Aug 17 2011

How To Capture Your Signature Using Mac OS X Lion Preview App

Mac OS X Lion 10.7 is the eighth and current major release of Mac OS X, Apple’s desktop and server operating system for Macintosh computers. Ever since the launch of Lion on July 20, 2011, we have been continuously updating you all with how you can enhance your experience. From ‘A Detailed Guide To Prepare Your Mac For Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Upgrade’  to ‘8 Simple Steps To Follow After Installing Mac OS X 10.7 Lion’ , we have been making efforts to make you all well aquatinted with Lion OS X.

The very first day Apple launched this cool new OS, it reported over 1 million sales. Its notable enhanced features that promise enhanced user experience caught the attention of all tech freaks making it the choice of millions.

Coming to the point, all those of you who just wished you could scan your handwritten signature in fuss–free manner; people at Apple seem to have heard your wish.

Unquestionably, the feature of scanning signature was possible in earlier version of Mac OS X but then it was one time consuming and complex task. Mac OS X Lion 10.7 makes it easier for you to do so with ease and comparatively faster.

OS X Lion is endowed with Preview app that lets you digitally sign PDFs. Let’s just quickly take a look at the process that would enable you to get the task done with ease.

How To Digitally Sign PDFs Using Mac OS X Lion Preview App

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1.  Open under Lion, Click the Annotations button and select the option “Create Signature From Built-in iSight…”

2.  Make your signature on a piece of unlined paper and hold it up to your FaceTime camera so that it aligns with the blue line. Click ‘Accept’ when you like the preview.

3.  Once you’ve accepted the signature, you can easily drag it into place anywhere on the PDF you’re trying to sign.

4. If you wish to sign more documents, the signature entered by you would be readily accessible as a signature from a drop-down within Preview

Once you have loaded your signature, you can click the Signature button and then click wherever you want the signature in your PDF. If you want to change, edit, or add new signatures, simply click the Manage Signatures button or from the Preview menu select Preferences and then click on the Signature tab.

Isn’t it a simple process of capturing signatures in Mac OS X Lion Preview App? Mac OS X Lion has definitely given us all the reason to heave a big sigh of relief as creating digitally signing PDFs has become quite easy task with Preview app.

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