Sep 26 2011

Watch Me Change : An Excellent iPhone App To Watch Your Face Change Over Time

Change is the law of nature. We all have no option than to accept the changes; sometimes good, sometimes bad. The technology today actually helps us save the cherishing moments either in the form of videos, pictures and much more. Ever thought of seeing yourself change? There are lot many ways you can do so. If you think I am kidding then you got to sit back and read on. In today’s hi-tech era, we find no good reason to mistrust someone saying you can actually see yourself changing that too in a new cool way.

Apple,  you know offers the best of technology. Missing things are covered up with the apps, either paid or free but these apps promise to enhance user experience the best way possible.

I am talking in length about the apps because, these actually are important part of the tech world and geeky freaks love them for all good reasons. Well, here’s I am all set to introduce you all to the wonderful app that you all would feel good to know about. Named ‘Watch Me Change’, the app designed for your iPhone lets you capture moments and document the change in a whole new way.

What is ‘Watch Me Change’ app?

Watch Me Change is an app for the parents who actually wish to see their kid growing each moment or for those who want to see themselves change (looks wise) and many more. No doubt, you can enjoy these with already existing technology but we all love the good changes so anything that lets you enjoy these changes in the whole new way is always welcome.

The Watch Me Change iPhone app uses an advanced set of alignment tools, reminders and sharing options to help you create high quality time lapse videos of facial changes over time. Sounds interesting and entertaining!

How does it work?

The Watch Me Change iPhone app lets you take a photo with your iPhone camera. Once you have set the reminder say on daily, weekly or monthly basis, the app will do the needful. App’s clear photo overlay system or the adjustable gridlines lets you take picture. And over the time the collection of your photos grow.Thereafter, you can easily turn those pictures into a customized time lapse video of facial change with just few simple taps.

Also, you can choose the frame rate with the quality (from 192×144 to true HD) and amount of photos used. You can even export photos from the app to your camera roll. Once the video is ready, you can share it with your friends and family members through social networking sites.

Advantages of ‘Watch Me Change’ app

The app helps you create a time lapse videos that you can share and treasure. Just click a picture with your iPhone camera every day and leave rest to the app. After whatever time you set, say a week, month, or a year, you will have an amazing video like no other.

Yes, it will let you watch the changes in you. The best feature of the app is that it’s fun and easy to use. Besides this, your iPhone will remind you to take a photo everyday which clearly hints that you don’t have to bother about remembering. Simply set the reminder and the app will do the needful. It will remind you to take the picture and without wasting much of your time, you can get back to work.


The app has dual camera functionality that makes this app perfect for tracking your own facial changes, or anyone else’s. You simply snap your pics with a helpful daily reminder and you can have a permanent record of all those stages. Easy to use, the app provides smart functionality, all thanks to the camera interface, photo editing screen, reminder facility and much more.

Key features Of ‘Watch Me Change’ iPhone app

1. Reminders to take a new picture of you or your loved one each day

2. Creates a time lapse video of you or your loved ones changing over time.

3. You can have multiple users

4. Export the video in HD and add music from your iPod library to the video

5. Unique overlay features that allow you to match up each picture with that from the day before, ensuring they appear in a way that makes the time lapse fluid

6. Versatility in taking the photo; it doesn’t matter where your subject is or what they are wearing, as the program keeps your images aligned

7. Last but definitely not the least; integration with social networking sites, allowing you to share your face change videos with friends and loved ones.


The ‘Watch Me Change’ iPhone app wears a price tag of $.99 which I guess is worth spending for those valuable moments it captures and lets you watch the change in you or someone you love.


To sum up, talking more about the app would not do the real justice; I guess you should download the app and try it out right now. Bothering about the cost? Well, not many of you out there I’m sure! Click here to download the Watch Me Change that documents life’s special moments in a whole new way. Believe me its going to be all the more fun to check out the video of changes that are the only constant thing in the world!

Check out the Watch Me Change App Site for more info.

Here’s Watch Me Change iTunes App page to buy the app and enjoy seeing yourself change by the time.

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