How To Use Google Music Beta On Your Apple iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch

10th May, 2011 – Google has lunched its own cloud music service called Google Music Beta. We all are expecting that Google will soon launch its music service just like Apple iTunes and Amazon Music Cloud. And they had launched Google Music Beta in one of the biggest Google event of 2011. Those who are aware of what Google Music Beta already know the power of the new service.

Basically, Google Music Beta allows users to access and edit their music collections from various platforms like Android and iOS devices, Windows PC, Mac OSX and Linux.

Google Music Beta is significant because users don’t have to store their favorire music in their hard drives but it will be stored and taken care by Google servers. There are many other awesome features that makes Google Music Beta a great service. Let’s check it one by one in brief :

  • Listen anywhere even your are offline : Yes, you are getting it right – The songs that you recently played will be automatically available offline if any chance your internet is not working. You can also select the specific albums, artists and playlists you want to have available when you’re not connected.
  • Strong syncing across various platforms : No need to manage your online music again and again. Once you have created a playlist, its always available and automatically sync between various platforms without having tension of storage space running out.
  • Your music collection at one place : You can upload your favorite music collection to single library even its on different computers. You can upload music files from different folders of different computers or your iTunes library. If you add new music to your computer, it can be automatically added to your music collection online.
  • Let Google Mix your playlists : Its obvious that you can create your playlist according to your mood but let Google do it for you. Instant Mix from Google will build new playlists of songs from your collection that go great together.

After knowing all above features, you must be eager to use this service as soon as possible. You can use it on your computers or by downloading Google Android Music App for Android immediately by requesting an invitation from here. As of now, Google Music Beta is available only in US and we only hope to arrive it in other parts of the world soon.

Oops, I am distracting from the track. I was here to tell you – What will you do if you own an iOS device. How to use Google Music on Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

If you own an iOS device and want to use Google Music on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, let’s see a quick workaround on How to use Google Music Beta on your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch easily.

1. Request for an invitation by clicking here.

2. Open your browser and enter in the URL section. Hit enter and put your Google account details.

3. Now you can easily navigate and use the service as you will do in the desktop browser version. If you want to play a song, tap the name of the song and press “Play” in the navigation bar at bottom.

4. You can also skip, repeat or shuffle your music from the navigation bar at the bottom.

5. You can also play your music from Safari in the background by clicking Home button for 2 times. Swipe to the left to get music player shortcuts. From here, you can play/pause, forward next/forward back your music easily.

So, that’t the simple guide on How to use Google Music Beta on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. I hope you had successfully get it and will be able to play some awesome music on your iOS devices. If you have any quesions, feel free to drop us in the comments section below.

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