4 Excellent Tools To Use Microsoft Office And Google Docs Together

There was a time when Microsoft Office was the only program to work with documents. You just name it and you will find a suitable program in Microsoft Office suite to done with the job. But, because of its slow responsiveness and bulky price, there were many people that slashed Microsoft Office suite over other programs.

Another major reason to switch from Microsoft Office program is because majority of people that use Office spends their most of the time on the Internet. And that’s the reason, you can notice that these days people are using Online Office programs because they are simple to use, available anywhere in the world and totally free to work with.

One of the most popular online Office suite is Google Docs that can seamlessly work with your Google Account and available on any computer if you have an internet access. But that doesn’t mean you can easily ignore one of the most powerful Office suite ever built because when it comes into hardcore document creation such as making presentations and spreadsheets you can’t rely on Google Docs because Microsoft Office offers excellent tools for such job.

Frankly speaking, both Microsoft Office and Google Docs have their own advantages. While Microsoft Office has nice set of tools to create and edit almost anything Google Docs offers to you to create and edit documents when you are not carrying your laptop with you that has Microsoft Office installed in it. Google Docs also comes handy when you want to work with your documents in your mobile phone.

As they have their own advantage, how about using both Google Docs and Microsoft Office together? Yes, you are right -- How about documents that you create on Microsoft Office will easily be accessed through your Google Docs account anywhere?

In this article, I am sharing some excellent tools that will allow you to do the same -- it means documents you create in Microsoft Office will be available in Google Docs while if you create or edit documents in Google Docs will create a copy in your desktop locally.

With these tools, you can easily integrate Microsoft Office with Google Docs but due to some limitation in Google Docs API, no tool is not so perfect that allows smooth synchronization between both of these office products. But, if you use these tools wisely, you can easily get the result you want from Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

So, without wasting any time further, have a look on our compilation of 4 excellent tools to use Microsoft Office and Google Docs together. If you have any other favorite tool that you use to integrate these two programs, do tell us in the comments section below.

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1. Google Cloud Connect For Microsoft Office : Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office brings collaborative multi-person editing to the familiar Microsoft Office experience. You can share, backup and simultaneously edit Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents with colleagues.

In simple words, you create any document in Word, Excel or PowerPoint and when you hit the sync button, it will easily upload that document to your Google Docs account. There is a disadvantage with this plugin that it is one side tool only  - it means when you edit your documents in the cloud it would not change on your local document.

It can work with Windows XP having .Net Framework 2.o, Windows Vista or Windows 7 while Google Cloud Connect is available for Mac too now.

2. Gladinet Cloud Desktop Starter Edition : This is really a great tool unfortunately available for Windows only that allows you to easily mount your Google Docs account as a virtual drive and you can access your online Google documents as you working on the local computer.

By double clicking any documents in the virtual drive will allow you to edit that document in the Microsoft office software.If you save any file in this folder it will automatically will be uploaded to your Google Docs account where as drag-n-drop feature is also allowed to upload batch files on your Google Docs account. Dragging any file from this folder into your computer will create local backup of the same file.

3. OffiSync : Another great tool for Windows that allows you to save documents to Google Docs from Microsoft Office software directly. There is one unique feature of OffiSync is that you can use this tool to open documents saved on your Google Docs account locally and edit them into Microsoft Office. The main reason I use this software is because the changes you made will saved both online and offline.

OffiSync extends Office 2003, 2007, and 2010 and integrates with all versions of Google Apps and with stand-alone Google Docs and Google Sites accounts. This tool is available for both trial and buy version.

4. Syncplicity : As the name suggests, it is a tool that works like Dropbox-like online file storage and allows you to seamlessly synchronized your data and also have an support for Google Docs.

You have the option to link your Gmail or Google Apps account and choose a local desktop folder that you want to keep in sync with your Google Docs account. All documents that you save to the local folder will ready be available on your online Google Docs account and same will happen when you create a new document in Google Docs it will be stored in that local folder too.

The best part which I like about the software is that is available for both Windows and Mac. There is a offer going on recently on the site -- Syncplicity for person use is available for free and 30 days full trial of Business edition is also available for free.

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