Feb 2 2011

25 Incredibly Useful iPad Productivity Apps For Free Download

The gadget craze is ever mounting! You just name the gadget and the stats will show how the sales of each have risen. Every now and then manufacturers around the globe keep coming up with the latest gadget with enhanced features. Apple for example has been one name that’s renowned for rolling out amazing range of geeky gadgets in the market making people drool over.

iPad is one of the coolest gadgets launched by Apple. If you have been lucky enough to buy it and show it off to your buddies then you surely are looking for additional features that would enhance the overall experience.

While planning to write for the first time on WebTabLab, I actually got confused and finally ended up with the idea of listing down the amazing iPad productivity applications available for free download. Being immensely attracted towards the productive stuff that keeps me engaged in such a way so as to make more efficient, I planned to come up with cool iPad productivity apps and here I am with the list of 25 Best Free Productive Apps that are worth downloading. The apps listed below are pretty handy for enhanced productivity. Make your pick!

1) TaskPad HD

The TaskPad HD app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod comes with amaing range of cool features to become the choice of millions. Users can automatically synchronize their tasks across their devices, access and manage their tasks using almost any browser. Lastly, the app comes in intuitive and stunning user interface.

2) Dropbox

Dropbox, I’m sure y’all know is the easiest way to sync and share your files online and across different systems. The Dropbox app for iPad lets the user view photos, videos, documents, and presentations in their Dropbox anywhere. The users can easily save pictures and videos and share the same through email, or by copy pasting the links. You simply after downloading the app log in your Dropbox account and you’ll be able to enjoy its services for free.

3) SugarSync

With the cool SugarSync app, you can get all your data right at your fingertips no matter where you are. It’s an app available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Downloading SugarSync will enable you to access cloud-synced files, photos and music from all your other gadgets. View, save, and edit your files, photos, stream the music and share files with your buddies! Download the app for free, sign up for the SugarSync and get your files anytime anywhere right on your iPad.

4) Shopping List

The shopping list iPad app brings an easy to use and fast to handle shopping list to your gadget that can be carried anywhere any time. You can sort your items into store departments and organize your shopping trip. With the Shopping list app you can speed up your shopping trip by sorting products to categories, select products from database in easy and intuitive interface all without shelling out a single penny.

5) Best Alarm Clock

The Best Alarm clock app featured in Apple’s ‘What’s Hot’ section is one free alarm clock app that wakes you up in the morning and tells you how the weather is gonna be outside. The app comes with features like multiple alarms, custom alarm tunes and mesmerizing clock themes.

6) iGmail

iGmail is an app for iPhone/iPad that is available for free download. The productivity app makes you aware of an email in your inbox. Each time your inbox receives and email, the app pushes the notification to let the user know that there is a new e-mail waiting in the inbox to be read.

7) Springpad

Many a times we come across something but we don’t have pen and paper right in front of us to make sure we write it down to keep it in mind for the future, here is when Springpad free app helps. The app lets you quickly and easily save the ideas and information that you fear you will forget. From notes to tasks, products, places or almost anything, SpringPad lets you save it for the future reference.

8 ) Doodle Buddy

Doodle Buddy is an app for iPad that lets you have fun with your fingers. You read it correct! The app enables you to finger paint with thousands of colors and drop in playful stamps. While playing with your fingers you surely will recall your childhood days and those art classes. Besides the fun of painting with fingers, the app plays funny sounds paired with stamps that make it over all a fun experience. The users are offered with amazing range of cool drawing tools like paintbrush, glitter, chalk, text, stencils, smudge and much more!

9) Note Hub

NoteHub app for its cool amazing features has been ranked as number one revolutionary productivity app. The app enables you to create projects with unlimited notes, drawings, task lists, web browsers, maps, and much more. Each document in Note Hub is fully-featured and is one straightforward thumbnail-driven interface that makes it worth checking out.

10) Evernote

Evernote for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is actually an extension of your brain that lets you remember anything and everything that happens in your day to day life. The Evernote app lets you create text, photo and audio notes, auto-synchronize your notes to your Mac, PC, and web, easy access and the list goes on.

11) Simplenote

Simplenote is used to keep notes, lists, ideas and much more. The Simplenote iPad app automatically synchronizes with your computer and other devices and lets you create check out your notes anywhere that too without much fuss. Download the Simplenote app and create an account to synchronize your notes with your lappy or other gadgets.

12) Documents 2

With the Documents 2 iPad app, you are free to take your important documents anywhere and check them out anytime the need arises. Documents 2 is the most comprehensive mobile office suite for iPhone and iPads.

13) Flashlight

When in dark, you actually feel the need of the torch and here is when the Flashlight does the trick. It’s an iPad app that instantly turns your gadget into real brightest flashlight! The app features brightest flashlight, convenient On/Off switching, easy to adjust blinking frequency and much more.

14) iTranslate

Name gives the clear idea of what the app is all about. The cool iTranslate app lets you translate words, phrases, sentences in 52 languages. It has the text to speech feature, amazing design, auto detect language, simply switch languages and many more such features.

15) Read It Later

Many a times while surfing the net, we come across sites that are actually worth reading but deadlines and hectic schedule don’t allow us to check them out at the same time. What could be the solution? Read it later! Its an app designed for both cool gadgets-ipad ad iPhone. The app lets you save webpages that you would like to read but don’t have enough time to read them as soon you come across. Read It Later app can easily integrate with every various web browser and has a robust Firefox extension. All the browsers and devices get tied to a single sync account allowing you to save an article from work or home and read it on your iPad.

16) TextPlus

Textplus as the name hints is an app that offers the texting option. The app brings free and unlimited texting to iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. Enabling you to text as much you wish to, without any fee or bill, the app is surely to be loved by texting addicts like me.

17) Downloads Lite

Downloads Lite is a download manager that enables you to download files to your iPad. You can easily view/play the downloaded files right on your iPhone/iPad/ iPod touch and transfer them to your computer.

18) Vlingo-Voice App

With the Vlingo Voice app designed for iPad, you can simply speak to your phone to connect with the people and activities that are just too important too you that no matter where you are you will have to be connected.

19) PocketLife Calendar

PocketLife Calendar is an easy to use, beautiful looking calendar that you can check out right ther on your iPad. The PocketLife has a simple easy to use interface for quick intuitive operation like fast entry and much more.

20) Simple Grocery List

Simple Grocery List is one free iPad app to help you keep track of all your grocery item needs in much simpler way

21) reQall

Making a ‘to do list’ seems to be very common these days. Despite making the note, we tend to forget the important tasks. No more! reQall app gathers and manages your urgent tasks and alerts you at the set time. You can save your ideas, to-do lists and things to remember by voice or text, the choice is yours! reQall makes it easy to organize your to-do’s by recognizing dates, times, locations and keywords. Personally, I liked the app for the matter of fact that I tend to forget important works many a times.

22) Google Voice

The Google Voice app let you easily access your Google Voice account right from your gadget. Also, you can receive push notifications for new text or voicemail messages, send free text messages to U.S. numbers and make international calls that too at cheap rates. You can listen to your voicemail, read transcripts and manage your Google Voice inbox with the Google Voice iPad that is available for free download.

23) Use Your Handwriting

If you ever wanted to write fast, beautiful notes without the popup keyboard, then this app is just for you. With the help of your fingers you can organize and express yourself.

24) FaceDial

FaceDail iPad app enables you to quickly and easily place a FaceTime call to your 12 favorites contacts, with buttons showing your contacts’ photo.

25) TeamViewer

TeamViewer is an easy, fast and secure remote access to Windows, Mac and Linux systems. And the Teamviwer app for iPhone and iPod touch and iPad enables you to easily connect to your private computers or help your friends with their computer problems.

How about being the first one to drop in the comment on WebTabLab? Let us know your favorite iPad productivity app!

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