Aug 9 2011

6 Cool Apple iCloud Features That iPhone And iPad Owners Will Love To Use

By now, I’m sure all you guys know what’s the latest hyped thing from Apple. Yes, iCloud is the most recent unveiled service by Apple! The world renowned brand has launched the beta for iCloud, which is the new suite of media streaming and cloud-based services. It’s a marvel for the consumers availing what all iOS 5 offers.

If you are the one who is pretty conscious about the data, keeping it updates and available, anytime anywhere, then iCloud is going to be the ultimate gift from Apple. For those who don’t know, iCloud promises to store your content in such a way that it will be accessible from all your apple devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac or your system.

The beta version of iCloud features web based version of Mail, iWork, Calendar, Contacts, and Find my iPhone. To access the service, you will have to visit using your Mac OS X Lion or iOS 5 which is right now only available for developers and will be soon love fot the end users.

The basic version of iCloud is available free of cost. It will provide 5 GB of storage. And incase, you wish to upgrade and expand the storage you will have to pay for the services. For 10GB, 20GB and 50GB storage, you will have to shell out $20, $40 $ and $100 per year respectively. The anticipated time for the release of final version of iCloud is the fall of 2011.

Now, that you are introduced to the iCloud, I guess it’s the apt time to check out its cool features. After all, consumers should be well versed with what the new services have to offer and how it will enhance the user experience.

Though, Apple iCloud service will be useful for every Apple device owners but there are some features of iCloud that will specially loved by iPad and iPhone users.

So, let’s see  6 cool Apple iCloud features that iPhone and iPad owners will love. Check them out and decide for yourself if the latest service by Apple is compelling enough to be your pick.

1. iCloud: Free of cost (Upto 5GB)

As discussed in the introductory paragraphs, the basic version of iCloud is free for idevices. Simply signing up will enable the users to enjoy upto 5GB of storage space that can be used for storing music, photos, videos, contacts, documents, and mails. However, for more storage space you will have to shell out few dollars but the amount doesn’t prick your pockets.

2. Keep a cross-check and manage past purchase history with iCloud

Ask any music freak, its easier to download songs, make purchase but managing the digital music collections is big time pain. iCloud, here can serve the purpose with iTunes Match. This means, with iCloud users can keep a track of their past purchases through iTunes, music tracks copied from CDs or purchased elsewhere with 1.8 million songs in Apple’s catalog thereby making sure, repeated songs in your systems don’t eat up extra space. iCloud makes it easy for the users to find and download past iTunes music purchases.

3. iCloud Automatic Backup

How many of you go home everyday and plug in your gadgets-iPhone, iPads to your system so that you don’t lose the pictures and other important data. iCloud eliminates the need to do so as it makes sure to automatically back up your data daily via Wifi and store it. Simply logging into your iCloud account will help you revive your data incase you lose or break your gadgets.

4. iTunes Match: Sync and scan your iTunes library

If you have a good music library but the songs are not of the high quality sound compared to the current availability of similar songs then the songs can be easily matched from your collection to Apple’s iTunes catalog and made available for you to download in high quality (256 Kbps). ‘iTunes Match’ is one cool feature of iCloud that will sync and scan your iTunes library with iTunes Store and provide you with all information about your songs and the new version of songs. ‘iTunes Match’ is available for $24.99 per year.

5. iCloud: Photos are your memories

Capturing the precious moments in your gadgets has become a common thing. iPhone is the best Apple device to click pictures, but when it comes to sharing, transferring, synchronizing, it’s a bit hassle.

With iCloud, the most recent photos snapped with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad are automatically available to view on any other iOS device or your other systems. As soon you click a picture, it gets uploaded to iCloud and then downloaded to all you idevices.

6. iCloud: Easy App management

iCloud promises to make it easier to get all your apps on all idevices. As you all know, presently users have to manually install purchased Apps on iOS devices. With iCloud, Apple is also introducing a new section in the App Store that displays all the Apps you’ve already purchased.

Users will be able to automatically install apps purchased on one device onto all of their iOS devices. This means if your purchase an app on your iPad, you will not have to purchase the same for your other idevices.

The amazing iCloud features listed above seem to be quite promising which together undeniably will persuade the users to give it a shot. Time itself will tell what would be the worldwide response when the iCloud is finally available in the days to come.

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