Aug 3 2011

Top 20 Best Free iPhone And iPad Apps Of Year 2011 (So Far)

Its been a long time when we covered an article about iPhone or iPad apps because we were too busy to cover important articles on Apple’s new kid “Mac OS X Lion”. A new operating system from Apple that offeres various new features and upgrades that not only excites power users but also become useful for new starters or intermediate level users.

Previous month was busy testing Mac OS X Lion on our Macbooks and frankly speaking we love almost each and every thing that Apple offers in their new operating system.

We prepared a detailed guide for users that want to upgrade their present Mac system to new Mac OS X Lion that you can check here (A Detailed Guide To Prepare Your Mac For Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Upgrade). And I am sure you will find some features totally different from your previous version OS, so we specially covered up an article that will help you to get familiar with new OS that you can check here (8 Simple Steps To Follow After Installing Mac OS X 10.7 Lion).

Oops, am I changing the subject here? I am sorry about my over excitement for Mac OS X Lion. We are here to talk about best iPad and iPhone apps that made their users happy in 2011. Free Apps of  iPad and iPhone that we are going to compiled below are extreme useful, productive and fun to use. All these apps have different functionalities and features that will surely make your iOS devices much more powerful and fun to use ever that before.

So, here’s the collection of 20 best free iPad and iPhone apps of year 2011 to make your iOS device more powerful, productive and fun to use. If you know any other app that you feel suits best in this list, feel free to show us in the comments section below.

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Super 8

Super 8 is the ultimate Super 8 camera emulator for your video-capable iDevice. Using Super 8, you can make your own vintage movies and add lens, filter and shake effects, arrange clips and scenes the way you want them; you can even add your own credits.


Nike+ GPS

Map your runs, track your progress and get the motivation you need to go even further. Hear mid-run cheers every time your friends like or comment on your run status, or outrun them in a game of Nike+ Tag.

$1.99 For iPhone

Best_Free_iPhone_iPad_Apps_Nike+ GPS


Photosynth for iOS is the panorama creation app that makes it easy and fun to capture and share interactive panoramas of the places, people, and events that are important to you. Using the latest in computer vision techniques, Photosynth allows you to not only make a panorama from left to right, but also up and down, enabling you to capture a full “sphere”.


MTV Music Meter

The MTV Music Meter is a daily list of artists trending right now. Discover these artists and others like them through audio samples, photos, recent tweets, news articles, and bios.

Best_Free_iPhone_iPad_Apps_MTV Music Meter


Vimeo is the best way to get your videos online in the highest quality with great tools to share publicly or privately. There’s many reasons millions use Vimeo and Time Magazine voted us a Top 50 Website for the last two years running.



Audibly unlocks a world of public domain content, allowing you to acquire the great books of human history. Letters of leaders, the collected works of geniuses, the finest Victorian novels, the plays of Shakespeare, the philosophy of Seneca and Marcus Aurelius, the autobiographies of Benjamin Franklin and Teddy Roosevelt.



In addition to all the definitions from Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, the app offers voice search – to let you look up a word without having to spell it – along with an integrated thesaurus, example sentences, Word of the Day, and more. A great tool for reference, education, and vocabulary building.


Google Places

Google Places helps you discover nearby places you’ll love. Quickly search for Restaurants, Cafes, Bars and other places, while on the go.

Best_Free_iPhone_iPad_Apps_Google Places


Color is a fun way to create a public photo album with your friends using multiple iPhones. Everything is instantly shared among everyone taking photos and videos using the Color app.



Onavo is a Money-Saving, Must-Have App for EVERY iPhone Data User.

Onavo’s app connects your iPhone to our cloud-based technology, dubbed the “magical shrinking machine”. It’s totally seamless – once you install it you can go back to using your phone as before. In the background, your data usage from all apps is compressed so that you get more bang for your buck, doubling and even tripling your data plan.


Opera Mini 6

Keep Opera Mini handy on your iOS device, especially for those unavoidable times you are on a slow crowded network, away from Wi-Fi or when data roaming.

Best_Free_iPhone_iPad_Apps_Opera Mini 6


Ever walk into a room and wonder if you have anything in common with anyone there? Sonar shows you how you are connected to the people around you by analyzing your Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter networks.


eBay Motors

The eBay Motors marketplace is now in your pocket. The eBay Motors app lets you easily browse and shop for the vehicles you want and the vehicle parts and accessories you need, all within an optimized buying experience for the Motors enthusiast.

Best_Free_iPhone_iPad_Apps_eBay Motors

Bing for iPad

Bing is a decision engine that’s been designed to work beautifully with your iPad. Bing for iPad brings you closer to what you’re looking for by delivering a visually rich, touch-enabled way to search and browse news, movies, Bing homepage images, local businesses, popular searches and much more.

Best_Free_iPhone_iPad_Apps_Bing for iPad


Thermo is a simple approach to Weather. This little pocket thermometer shows the current temperature outside along with the temperature from the day before.


Frisbee Forever

Go wild in the worlds of Frisbee® Forever! An Universal App for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad with super crisp HD and Retina 3D graphics.

Get ready for blast-off. Fly at breathtaking speed across more than 100 crazy tracks. Twist and turn in the California Theme Park, climb the majestic mountains in the Wild West, send the waves blazing in the Pirate filled Caribbean oceans or prance through the snow in the new Winter wonderland. There’s a level for everyone!

Best_Free_iPhone_iPad_Apps_Frisbee Forever


Simply speak the name of an artist or band, or the title of a song, and instantly get access to song previews, lyrics, album art, and videos, see artist bios, album info, tour dates and more.



HeyTell is a cross-platform voice messenger that allows you to instantly talk with friends and family. No account needed—just start the app, choose a contact, and push the button to start talking.



Watch your favorite TV shows and movies on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – wherever you go. You can also control your TV, search TV Listings and On Demand, and schedule your DVR recordings directly from your device.


Land-a Panda

The world’s panda population is in decline, and your help is needed! Assist the lovestruck Yang Guang (male panda) to meet with his dream partner Tian Tian (female panda), in this highly innovative puzzle game. Get a taste of the unique gameplay with 2 different worlds, 16 full levels, and outstanding High Definition graphics.

Best_Free_iPhone_iPad_Apps_Land-a Panda

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  • Super 8 is no longer free. It’s $0.99.

  • I am happy to learn about Onavo and will install, but most of the rest of what is here is not all that interesting or useful.

    My take (for the iPad, which is what I use):

    Best Browsers: Diigo (used to be called Chromy) is the fastest, leanest browser; very nice features. SideBySide gives you two browser panes – very useful on the iPad.

    Best RSS Reader: Feeddler, hands down the best; synchs very well with my Google reader account. Fluent News Reader is pretty good too, but I never use it anymore since I started with Feeddler.

    Best iPad Magazine: Zite. Flipboard got the early press and is very good. Zite is clean, fairly fast, has good connectivity–I tweet links to articles directly from it, I deposit into Instapaper for later use; best of all, it learns what you are interested in and keeps getting better. Taptu is the most customizable magazine out there, but I have trouble managing their interface. Instapaper should be on your app list as well.

    File Management: Dropbox–anyone with more than one computer/device needs to have this. Can’t speak highly enough about it. Separately, get the SaveToDropbox applet in the App Store. QuickOfficeConnect is nice in that you can manage both Dropbox and GoogleDoc apps from one location.

    Reference: Wikipanion gets you decent access to WIkipedia content formatted for the iPad.

    Notepad: Evernote is the most full featured, but I find it has a bit too much user interface overhead for my taste. I use SimpleNote (simplenoteapp), along with the SimpleNote Chrome App on my PC Browser. I also use ResophNote on my PCs to Synch desktop notes with SimpleNote. It is very clean and useful for me. I VERY HIGHLY recommend this.

    Social Networking: I tweet with HootSuite, I access Facebook with MyPad+, and I access LinkedIn with their native app.

    Health: While I acknowledge that iFitnessHD is the best workout app I’ve seen (they have a so/so diet app built in, I don’t work out enough, alas, to get much use from it. I do WeightWatchers, though, and love their iPad app – it is much better than their web app. If you aren’t in WW, but want an excellent food tracker, try MyNetDiary, it is better than the iFitness food tracker.

    Shopping: The Amazon Mobile app is very nicely done.

    Telphony: There are several apps out their for VoIP and texting. I always come back to Skype. It is well executed and allows me to use my iPad as my phone (though receiving calls can be a bit awkward.)

    Other utilities: FindMyiPhone, it is just dumb not to have this set up and ready to go. Put instructions about what to do if your device is stolen in SimpleNote (that you can access quickly from elsewhere) or on paper in your wallet. Pad Info provides nice usage stats.

    I have several other apps I love, but they are based on my personal needs and style prefs (like my newspapers, games, and public transport info.) Everything above should be fairly generic (OK, maybe not the weight loss stuff, but all else).

    Hope this is useful!

    • Thanks! I just downloaded many of these and look forward to trying them out!!

  • I’m trying to make something special using snappii dot com. Maybe I will be in this list next year. Who knows…

  • This list wasn’t really helpful to be completely honest, but that is just my opinion. Although other people seem to enjoy it.

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