Nov 9 2011

22 Most Appealing CSS Web Design Examples For Your Inspiration

It’s been quite a long time when I shared any great article on design or development category as I was busy with some usual family stuff. When you are away from the blogging field for a month or even some days, it took sometime to regain your senses and come back once again in the vast ocean of blogging.

The basic reason behind this problem is : time is changing very rapidly and so as many things be it related to technology, design, development, gadgets and many more. Yesterday, after so many days, I was surfing and checking my favorite web design galleries and I was pretty amazed by seeing that lot has changed in a month when it comes to CSS website design.

More beautiful design, minimalistic looks, great use of white space, creative user interface, awesome animations and special effects and much more that seriously amazed me. So, I decided to why not come up with an article showcasing some of the most useful CSS web designs in the recent time that has captured the attention of many designers, developers and website owners.

Though, there are many other popular languages to develop websites other than CSS but introduction of CSS3 has changed the scenario of web designing totally. More and more websites are designed using CSS and CSS3. So, my main focus will be to showcase some of the great web design examples that are developed by using CSS language.

Here’s the article showcasing 22 most appealing CSS web design examples for your inspiration. Alternatively, you can also check our previous article that was purely based on creative CSS3 based web design examples.

I am sure you will love my come back article too as much as you appreciated my previous articles. Do let me know, if you have any suggestion in the comments section below.

1) susannaceccherini

2) i-am-tiago

3) markdearman

4) joshhemsley

5) sparklingmilk

6) mynus

7) frontend2011

8 ) attaindesign

9) dotmick

10) studiofoundry

11) html5demo

12) bokicabo

13) tmdesign

14) darrenalawi

15) gritdigital

16) delamedesign

17) rays-lab

18) 1minus1

19) epic

20) contrivedigital

21) stickybeakmedia

22) cinnamontoastnewmedia

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