Sep 9 2011

55 Best Free iPad Apps Of Year 2011 Worth Checking Out

Apple gadgets are unquestionably the coolest ones. There are lot many gadget freaks who keep waiting for Apple to roll out new technologically-advanced gadgets. Some people are so much fascinated by the iDevices that they are ready to cut down their expenses just to get the new gadget and show it off to their friends.

Buying an iDevice and not making optimum use of what all cool features it offers is frankly a total waste. You got to be really smart to know the techie features of the gadgets you already carry or plan to get.

iDevices come with lot many smart in-built features while to enjoy the extra features, you need to download few good Apps to your heart’s desire .

The iTunes App Store is full of amazing Apps; some are free while others are paid ones. Looking few good ones for yourself is one fussy task which takes a lot of time. There’s no doubt that for different people some Apps might be really useful while other might be a lot more like junk. The vital question here that comes to our mind is; what’s the smart way to find the best of the rest without sparing much of the valuable time which could be used for completing some other priority tasks.

We, at WebTabLab make continuous efforts to let you heave a sigh of relief. For the iPad users who wish to make optimum use of best Apps that too without sparing much of time and money, here we have showcased the 55+ Best Free iPad Apps that promise to make you feel good about having made the choice and enhance the tablet-based experiences

And to make finding free iPad Apps even easier, we’ve broken our selections into different categories. Check out the best of the rest Apps and without wasting much time download the ones you  wish to. Clicking on the name of the App will redirect to the iTunes App Store from where you can download the App for free. Take a look!

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1. Land-a-Panda

Land-a Panda combines fast action based gameplay with puzzle mechanics, and a simple and intuitive touch control system. One of the coolest gaming App for gaming freaks.


2. Super MineSweeper HD

The Super MineSweeper game is now on iPad. It’s a classic logic puzzle game that supports hexagon grid board to make the game even more entertaining and challenging.

3. Angry Birds Seasons Free

Angry Birds Seasons is back too on your iPad. There are chocolate eggs and bunnies to make the gaming experience all the more amazing. It features 15 seasonal levels, 5 seasonal themes and game support center too.

4. Words With Friends

Play the free version of ‘Words With Friends’, the game more of your friends are playing than any other word game! Experience for yourself why more than 20 million people are addicted to the word building, triple score seeking, chat bubble sending goodness of Words With Friends.

5. Angry Zombies 

Get the full version now while it is free. Download the ‘Monster Free App’ FOR YOUR iPhone/iPod to get top rated paid App for free.


6. e-Task Project

e-Task is a simple online and mobile project management tool with lots of great features. The App automatically syncs with an web account and lets you manage your information from the desktop or mobile, as well as run on demand reporting and invoicing.


7. Opera Mini 6

Get the fastest, most cost-efficient web-browsing experience on your iPad. Opera Mini comes handy on your iOS device, especially for those times when you are on a slow crowded network, away from Wi-Fi. Opera’s powerful servers compress data by up to 90% before downloading, to enable the page loads at lightning fast speed.

8. Dropbox

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. Install Dropbox on your computer, and thereafter any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, your idevices.! With the Dropbox App, you can take everything that matters to you on the go.

9. EasyTask

EasyTask is a personal task manager with very simple and easy to use user Interface. EasyTask Manager supports the GTD (Getting Things Done) method. You can run it on Mac or Windows as well.

10. Evernote

Evernote App turns the idevice into an extension of your brain, helping you remember anything and everything that happens in your life. From notes to ideas to snapshots to recordings, put it all into Evernote and watch as it instantly synchronizes.


11. Bing

Experience search that is truly designed for the iPad; Bing for iPad is right here. Bing is a decision engine that’s been designed to work beautifully with your iPad. It brings you closer to what you’re looking for by delivering a visually rich, touch-enabled way to search and browse news, movies, and much more.

12. Google Goggles

Get the most advanced Google search experience for your iPad, now with Google Goggles, Voice Search and My Location. The App lets you switch between web, images, places and more in a fuss free manner.

13. Merriam-Webster

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary App offers voice search. It lets you look up a word without having to spell it. Along with an integrated thesaurus, word of the day, favorites, you can enhance your vocabulary.



14. Photosynth

Photosynth is a cool iPad App that lets you take the panoramic shots and share with your friends on Facebook. Also, you can upload the images on Bing Maps where people can check out your shots.


15. PhotoBuzz Free

PhotoBuzz Free is an App to search and view all public Picasa and Flickr albums. PhotoBuzz Pro is the pro version, which doesn’t have ads and the limitation of album users that can be added.

16. PhotoPad

PhotoPad is an easy-to-use premium photo editing App originally designed for the iPad, PhotoPad now works on the iPad, iPod touch, and the iPhone too.

17. iPicEd Lite (Foto Editor)

iPicEd Lite is a thin version of iPicED for iPad. iPicEd Lite offers 13 practically useful filters, 3 overlays to beautify your photos, 2 borders and 3 elegant photo frames. You can apply filters on selective area of an image and edit the same the way you want to.

18. Live FX Lite

Live FX Lite allows you to quickly and easily add a new look to your photos on iPod/iPhone/iPhone 4/iPad. You can create your own one-button presets, which will combine tens of readily available photo effects.


19. Hound

Hound is voice search. You just speak it and you get it. Hound is the fastest and most delightful way to search has arrived for music. You need to simply speak the name of an artist or band or the title of a song and instantly get access to related searches. Hound will revolutionize the way you search for music. No need to type or tap, just hound it.

20. MTC Music Meter

The MTV Music Meter is a daily list of artists. With the App, you can discover artists through audio samples, photos, recent tweets, news articles, and bios. Also, you can chart your own discovery path by searching through over 1 million artists.


Social Networking

21. TweetDeck

TweetDeck allows you to monitor, manage and engage in your social world by bringing together your Twitter and Facebook feeds in a powerful and flexible column-based dashboard.

22. WordPress

It’s easy to manage your WordPress blog or site from your iOS device. With WordPress for iOS, you can moderate comments, create or edit posts and pages, and add images or videos with ease.

23. Sonar

Sonar shows you how you are connected to the people around you by analyzing your Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter networks. Sonar iPad App lets you discover and connect with friends, family colleagues.

24. Color

Color is a fun way to create a public photo album with your friends using multiple iDevices. Everything is instantly shared among everyone taking photos and videos using the Color App. With Color App, you won’t miss a single moment at the next party, night out, ball game or concert. Easily share your group album on Twitter and Facebook.

25. HeyTell

HeyTell is a cross-platform voice messenger that allows you to instantly talk with friends and family. No account needed; just start the App, choose a contact and push the button to start talking!

26. Facebook

Facebook iPad App makes it easy to stay connected and share information with friends. Use your iDevice to start a conversation with Facebook chat, check your friends’ latest photos and status updates, look up a phone number, or upload your own mobile photos to Facebook while on the go.

27. Twitterrific for Twitter

Twitterrific is a user-friendly, award-winning Twitter client that’s beautiful to look at, easy to use App that comes fully loaded with smart features. Effortlessly read and compose tweets, search, filter message types and much more.



28. KeyGrinder

KeyGrinder uses a simple algorithm to build secure passwords out of easily-remembered information. All you need is a simple word or phrase, and KeyGrinder does the rest.


29. iPDF Reader Free

iPDF Reader is the world’s slimmest eBook and PDF reader which is now available for the iPad that too for free.

30. Onavo

Onavo is a money-saving, must-have App for iPad users. Onavo’s App connects your iPhone/iPad to the cloud-based technology. It’s totally seamless once you install it you can go back to using your phone as before.

31. Big Calculator Free

Big Calculator Free is designed to take full advantage of the iPad screen offering a large display and a paper tape to keep track of your calculations. Rotate to Portrait mode to see the enlarged calculator buttons.

32. Air Video

Enjoy your entire video collection everywhere. If you want to store your video inside the device instead of streaming it, Air Video will convert it for you. Forget the hassle of converting and understanding the conversion settings, just one tap and the video conversion is on.


33. Choices

Choices App for iPad helps you make your choice if you come across the situation when you are unable to make up your mind on something and make your own decisions.


34. How To Videos from

Howcast for iPad shows you fun, useful how-to’s wherever you are. Need to check a recipe in the kitchen? Change your oil on the road? Tie a bow tie in a hotel room? Or maybe you just want to be entertained and learn something new? With Howcast for iPad, you can learn to do just about anything, wherever you are.

35. Craigsphone

Craigslist has never been this fun to browse, thanks to the amazing iPad hardware and Craigsphone’s new listing pane.

36. eBay Motors

The eBay Motors marketplace App lets you easily browse and shop for the vehicles you want and the vehicle parts and accessories you need, all within an optimized buying experience for the Motors enthusiast.

37. Amazon Mobile

The Amazon Mobile App allows iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users to quickly search, shop, compare prices, read reviews, and make purchases on using a simple, yet elegant, interface.

38. textPlus Free Text + Group Texting

Why pay for texting??Send message using textPlus and save your hard earned money. The App lets you do unlimited free texting to any device and never see a bill.


39. Movies by Flixster

Movies by Flixster is the number one movie App that lets you watch movie trailers, find show times, get critics reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and share your movie ratings with your friends.

40. Pocket Pond HD

The App lets you create relaxing ripples while you enjoy the sounds of nature, interact with the fish, scare them, feed them, and watch them enjoy. It’s your own personal pond to cleanse your worries and free your mind.

41. ABC Player

Download the ABC Player App to watch your favorite ABC shows for free on the iPad wherever you go. View full-length episodes of your favorite TV programmes right there in your palms.

42. Xfinity

Download the Xfinity App and put a world of entertainment in the palm of your hand. Watch your favorite TV shows and movies on your idevice wherever you go. You can also control your TV, search TV listings and on demand, and schedule your DVR recordings directly from your device.

43. Boxee

Boxee for iPad brings videos from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and your computer all onto your ipad so you can find and watch new videos or favorites wherever you are.


44. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is an App available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If you are planning to have the perfect trip, get access to real traveler reviews, opinions, photos, maps, and forums that can answer even the most specific questions when you’re on the go. TripAdvisor is the world’s most trusted travel site with over 50 million reviews and opinions by travelers like you.



45. Google Earth

Hold the world in the palm of your hand with Google Earth App that’s available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. With it you can fly to far corners of the planet with just the swipe of a finger.

46. Google Places

Google Places helps you discover nearby places worth checking out. You can search for restaurants, cafes, bars and other places while on the go that too without much fuss. Google Places also makes it easy to quickly rate the places you visit.

47. XE Currency

XE Currency lets you convert 180+ currencies on the go. It’s one of the world’s best currency sites. This currency calculator is simple, powerful, and best of all, free!


48. Hipmunk Flight Search

With Hipmunk you’ll see all the relevant flights on a timeline, helping you visualize the right choice. Unlike every other App out there, Hipmunk doesn’t just show you the cheapest flight first. The App instead incorporates important factors like how long you’ll be traveling and how many stops you’ll make.


49. Feeddler RSS Reader

Feeddler is highly customizable Google Reader client that stays in perfect sync with Google and presents RSS stories in a clean interface. Feeddler is a universal App that supports iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads.

50. AP News

AP News is a breaking-news experience only for the iPad. Like AP Mobile for the iPhone, AP News keeps you up-to-date with what’s happening anywhere, in your hometown and across the globe. Now all the news responds to your fingertips.


51. Huffington Post

The totally redesigned Huffington Post iPad App gives you up-to-the-minute news and opinion delivered in a lively easy-to-read format. It’s fast, fun, informative… and seriously addictive.


52. NYTimes

Enjoy the award-winning journalism of The New York Times, anywhere with the enhanced NYTimes App for iPad with more content, featuring blogs, videos and slide shows.

Health & Fitness

53. Women’s Health Magazine

Women’s Health magazine is for the women. Women’s Health speaks to women exactly how they speak to each other with a tone and look that’s smart, positive, energizing, provocative, fashionable, and humorous.

54. Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter is the essential App to simply find nutritional info for the food you eat and easily keep track of your meals, exercise and weight.

55. WebMD

WebMD is an App available for free download for the iPad users. The App lets you check your symptoms, access drug and treatment information. Also, get first aid essentials and check local health listings on the go or at home, from the most trusted brand in health information.

Did any of the above listed best free iPad App caught your eye? Don’t forget to leave a comment below. Let us know if you feel we have missed the App that truly deserves to be up on the list.

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