Top 5 Most Powerful Wi-Fi Hard Drives For iPhone And iPad

In today’s world, life is very fast and hell lot of busy when it comes to take vacation with friends and family. You need to take permissions from your bosses so that it won’t affect the work or business. And when you are your own boss, then its actually become more difficult task to think about vacations.

You have to think hundreds of things before leaving for vacations such as assigning tasks to your sub-ordinates, cashflow, office budgets, client follow-up, who fill attend your important office phone from clients and much more.

However, I am not here to talk about how difficult it is to go on vacations when you are doing job or your own business. I am here to talk about how to make things easier when you are on the move – may be its vacations, a small official trip or while you are on the move.

Personally, I love to watch movies or listen to music when I am on the move but sometimes its a huge pain in the ass when it comes to bring DVDs pack and it is risky handling DVDs disk always when you are travelling.

But, if you are a iPhone or iPad owner – it is actually very easy to collect most of your entire collection while you are travelling. There are many portable Wi-Fi portable hard drives that will store all your media files including movies, music, photos and then stream to your iOS device using the Wi-Fi network created by the drives.

In this article, we have researched and find out some of the best Wi-Fi hard drives available for iPhone and iPad that are very easy to set up and comes with their own software or apps to access all your media files on the fly.

The main advantages that will attract you to buy these devices are :

- Most of them are so compact that you can fit them in your pockets.

- 2 t0 8 people can watch same movie on different devices simultaneously depending on the Wi-Fi drive you choose to buy.

- All these gadgets have built-in rechargeable batteries with good battery life.

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1. AirStash ($99.99)

AirStash is a lightweight wireless flash drive that has only one hardware button and stores your movies, music, photos, documents, etc. that can wirelessly shared with your iPhone or iPad.

It doesn’t come with its own memory and availability of SD card slot in AirStash will allow you to pick SD cards upto 32GB in size. This is a great feature because you can buy any number of SD cards of any size and can take GBs of data with you while you are on the move.

This device has its own iPhone and iPad app that lets you access media from AirStash on your iOS devices. It has noticeably good battery life and upto 8 numbers of people can watch movies, music or view documents at one time.

2. AirVideo ($2.99)

AirVideo  is an excellent iPad and iPhone app available in the iTunes market that allow you to stream movies from your home computer over a cellular network or Wi-Fi.

It can play videos in any format on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without copying them to your devices and this app can convert videos to iOS format on a fly. Even you don’t have to wait to watch them – you can watch your videos while converting process is working in background.

3. Panasonic DY-PS10 Pocket Server ($191)

It is only available in Japan as of now but we wish this device will be available in all over the world after seeing its powerful feature. Much like AirStash because it has capability to read SD cards, compact design just palm-sized, works as a Wi-Fi hard drive.

Panasonic DY-PS10 can take maximum of 64GB  in comparison to AirStash and has a great battery life nearly about 10 hours which is more than sufficient while you are on the move except you are not in some wild forest.

4. Seagate GoFlex Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage ($199.99)

Undoubtedly, GoFlex Satellite is a solution that will give you the most storage, i.e., 500GB in comparison to other portable drives. But, it is not small and you have to compromise in terms of size, portability and uniqueness (just look like a hard disk drive).

It has a good battery life of nearly 5 hours and uses USB 3.0 which is the fastest medium to transfer media files these days.

The GoFlex Satellite isn’t small, but it holds tons more storage than some of the other portable solutions.

5. Kingston Wi-Drive  (16GB – $119.99) | 32GB – $149.99

The Kingston Wi-Drive  is another Wi-Fi hard drive to store your media and comes in two variants – 16GB and 32GB. This device just looks like iPhone 3GS and doen’t comes with any SD card slots.

This device is only charged by in-bundle USB cable and 3 persons at same time use Wi-Drive. One of the great feature that I liked about Kingston Wi-Drive is you can connect it to via Wi-Fi and also use the internet simultaneously via Wi-Fi.

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