Oct 7 2011

A Tribute To The Legend: 35 Mind-Blowing Steve Jobs Illustrations

The sad news that left millions of hearts mourning the Thursday morning was the death of the legend, Steve Jobs. We at WebTabLab have been continuously coming up with the Apple products and services. Not only this, we have always loved talking in length about the success story of the legendary figure.

Steve Jobs, the cofounder of Apple has lived the life of a legend taking away the heart of millions by rolling out new technologically advanced gadgets to enhance the user experience and make the consumers fall in love with the iDevices.

The man behind the success of innovative products like iPhone, iPod, iPad and much more breathed his last making the millions hearts sad. Even if he isn’t between us all today, he will remain in our hearts forever. He will always be remembered for the outstanding innovations in the field of technology and for the kind of person he was.

From Legendary Tale Of Steve Jobs: ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’! to 10 Unusual Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs and Most Remarkable Steve Jobs Quotes And Memorable Videos Moments we have already talked in length about the legendary figure so at this point of time when he is no more with us we thought of giving him the tribute the unique way.

So, here we have showcased the Steve Jobs illustrations and paintings that are somewhat amusing. All thanks to the creative designers around the world who have expressed their love for Steve this way. Steve, you will stay in our hearts forever and ever. R.I.P!

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1. Steve Jobs iCup

2. Holy Steve Jobs

3. Steve Jobs by Yo-tan

4. Portrait by Charis Tsevis


5. Thought Differently

6. Steve Jobs: Digital painting

7. Portrait by the Laughing Chimp

8. Steve Jobs introducing the iMead Touch

9. Portrait by Charis Tsevis

10. The Elder Steve Jobs

11. Peter Babakitis Illustration

12. Steve Jobs portrait by Charis Tsevis

13. Illustration by L.VANDEWEGHE

14. Hardware Steve Jobs


15. Funny Steve Jobs Caricature

16. iSlate iPad Moses

17. Da Vinci Last Super

18. Steve Jobs by Richard Davies

19. Apple vs. Google by Daniel Adel, New York Times

20. Happy birthday Steve by Charis Tsevis

21. Flash Bash-er Steve Jobs

22. What do the next 12 months have in store for Apple? by McBillHow

23. Wired Steve Jobs by tsavis

24. Caricature of Apple CEO Steve Jobs

25. Steve Jobs by Gwiz

26. Steve Jobs DNA by Charis Tsevis

27. Steve Jobs llustration by Chris Burke

28. Advertising illustration for Bussines Book by Andrey Gordeev

29. Steven Paul Jobs by Dylan Roscover

30. Jobs & Woz by Alexey Shimulsky

31. Steve Jobs ‘hit the apple caricature’ by Marco Calcinaro

32. Welcome Back Steve Jobs Illustration

33. A mosaic portrait of Steve Jobs for Focus Italia

34. Steve Jobs by wiener-online

35. Big Head by xjordi360

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  • good job Rajni..
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  • He will surely be missed for many generations :(

  • really great illustration from great person

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