How To Make Free Phone Calls To US Number From Your iPad/iPhone

Apple iPad – one of the most revolutionary product in the history of computers. It totally changed the computing technology from bulky laptops to 10 inches tablet. Every company struggling hard to enter in the Tablet industry with their cool offerings. Some of the best examples are Galaxy Tab from Samsung, Playbook from Blackberry, XOOM from Motorola etc. But , Apple iPad still stands apart from the crowd because of its crystal clear bright display, huge collection of cool iPad Apps,and most importantly trust from a giant company Apple. As, there are rumors that Apple iPad2 is coming soon, we can expect this product to be more power-packed with cool features.

Well, we can’t say about the future but at presently, it is surely one of the best tablet in the market. If you have got one, you must be using it as a communication device, media-playing device and much more.

Do you know that other than playing your favorite video or audio, chatting with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or IM messaging, you can use your iPad as a telephone too. Yes, you are getting it right, you can use your iPad as telephone to call any US number for totally free of charge with the help of an iPad app called Whistle Phone.

This app will give you a personal US number that will allow you to make and receive calls from your iPad. This app will surely come handy for those who are always on the move. Using this app will save hefty charges of roaming while making and receiving calls. However, this app is not limited to iPad, this app will serve you the same if you are iPhone, Mac or PC user.

So, let’s see  a quick guide on How to make free phone calls to US number from iPad, iPhone, Mac or Windows PC. In this article, we are taking Apple iPad as an example but overall process will be nearly same for other OS too.

1) Download the app from link here. After launching the app for the first time, it will ask you to create an account. Select use an “existing Whistle account or generic SIP account” option.

2) The next screen will prompt you to enter your Name, Email address and password to create an account.

3) Now, logged in the application and choose the area code of your choice. Please not that, Whistle permits only one free number change after signing up. When I made my first call to a local US number, I was quite fascinated by the quality of sound. But, the only glitch is you have to listen 20 second recording before making a free call. I think this is OK if you want to make free calls from your iPad.

4) There is also one nifty feature called “My Follow me” that I like most. If you are a US resident, this feature surely comes handy. It allow caller to call up to 5 phone numbers if you do not answer your Whistle phone. If you do not answer any of the Follow Me calls, the app will prompt caller to leave a voicemail to the last Follow Me number.

Some exciting features of Whistle Phone :

  1. Push notifications allows you to receive calls while the app is running in the background.
  2. You can make conference calls with two persons at the same time because of two lines available in the app.
  3. You can also access your iPhone/iPad contact list to call anyone much easily.
  4. Call on hold and muting microphone facility.
  5. Access list of your most recent calls.

Conclusion about Whistle Phone :

After using this service nearly for a week, I found this app quite neat and without any drawbacks. It made me to call US number free of charge with excellent voice quality. The only drawback which is not big enough to turn your back is that you have to log in every time. There is no option to save your login settings but I think this might be because of no one takes disadvantage.

Note : Your Whistle phone number will be reclaimed to anyone else if you don’t use Whistle account for more than 4 weeks.

Direct Link of App Page

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