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Top 10 Ways to Irritate a Photo Editor

The photographers and the photo editors are closely related with each other. Both professionals need each others help some or the other day and this is the reason that they are always included in each others conversation. However the photographers use the Photo Recovery Software too but still they need the services of the photo editor at a point of their job.

As every profession has its own community, there is a particular community of the photo editors too. If you being a photographer want to make a place in this community, you either need to be very good or very bad. You actually need to make them very happy or to irritate them to make them feel your presence.

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Sep 14, 2011

12 Most Worst Dressed Techies That Can Be Rightly Called Style Sinners

Nerds as they say run the world! Smartphones, OS, social networking platforms, search engines, laptops and other gadgets are the inventions that are ruling the tech world. These are innovations of ingenious minds who stand apart from the crowd for they have made their mark in the technology sector.

From CEOs to co-founders of world’s most successful companies, there are lot many inventors who are well renowned for their great contribution in the tech world. No matter how successful they are in the tech world are, they are human beings and have their own flaws.

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Sep 5, 2011

18 Weird News Stories Of August 2011 That Will leave You Dazed

The world I tell you is full of weird people becoming the part of unusual stories you would never imagine could happen. We usually want to e aware of the major happenings around the world. News that are related to us, those that affect us directly catches our attention. Another kind of news that each one of us is interested in reading, watching or listening are the weird, unusual and strange happenings; be it by the people on individual level or collectively.

From, bizarre, fashions to the weird festivals around the world, not a month or I must say a day passes without any weird happening taking place. Continuing with the trend of jotting down the weird, wacky, odd, unusual, crazy, funny, offbeat and strange news from across the world, we at WebTabLab have come up with the Weird news stories of August 2011.

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Aug 16, 2011

25 Weird News Stories Of July 2011 To Leave You Speechless

If you are the regular reader of WebTabLab Weird News, you certainly know that every month we come up with weird news of the previous month. Talk about the weird news, anywhere you can spot weird people or weird happenings that become the news stories. From a calendar standpoint, dates with odd numbers like 7-9-11 is odd but as far as happenings are concerned; anything unusual that grabs the attention of all becomes the part of weird news.

Keeping the trend of jotting down the list of weird news stories of every preceding month, we are here once again with the Weird News Stories of July 2011. As its August, the news stories that are sure to leave you surprised are of July 2011.

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Aug 1, 2011

Most Weirdest Shoes Ever: Dare To Wear

Weird, funny, wacky or cool! Call it by any name but the fact remains that anything that stands out of the crowd never fails to attract our attention. May be for the mere fact that anything that pops up speaking out loud for its inimitability, unique cool features, unusual design and many other similar traits pleases our eyes. Sometimes, we get so much fascinated with the out-of-the-box stuff that we just can’ t wait to grab one.

Talk about fashion, style, trend! It’s not all about dresses, footwear too fall under the same category. Fashion industry today has turned them from the necessary functional item to something worth a look.

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Jul 20, 2011

25 Weird News Stories of June 2011 That Promise To Surprise You

Weird news and weird people all around the world, leave us sometimes wide-mouth-opened, while at other times we smile, we frown and react in a different ways. Unlike the simple, news stories all around, the weird news stories take us by awe. We all have to agree that nothing gets so much attention than something that is unusual and out-of-ordinary.

While surfing the net, reading newspapers, changing the TV channels; one thing that is common is the attention seeking content. The content that is out of the crowd and not the part of humdrum tends to catch attention of all.

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Jun 14, 2011

20 Weird News Stories Of May 2011 That Will Leave You Surprised

Ever since, we have started the trend of coming making the list of amazing news stories around the world, trust me I actually fall short of words each time a sit to plan what to write and how to play with words to talk in length about the weird happenings and people. In the end I just stop thinking about what to write and how to go about writing, I simply sit down and go about writing whatever comes to my mind.

The WebTabLab since the very first beginning month, promised to keep you all updated with the best of the rest weird news of the preceding month. Not to mention, the response on all the weird news stories of each month that has passed by has got the immense result.

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May 31, 2011

40 Wacky Apple Products We Wish Really Existed

The noted brand Apple has been attracting the customers by rolling out the geeky gadgets every now and then. With so many smart picks already up on the market shelves, we definitely can expect lot more from Apple in the days to come. Do you know what’s the latest buzz? Yes, it’s the iPhone 5 which the company plans to roll out this fall.

The craze for Apple products is increasing rapidly and this is not a wild guess. You can see even the toddlers asking their parents for Apple gadgets. Geeky nerds without bothering about how much holes it’s going to prick in their pockets go for the latest gadget rolled out by Apple.

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May 11, 2011

20+ Weird News Stories Of April 2011 That Will Leave You Surprised

From the very first day of the April till the end, it was actually one of the exciting month of the year. First April, we all remain cautious so that no one can befool us and the excitements continues as world’s pillow fight day, water pistol competition and much more take place in this very month. After the long winter months wonderful weather adds to the charm. It is indeed like a cherry on the cake.

Every month we jot down the weird news of the preceding month. Not to mention, the weird news stories of previous months have surely left us all amazedWhile some weird happenings around the world make you smile for a while there are lot many that promise to leave you wide mouth opened.

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May 7, 2011

15 Worst Mother’s Day Gifts You should Not Give To Your Mom

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. All set to buy your beloved mom a gift to make her feel special? I am sure all you thoughtful minds are doing great exercise and surfing all over as to which are the ideal gifts for Mother’s Day. We have already showcased the list of 20 hi-tech gifts for your beloved mom. If you have already checked out the list, hopefully you have made your pick.

If you haven’t yet decided then there is still some time left to put your mind at work and choose something that would melt you mom’s heart,; something that will be the ideal pick to honor the special lady.

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