Sep 29 2011

Top 10 Very Useful iPhone Apps For Webmasters To Make Their Life Easier

There are many popular mobiles all around the world and Apple iPhone is still holding the first place because of its crystal clear display, easy availability of millions of useful apps, fast processor, no tensions of viruses and great iOS software that always backed up hardware. There are millions of people using iPhone from all around the world coming from various professions.

Some of them are web designers while others are business persons, college kids, engineers, doctors and webmasters. You will name any profession and most probably you will find he/she is using iPhone. But, in this article, we are going to talk about webmasters or website administrators that has responsibility to keep servers, networks and websites up and running.

I am sure there are many webmasters out there those use iPhone and loving it very much. If you are webmaster, you already know that how important is to keep your website running 24×7 even on the go. But, have you ever thought to use your iPhone device to keep check on your websites and other processes. Yes, there are many iPhone apps for webmasters that can help you to manage your website conveniently while you are traveling or away from your computer or laptop.

With help of these best iPhone apps for webmasters, you can easily access your files remotely or will automatically alerted if you website server crashes. These sites will also help you to check your website stats, coding problems, databases and much more.

So, without wasting any time further, have a look on top 10 best iPhone apps for webmasters to make life easier. If you know any other app that will be useful for webmasters. don’t forget to share with our readers in the comments section below.

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1) Ego

This is an application which tracks the statistics of your website and complies all your analytic tools at one central location. Ego enables you to view the website stats from popular analytics such as Vimeo, Twitter, Squarespace, Mint, Google Analytics, Feedburner, and Ember. Ego is available at the price range of $1.99.

 2) Pingdom

This is a very important iPhone application as it keeps you well informed about the status of your website. It notifies you through email, text message, tweet and push notification when you website goes down. Pingdom is available for 30 day trial and then you can buy the subscription for $9.95/month.

 3) Cliqcliq Colors

This application helps you to manage the color palettes and to pick your favorite colors from the uploaded photos. The application also provides the HTML code of the color you chose. Cliqcliq colors is available at the price range of $2.99,

4) Analytics

Google analytics is considered as the best way to check the traffic and the traffic sources in any website. This application Analytics helps you to check Google Analytics with your iPhone with just a touch. This application is available for the price of $5.99.

 5) FTP ON the Go

This application enables you to log into your FTP server and access your files even when you are away from your computer system. Using the FTP On The Go application you can edit the existing files and even to upload new files. $6.99 is the price of this application.

6) Web Source Viewer

The first app I want to share with you is Web Source Viewer. With this application you can see the source code of any site with an easy step. This application is free to download.

7) WordPress 2

Using the WordPress 2 app you can write new posts, edit the old posts, upload photos, and manage the comment and much more. This is a very easy to access application and could be named as the iPhone version of actual wordpress. This application works best with the WordPress 2.7 or higher versions. This is a free application.

8 ) Domain Scout

This is another fantastic iPhone application which enables you to search for the domain names and to check whether they are available or not. You can also check on what name the domain name is registered. This application is available at $0.09.

9) PHP and HTML Cheat Sheets

This is one of the most desired app to maintain a website as every webmaster needs the coding refresher. This application provides PHP and HTML Cheat Sheets and moreover you can also test out the code in this app. This app is available for download at a very minimal rate of $0.09.

 10) Chartbeat

This application enables you to check how many people accessed your website; furthermore you can also analyze the traffic of any point of time and the location from where the traffic is coming, how many pages they viewed and for how much time the visitors were at your website. This application is available for a 30 day trial period and then you can buy it for $9.95/month.

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