Oct 5 2011

15 Tips That Will Help You Extend Your iPhone Battery Life The Smart Way

Let’s face it, no matter how technologically advanced features are promised on iDevices there are few flaws that sometimes frustrate the users. Talking about the iPhones, every tech freak who has used or is using it might have noticed that more the best features it offers more its battery gets drained out speedily.

One hard fact that iPhone users wish that didn’t bother them is their iPhone suffering from the problem of terrible battery life. With continuous usage of data, GPS services and much more smart features, I guess the huge battery usage is pretty justified. But then that doesn’t at all mean that you have face the frustrating situation of seeing your iPhone battery getting drained out speedily.

As they say ‘Every problem comes with a solution!’ If using the iPhone for long to enjoy the ultimate user experience kills the battery, there certainly are ways to use your smart way that will help you make the optimum use of the battery.

There are a few good tips that claim to help increase the iPhone’s battery life. As of now, I am not an iPhone user but I guess the killer tips listed below are sure to help a little if not too much. Scroll down to read on! These common iPhone battery saving tips that if followed smartly will do the trick! So, make sure you follow the tips mentioned below to save your battery for those critical times when you need it the most.

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1. Turn Data Push Off

There are lot many people who enable ‘Push Settings’ on their iPhone to fetch new data frequently but this sucks more juice battery of your iPhone. Turning it off is one of the best ways to save iPhone battery life. When needed you can manually check new mails. This is one of the cool wasy that will help you save your iPhone battery.

Find it in Settings ->Mail, Contacts, Calendar ->Fetch New Data ->Slide to Off

2. Disable 3G

It’s not always that we use 3G but we leave it ON without bothering about the amount of battery it is consuming. Enabling Wi-Fi and 3G can drain iPhone battery life pretty easily and speedily. Disable the 3G by selecting the ‘Setting’ tab, choosing ‘General’ and the ‘Network’ tab within general settings. Turn 3G feature off to save your battery life that otherwise goes waste.

Find it in Settings -> General -> Network -> Slide Enable 3g to Off

3. Disable Wireless Network

You can easily conserve your iPhone battery life by turning off the Wi-Fi when not in use. Turning it off will ask you to manually connect but it will help you save your iPhone battery.

Find it in Settings -> WiFi -> Slide to Off

4. Turn off Bluetooth Data Transfer

Bluetooth wireless networking is useful for users with wireless headsets or earpieces. Transferring data wirelessly takes battery. Leaving Bluetooth ON to accept incoming data all times sucks more juice unnecessarily. Turn off Bluetooth except when you’re using it will help you save the battery.

Find it in Settings -> General -> Bluetooth -> Move Slider to Off

5. Close Personal Hotspot

Personal Hotspot is the added feature that too consumes battery.

Find it in Setting -> Personal Hotspot = OFF…!!!

6. Disable Location Services

One of the best features of the iPhone is built-in GPS, which enables your iPhone to know where you are and gives you exact driving directions, helps you find restaurants and much more. Its not always that you need ‘Location Services’ so plan properly and turn it off when not needed.

Find it in Settings -> General -> Location Services -> Slide to Off

7. Auto Lock

Auto-lock feature keeps your phone in sleep setting. It is the time when your phone uses minimal energy. Unlocking the phone manually is not a hassle, you can anytime unlock the phone manually. Set your iPhone to automatically go to sleep after a certain amount of time. Sooner it sleeps; lesser the power used.

Find it in Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock -> Tap your Preference

8. Turn off Equalizer

Equalizer feature in iPhone (for using iPod) can adjust music to increase bass, decrease treble and much more. These settings require extra battery. Turn off the equalizer to conserve battery.

Find it in Settings -> iPod -> EQ -> Tap off

9. Tweak Sound/Vibrate settings

It is suggested to turn down the volume of your ringtone that would significantly save battery life is turning off the vibrate option. Vibration uses considerable amount of battery, so turn it off if you are in a silent environment.

Find it in Settings -> Sounds -> Vibrate

10. Turn on Auto-Brightness

Lower the brightness settings of your iPhone less battery it will consume. iPhone has an ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the screen. ‘Turn on the Auto-Brightness’ and you’ll save battery which can be really helpful in those critical moments.

Find it in the Settings app -> Brightness -> Auto-Brightness On

11. Upgrade to latest firmware

Apple releases firmware updates to the iPhone every now and then. Each has different battery life. So, you should check for latest firmware updates for your iPhone and update it accordingly.

12. Close the Cellular Data

Turning off the cellular data can help you save the battery life of your iPhone.

Go to Setting-> General-> Network-> Cellular Data = OFF.

13. Disable Apps before Auto Lock

When you set the iPhone on auto-lock, any previously opened application continues to run which drains away the battery of your device. So, it is suggested that you should shutdown your apps before enabling the auto-lock feature.

14. Do Less-Battery-Intensive Things

The above tips involve settings but it mainly depends on the way you use the iPhone. Anything you feel will suck more battery should be avoided when you know you can face the worst scenario when your iPhone battery will be minimum when needed the most. Stuff like movies, games, and browsing the web should be avoided to conserve battery.

15. Extended Life Battery

The best option to save the battery for those crucial moments is buying an extended life battery for the iPhone. Battery usage depends on person to person and if you fell If you need so much battery life that none of these tips can help you much then, an extended life battery is your best bet.

Running out of battery isn’t a pleasant feeling. Now, you all know that there are ways to conserve iPhone battery life while you keep enjoying all the cool things that your iPhone offers without making compromise with its juice that sometimes goes waste unknowingly. Be a smart techie and use your iPhone the smart way!

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