Sep 27 2011

20 iPhone 5 Rumors Worth Checking Out

The web world is filled with the news latest buzz from Apple hailed iPhone 5! We all well know how tiresome it is getting to wait for iPhone 5 release date. But, finally, the announcement date of this lovely new gadget with technically advanced features is predicted to be already around the corner. Apple’s iPhone 5 Media Event is reportedly scheduled for 4th October, 2011. With all the buzzing news about the fifth generation iPhone, there have been much talked about the expected features.

There have been some rumors about the new Apple gadget in the recent past. With the success of previous gadgets rolled out by Apple and much rumored features, it is expected that iPhone 5 will be the most hunted gadget in the global market in the days to come.

Apple has always lived up to our expectations and we all are somewhat sure that it will do the same. Apple won’t let you down especially with the cool features that promise to provide you with the ultimate user experience.

People at Apple have made the all new iPhone 5 undergo seven beta testing rounds for their new iOS 5 software to give you the excellence. Undeniably, we can’t say firmly as to how the iPhone 5 will look like until its finally out and available. But, then that doesn’t give us any good reason to disbelieve the iPhone 5 rumors of what the fifth generation iPhone will look like and what all it will offer in terms of technology.

The very first rumored feature of iPhone 5 is the tear-drop shape. Next is the top left of the gadget that shows some sort of a lock-button which is certainly the cool new feature of iPhones. Let’s take a look at all the iPhone 5 rumors so far.

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1. iPhone 5 digital wallet: NFC for mobile payments

There are rumors about the addition of a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip in the iPhone 5. These chips will tie your phone to your credit card or bank accounts to let you pay for things at special check out pads in stores. Also, it is said that Apple will enable you to tie your NFC chip to your Apple ID for making purchases with the same credit card that is used to buy iTunes music and apps.

While on the other hand rumors are running that iPhone 5 will include the latest version of Bluetooth technology which leaves us all wondering if it could be used for mobile payments.

2. iPhone 5 Announcement Date

Yes, I agree to the fact that the release date of iPhone 5 has been announced to be the 4th October but then the more the date keeps getting pushed every now and then leave us speculating. Analysts and gadget enthusiasts are speculating about the iPhone 5 announcement delay, but we really wish this is the final launch date of the much awaited gadget from Apple.

3. Panoramic camera mode

Apple is working on a new panoramic mode according to some hidden code 9to5 Mac uncovered. This will enable you to stitch images together in order to create a full panoramic photo.

4. Antenna that won’t lose a signal

The iPhone 5 will either have an internal antenna or an external antenna that won’t lose its signal when you grab it.

5. 3D display for games and movies

This is quite unlikely but there are rumors that Apple will adopt 3D in iPhone 5. It’s expensive and kills battery life. So, there are minimal chances. But there’s still speculation that Apple may allow 3D apps and movies to play on the iPhone 5.

6. Smaller SIM card

Now this one contradicts the rumors that iPhone 5 will have the similar design as iPhone 4. If its going to be similar then how can it have a super small SIM card that will allow for a thinner iPhone 5 design. Still, as there are rumors floating all over it needed to be mentioned.

7. Assistant : Siri-powered voice control

We all know that Apple has acquired Siri, and there are high chances of including Siri-powered feature called Assistant that would essentially perform just like Siri’s excellent iPhone app. Assistant using location, contact info, previous searches and other data on your iPhone will deliver what you need. This will be one notable feature of iPhone 5.

8. Dual LED Flash

Rumors have been spreading that the cool new iPhone 5 will have a dual-LED flash for better lighting to shoot photos and video.

9. More storage

Apple is expected to offer a 64 GB version of the iPhone. This means iPhone 5 will probably be offered in 32 GB and 64 GB models that will offer more storage.

10. Faster A5 processor

We won’t say it’s just rumored, infact it is almost definite that Apple in the quest to keep its iDevice hardware in sync for which it will include A5 processor just like the iPad 2. This will make iPhone 5 almost 2x faster than the iPhone 4.

11. Full voice control from Nuance

Nuance, company behind the excellent Dragon Dictation software has partnered with Apple. This increases the possibility of rumors that the iPhone 5 will have full voice control powered by Nuance high. So, iPhone 5 will enable you to dictate e-mails and text messages, just like you can with many Android phones.

12. No glass on the back

iPhone 4 had a glass back that as pretty appealing and it felt super sturdy to hold the gadget. There are rumors that iPhone 5 will not have a glass back instead metal, similar to the original iPhone.

13. 4G network support

We all know that Apple is pretty much obsessed with battery life for which it keeps making efforts. The iPhone 5 is certain to support 4G network (this is one reason for the delay in launching)

14. No Home Button

There seems to be some confusion related to the home button. Like the Android phones of today that don’t have the Home Button we can expect iPhone 5 to be with no Home Button instead everything will either be controlled by new touch gestures. While on the other hand, the folks at This Is My Next predict a new touch-sensitive home button to swipe between apps expected to make multi-tasking easier.

15. Global device with Verizon and AT&T

iPhone 5 is expected to be a global device, which means it can connect to CDMA and GSM networks. Also, the users will be able to use this smart gadget with either Verizon or AT&T.

16. Same as iPhone 4 in design

The probability seems to be pretty less but some believe that iPhone 5 will just be the minor update from the iPhone 4. It is expected that the inside will get the upgrades like a faster processor and more memory but the façade will be somewhat similar to iPhone 5.

While on the other hand rumors that run with regards to the design, it is expected that there will be a complete redesign for the iPhone 5. It will have a thinner body and larger screen. We all are the fact that Apple likes to make its products thinner and lighter with each upgrade, so, the possibility of iPhone 5 design to be same as iPhone 4 is quite less.

17. Edge-to-edge bigger screen

Till date, we have seen 4-inch screen Android smartphones which we won’t say are bad but iPhone 5 is all set to revolution with the larger screen and narrow bezel. This means, it is all set to break the trend of 4 inch screens.

18. Good camera

Many Android phones today have 8 MP cameras that can shoot full 1080p HD video. It is rumored that iPhone 5 will have a 8 MP camera that can shoot 1080p HD video.

19.Additional features likely

iOS 5 is no doubt rumored to be the ultimate bet but then people at Apple feel a bunch of things need to be added. These features include the third-party widgets, voice control, 3G FaceTime and much more.

20. iPhone 5 price

iPhone 5 is an evolutionary step like the move from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 3GS, so it’s expected that its price would be more or less the same (although in the UK higher VAT rates may well mean a higher price tag).

The speculation over when Apple will release the iPhone 5 is getting quite confused but we really hope October 4 is the final date when this cool new gadget will be launched and yes, the rumored cool features are true too! Fingers crossed! What’s your say on this? Let us know.

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