Oct 20 2011

iCloud, The Great New Feature For Apple Devices

One of the most exciting features of the new Apple iPhone 4S is iCloud. This is great for backing up and storing files to ensure that you do not lose any. You do not have to worry about backing up your data yourself, as it is all done automatically. Every time you add a file to one of your Apple devices, this is automatically shared between all of them, so that you can access the file from any Apple device.

If you are give an iPad for your birthday, then you buy yourself an iPhone from O2 a couple of weeks later, you can begin to share information across your devices.

If you add a photograph to your iPad and want to view it on your iPhone, this will be possible when you use iCloud as both your iPhone and iPad will have access to the same information. This information is stored in the iCloud safely.

Another advantage of the iCloud is that if anything happens to one of your Apple devices, all of the information and files that you had stored on it will not be lost. Everything will be stored on iCloud and you will be able to access this from another device. Every new Apple device comes with iCloud, so whether you are an iPod touch fan, or are more into the Mac range of computers, this great feature will be available to you.

What is more, iCloud is completely free for Apple users. When you sign up for iCloud, you are automatically given 5GB of storage that you will not have to pay for. If you do end up needing more storage, which is not likely, then you can always purchase some more and carry on backing up your important files. This is a fantastic way to keep everything that is important to you in a safe, secure place that is easily accessible to you.

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