Oct 19 2011

20 Cases To Let You Flaunt And Protect Your iPhone 4S

If iPhone 4S features successfully persuaded you to cut down other expenses and spend the money to get one for yourself, then I guess you are set to show off your latest cell phone. If you are the one who has been using iPhone 4 for a while now, you would be thinking of using the same case but if you are on lookout for smart case for your iPhone 4S then scroll down more.

A few days back we posted about the iPhone 4S ‘13 iPhone 4S Features Users Need To Know About Before Buying‘ and when its hitting the stores to be made available for sale, you might want to buy it and flaunt it in style but then taking care of such a valuable gadget is also essential. Here, we have come up with the stylish and cool iPhone 4 Cases that will perfectly fit your iPhone 4S. There are lot many options available for sale to make your pick.

Choosing to protect or not protect your iPhone 4S is the matter of your personal preference. But if you are the one who is bit careless and tend to accidentally drop your gadget then buying the protective cases are highly suggestive. No matter if you are looking for a kind of heavy-duty shielding or the ones that make your iPhone 4S look elegant (adding feather to the cap) then this list is for you.

Pick one for yourself and stop fretting about the protection of your latest cool gadget but these can’t totally guarantee to protect your iPhone 4S in extreme scenario especially the screen incase you drop your iGadget from height or a large object falls on it, so be a bit careful. Rest these iPhone 4S smart cases will ensure cool, funky, stylish and protective shield.

Take a look at the fresh new iPhone 4S cases and don’t forget to let us know which one you would want to buy.

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1. Survivor case

Survivor case is designed and tested to meet or exceed U.S. and U.K. military standards. The case has superb multiple layers protection and sealed ports and is available in several colors.


Price: $49.99

2. Case-Mate Tough Case

Play defense with the ‘iPhone 4 Mix and Match Hybrid Tough case’. Made from an interior silicone skin and an exterior hard shell, the strong case blends high quality protection with a custom color combination.

Price: $34.99

3. Neostitch iPhone 4 Case

The customizable case covered with tiny perforations like the needlepoint canvas. Users with the accompanying needle and thread can cross-stitch their design and presto to give it a whole new look.

Price: $31

4. Tokyo Inspired Zipper

Hungry ginger cat case is an adorable zipper pouch inspired by my ginger cat, Simba. It is the perfect case for your iPod camera or iPhone.

Price: $17.90

5. Jon Eicher Specialized Composites

Designed in my DUMBO, Brooklyn studio the fully tested on the streets of New York City and beyond, these cases are built to Military Standard 810-G of auto and truck body grade aluminum and aerospace grade fasteners.


Price: $99.97

6. Agent18 ShoutShield

Designed for iPhone 4S, AT&T iPhone 4, Verizon iPhone 4 the playful new ShoutShield incorporates all shout symbols along the edge for extra grip.

Price: $29.95

7. Twelve South BookBook

BookBook for iPhone is a wallet and iPhone case with the vintage look. This cool wallet will make sure you don’t forget your keys.

Price: $59.99

8. Ted Baker Patent Leather Style Apple iPhone 4S Pouch

Unzip your iPhone 4S! The women’s Ted Baker Patent Leather Style Pouch is for the finicky women. Available in black or red this stylish case with zip that runs down its back, the case boasts a luxurious satin-style lining designed to protect your precious iPhone 4S from any kinda damage.

Price: $47.95

9. Kenzo Patent Leather Pouch

The Kenzo Patent Leather Pouch for iPhone 4S is an elegant case that takes care of your gadget from scratches and dents. This chic Japanese inspired pouch features a glossy patent leather exterior embossed with the Kenzo logo on the front and back and a red floral lining.

Price: $33.95

10. Robotector iPhone Case

Robotector Silicone iPhone 4 case not only shields your iPhone but also serve as a shining beacon of solidarity for our new robotic overlords. Buy the Robotector case and protect your iOS as this monkey hides it I style.

Price: $24.99

11. Mail Icon iphone case

The ‘Mail Icon iphone case’ is made from faux leather closed with Velcro, soft pad cover with fabric inside for extra protection. Measuring about 13 x 9 CM, the case is designed for iPhone 4, 4S, 3GS and also iPod touch or similar size phones.


Price: $18

12. Gamer iPhone Case 

Keep your iPhone cozy in this Vinyl Gamer case. The cozy iPhone case is composed of Matte black vinyl, with a keypad, start and select buttons and grey panels along with two little red buttons which are securely sewn on by hand!


Price: $28.00

13. Tuned Up Phone case and stand

Tuned Up iPhone case in its retro audio cassette cover look is not just the case but the stand too. The iPhone may look like an out-dated mix tape but surely gives your iPhone a state-of-the-art protection.


Price: $12.99

14. SlimShield Lips from Agent18

Give your iPhone 4 a touch of personality with the SlimShield Limited from Agent18. It is ideal fashion accessory that with its sleek and streamlined design is sure to the heart of all.

Price: $34.95

15. Fresh Fiber Camera

The fresh fiber camera with striking aesthetic appeal, slim texture, curled top edges to help protect your precious screen all together make it the best bet.

Price: $38

16. Sena Vista

Sena Vista iPhone 4 case can protect your mobile from bumps and scratches without tarnishing its looks. Wrapped in high quality leather this rigid case lends a new level of sophistication to your iPhone 4.


Price: $65

17. Speck Candyshell Card

The CandyShell Card is a protective, one-piece iPhone case that lets you put in three credit-card-sized cards inside its built-in rubberized slot. Easily slide your cards in and store them securely. By using the handy thumb release you can access your cards when you need them.


Price: $39.95


18. Keystone ECO NautiCase

The Keystone ECO NautiCase is a cool iPhone case that offers an extra layer of protection by surrounding the phone with a hard shell of high impact polycarbonate covered with an outer layer of soft rubber skin and textured bumper to provide a firm grip.

Price: $49.99

 19. Ribbz Protective Case

The innovative Ribbz Protective Case securely hugs your iPhone 4 and safely distributes the force so it isn’t transferred to the outer glass plates or the sensitive hardware inside.

Price: $29.99

20. Sena Hampton Flip

Simple, seamless luxury, the Hampton Flip is for those who prefer an upscale luxurious full-grain leather case for their iPhone 4.


Price: $59.99

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