Mar 4 2011

Tablet War : Apple iPad2 vs Motorola Xoom vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

A few days back I came up with the Legendary Tale of Steve Jobs and frankly speaking I just loved writing about the ingenious person. Despite the health issues, Steve Jobs came at the launch of the much new Apple product. Finally, the wait is over and the cool new iPad 2 announced late back in December 2010 is here for the gadget freaks who were anxiously waiting for the one. Thinner and lighter version of Apple’s popular tablet will hit the market from March 11 in the US.

Everyone is talking about the Apple’s iPad 2,  its cool features and how it will enhance the user’s experience and lots more. To break the monotony, I thought of coming up with an article that would not simply leave you bored  of reading all the more similar stuff.

When one company rolls out freaky gadget it tries to make it unique from the existing ones to belittle the ones in peer group but then it becomes difficult for us to choose between them. At this point when Apple is here with the slim iPad2 you surely would be puzzled as to which would be the ideal pick; the latest most hyped gadget or others from its peer group.

Android tablets are the in strong competition with the iPad2 launched just recently. Wanna know how these are different from each other and the factors that would contribute in letting you come out of the dilemma? Hit a jump and check out the difference and I might give the conclusion at the end of the article but you certainly have your choice. It would just be my take. Depending upon your choices of cool features between the two, make your pick.

The tablet space is heating up in a big way, we have come across many and lot more amazing deals are awaiting their launch. I would like to point out some features that I believe will help you make the decision of which one would you want to go for. Below is a short comparison of various specs of the most popular tablets at the moment : Apple iPad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs Motorola Xoom.

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Dimensions :

With just 0.34 inches thick and 1.3 pounds, the new iPad 2 is claiming to be the thinner and lighter tablet. It weighs 607 g while Motorola Xoom weighs 730g and Samsung Galaxy Tab measures .4 inches thick and is just under 1.25 pounds (599g) in weight. The dimensions clearly show that in terms of carrying the tablet along one would definitely want to go for the slimmer and lighter one and Samsung Galaxy Tab almost is similar to iPad2.

Display :

The iPad 2 has 9.7-inch display while Android 3.0, or Honeycomb Motorola Xoom has 10.1-inch and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as the name hints comes with 10.1-inch TFT display. Display screens won’t make much difference though ones of the Android Tablets are bigger as compared to iPad2 but in the end its the sleekness and the light weight that would make the best pick and as mentioned above, there is not much difference between the Samsung Galatxy Tab and iPad2. So, till now its not easy to say which one would be the best pick. Let’s read more about the techie features of the tablets.

Resolution :

The Apple iPad2 has the resolution of 1024×768 (132 ppi), Motorola Xoom uses a laptop-like 1280 x 800 (160dpi) resolution and Samsung Galaxy Tab has 1280×9800 (160 dpi) resolution which is similar to Motorola Xoom. Android tablets have same resolutions that clearly is more than the iPad2 which is mere 132ppi. In terms of resolution, Android tablets any day would win the game.

Processor and Storage :

The Apple iPad 2 claims to be faster as it comes with 1GHz dual-core A5 processor and 32GB storage. Samsung Galaxy Tab claims 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor and 16GB or 32 GB storage while Android Motorola Xoom sports Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor and 32 GB storage.


The good news about the Motorola Xoom is that it has 1GB RAM while Samsung Galaxy Tab has no RAM and the RAM of iPad 2 is not yet revealed. This could be the added factor for people who wanna go for iPad2 but only if it’s good enough.

Expandable Memory :

Unfortunately Apple iPad 2 comes with no expandable memory, similar is the case with Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. While on the other hand Motorola Xoom offers 32GB micro SD expandable memory. Here, Motorola Xoom ably impresses the consumers who have immense data to be stored.

Camera :

Tablet without camera is obviously not desirable. Infact it’s like one of the important part of any gadget available today. The iPad 2 comes with VGA front camera and has back camera too. Motorola Xoom has 2MP front and 5MP back camera. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on the other hand features a front-facing two-megapixel camera and eight-megapixel rear. Dual-front and back camera with good mega pixel is undeniably the factor that would help make the consumers decide as to which one would be the ideal pick.  Samsung Galaxy Tab would be the right option for those who are passionate about capturing the cherishing moments.

Video & Video playback :

Video too has the major contribution in the choice if gadgets. The iPad2 video records 720 p with same amount of video playback ability. Motorola Xoom records 720 p and has the 1080 p video playback facility and Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 has the capability of 1080p video playback at 30 frames per second.

Operating System :

I don’t think I need to spend more words on operating systems and consumers are smart enough to know that iPad2 works on iOS 4.3. Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 work on Android 3.0 OS. The difference in the OS of the Apple and Android tablets will certainly confuse the consumers for the fact that each is best in its own way.

Sensors :

The Apple iPad2 has Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Ambient Light Sensor, Motorola Xoom has a 2-megapixel sensor in the front for video chat over Wi-Fi (barometer, Accelerometer, Gyroscope). The Samsung galaxy Tab has Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Digital Compass. Sensors enhance the user experience.

Network :

iPad2 has the ability to work on 3G network, Motorola Xoom will initially work on Verizon’s 3G network but will be upgradeable to 4G / LTE soon after launch, while Samsung Galaxy Tab supports 4G network. When it comes to advance network, Android tablets win the show.

Battery :

Motorola Xoom battery life is not yet revealed while Samsung Galaxy tab has 6860mAh battery life and iPad2 has 10 hrs battery life. It would not be easy to comment on the battery life of the tablets as we yet don’t know about the battery life of two out of the three tablets. We can expect it to be pretty good for Motorola Xoom  too like Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Conclusion :

Based on the technical specs available, I can conclude that Apple has launched its new iPad2 which boasts of great features but when compared to the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab it comes out ahead only in terms of thickness and weight. An accompanying iOS update that promises to add a new feature called iTunes Home Sharing to let you access iTunes songs on your desktop computer and the integrated Safari Web browser is the added factor. Be it in terms of raw processing power, processors, RAM or other technical specifications, iPad 2 doesn’t seem to have any outstanding technical specification that would make it an ideal pick.

Indeed, Android tablets miss the game for the iPad2 offers 4G/LTE support, unique form factors, and other like factors that can hinder the high rise of sales of the Android tablets. If you’re the one who wants quality, performance tablet with a high resolution screen, and a relatively thin bezel, you can surely check out the Android tablets. Android tablets still have a shot because they may offer things that the iPad 2 doesn’t. I being tech-oriented person would strongly want to consider the Android 3.0 tablets. This is just my viewpoint. There would surely be many people around who would probably love Apple iPad for it being one of the most hyped gadgets. Let us know what you think about the tablets; which one would you want to go for and why by dropping in the comments below.

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  • You left out one BIG point to compare. Price.
    I want the device to work, but I’m cheap and price is a bigger difference for me.
    I haven’t seen any pricing on the galaxy tab 10 yet.

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  • The IPad 2 clearly has an advantage over these tablets. 10 hours of battery life is nearly impossible to match I havent seen and android phone match the Iphones battery life yet. Im sorry but for a truly mobile tablet experience I dont want to be plugged in to a charger ever 3 hours.

    • Xoom has 10 hours
      Samsung 10.1 has 12 hours
      Ipad 2 has 10

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  • Great Article !! iPad 2 for me !!

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  • I am a die hard Android fan but Samsung has really pissed me offffffff. From bad customer service to the Nexus S freezing up and not being able to log into my yahoo account. I’m in the process of buying a Tab but not really knowing which one to get after these issues with Samsung. So I might be going for the IPad 2 unless someone can convince me that The new Samsung Tab 10.1 is better. Bout to piss on this dam Nexus S. I want my Nexus 1 back. 2 Thumbs down 2 Samsung. PEACE!!

  • You missed a basic part of a tablet. Software. Apple has without any doubt the best AppStore and apps for his tablet. Why should i bought a tablet with tons of hard specs without a good OS and soft to bring him a life?

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  • In my family, we have two iPhones, one HTC EVO, one Droidx. one iPad, and one Galaxy Tab.
    The EVO and the Galaxy Tab get the most attention and use the myth about battery life is just that, a myth.I have not EVER had a problem with my Tab’s battery and I use it for browsing the web and playing games and yes, I still enjoy plenty of flash that doesn’t show up on the iPhones. I will choose the Tab 10 for m,y next tablet.

  • This blogger is absolutely right. The Xoom beats the iPad 2 hands-down on almost any category, and even on price (which i’ll explain later).
    1) The Xoom’s CPU may be the same as the iPad2, but look on the deeper side: the iPad2 still has no USB, no expansion slots, no GPS,the list can go on and on. The Xoom has all of those features, and more.
    2) The iPad 2 is nothing but a chip upgrade, essentially. And they made it thinner, and added HDMI and a webcam. That’s it. Nothing evolutionary. Apple didn’t break any boundaries and made it on-par with the Xoom. They’re counting on the assumption of the consumer that Apple is better.The Xoom goes above and beyond the iPad.
    3) iOS 4.3 is NOT a tablet OS. Honeycomb is. Apple was lazy again, refusing to release a tablet-oriented OS. So the iPad still feels like a huge smartphone. The Xoom doesn’t. It legitly feels like a tablet, with custom widgets and a huge home screen, as well as multitasking abilities. The tablet isn’t a phone-extension. It’s in its own category, and deserves an interface that puts all its potential to use. That’s exactly what the Xoom is.
    4) People may complain that the Android Appstore is smaller. That’s the opposite. The android market is growing faster than the Apple Appstore. By 2012, the android market will have just as many apps as Apple’s, and beyond. Plus, there’s a new Amazon AppStore for Android coming out later this year, too. The Xoom is definitely the better investment.
    5) On the cost side, although Apple’s model may be cheaper for now, just wait until Apple charges extra for 4G. For the Xoom, you get a free 4G upgrade, and one simple 32GB model with expandable storage. Not five or six different models.

    On a side note, I see this as a repeat of what happened 20 years ago, when the PC out-did the Mac. Apple’s philosophy of closed-source apps and a tightly-controlled environment just doesn’t work out. People want open-source, people want to tweak, people want to customize it on their own. Microsoft realized that, and Google has two.
    If Apple wants success in the mobile market, they can’t make the same mistakes they made with the Mac back in the 1990s, or else it will be the same story all over again, but this time with Google Android becoming the dominant mobile OS.

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  • The problem with all of this is that Apple is the reliable company who is constantly upgrading and revolutionizing the industry. Yeah you could argue that Motorola came out with a tablet on par with the ipad…but the only thing they did was copy…almost to the “T” the ipad. They wouldn’t even have the idea if apple hadn’t thought of it in the first place.

    The OS system for the ipad is just like the OS system on the computers in that its very reliable and powerful. Why does Apple have to change the OS system if its working correctly? It is very reliable and known. It is by far the more powerful operating system with the fewest bugs. The Android is not a revolutionary product either. It is merely a mimic of what apple has brought to the table and unfortunately neither one of the companies have the capability to continue the upward climb to greatness. They will continue, like microsoft has always done, (take a look at their “windows store” to see just how badly they copy everything Apple does) and copy whatever apple does and seek to improve it with poorer quality components and little “bonus” features. You can rely on those who created the “touch pad” category and the wonderul OS system or go for those that are trying to cling to their tail coats.

  • I’d prefer an ipad 2 to other tabs. But i feel it’s not perfect yet.

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  • This is a nice article, but I’m going to get the iPad 2 because it’s cheaper than the Android tablets and that the App Store is filled with goodies that just don’t compare to the thousands of pointless apps in the Android Market. Plus, if you have a shiny IPad 2, everyone who sees it will be amazed. ;)

  • I think the inf. For galaxy tab 10.1 are wrong

  • Taking my ipad2 back today. No flash web, .7 megapixel camera, the rotater broke twice, can’t get consistent audio jack. Hate the auto correct. Feels like a big crappier version of the iPhone. Pry getting a xoom. Looks are good though! But seriously a .7megapixel camera?!

  • I still have my iPad 1 since the first week it came out and I recently purchased the Xoom wifi. I did not consider buying an iPad2 since I would not use either of its cameras. However, I am an apple devotee (iPod Nano, iPod Touch 4G, MacBook Pro, iMac G5, but purchased the Xoom for these reasons: the SD memory card slot allows to add 32GB of pictures, music, data or whatever and change the card and its contents as often as you want; all software is downloaded online without tethering to a desktop/laptop computer; processor speed seems to be as fast if not faster than iPad 2 that friends have; Android Software is updated frequently and in the background; I am averaging 11-12 hours between battery charges using wifi, Internet browsing, games, business apps, etc.; Also, Xoom can automatically turn-off wifi in the sleep mode (screen off) so you don’t wake up with a dead battery as has happened many times with my iPad; Android apps are significantly less expensive (and fewer) than iPad apps and can be downloaded directly online without tethering to iTunes. Don’t get me wrong, I think Apple products and customer support are outstanding, but the Xoom offers some features that might never be offered by Apple (like SD memory slots).

  • I got my ASUS Transformer 2 weeks ago. It is, in my opinion, a better product than iPad2.

  • I’m ok with the comparison theory! But in fairness and an unbiased opinion and holding true interest of your viewer, maybe you should have all the fact on all the products in question. To me this will help ,e to see you total view and you might influence more people to join you opinion. Maybe? Think.

  • Reall when was this article writtens the 70′s. Now the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the thinnest and lightest.

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