Feb 3 2011

18 Best Free Photo Editing Software To Have Fun With Your Images

Adobe Photoshop software is most popular photo editing software that millions of people use now and then for professional and personal purpose. If you know using Adobe Photoshop, you can do anything you want with the image. But, Photoshop is seriously is not every’s cup of coffee. You have to dig lot of options to just resize, retouch or crop the picture and everyone is not a master of this software. That’s the reason, in this article, we are compiling a list of those photo editing software that are easy to use, effective and don’t cost a penny.

Just like Adobe Photoshop, you can do almost everything with these software like editing, manipulating, re-touching, cropping etc. with your images. Every software listed here are different in terms of features, usability ,user interface and I am sure you will find the best one that suits your needs and operating system you have.

So, have a look on our compilation of 18 best free photo editing software to have with your images and share with your friends. As this is my first article on WebTabLab, feel free to share your views with me. Do tell us if there is any other software that you feel suits best in this list.

1) XNview

2) PEdit

3) Stoik Imagic

4) Paint.net

5) My Paint

6) Paint Star

7) Pixia

8 ) Image Editing Tool

9) 5Dfly

10) Acorn

11) Photopos

12) Seashore

13) Pinta

14) Kolourpaint

15) Krita

16) Gimp

17) Irfan View

18) Pixen

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