Besides zooming in/out with the on-screen zoom bar you can now do so by simply pinching.

6. In-camera editing

The iOS 5 provides you with the in-camera editing however limited the options are. In-Camera editing gives you to auto enhance, rotate images in 90-degree increments, getting rid of red-eye, cropping and much more.


7. Headset for remote shutter release

The volume-up button besides enabling you to take a photo also release remote shutter with Apple-certified headsets.


8. Access from the lock screen

The iOS 5 enables the use the camera even when the screen is locked. There is an icon on the slide bar which when hit you can reach the camera app without having to unlock the screen.

9. Volume-up button to take picture

Yes you read it correct. Users can simply use the volume up button on the side to take the pictures.

10. Switching between camera and photos App

Switching between the camera and photos app goes easy. There is a blue icon to return to the camera, swipe left to see an image you’ve clicked, and swipe right to return to shooting.


11. Creating albums

Also, you can create albums within the Photos app instead of lumping all your images and videos into the camera roll that asks for syncing and sorting.

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