Sep 23 2011

20 Free Useful Icon Sets For Web Designers And Developers

If you are regular reader of our blog, you must have noticed a sudden rise in the articles related to design category. The major reason behind featuring more articles related to design are that we are getting a good response from such articles and who doesn’t love more traffic. Atleast, we do !

From jQuery animation tutorils to jQuery tutorials of year 2011, fonts collection to best minimal logo designs – our readers love each and every article that are related to design and development. It clearly shows that our website has developed a reader base of designers and developers from all over that world that are loving our articles.

That’s the reason, we are again with an article that features some of the most useful icons sets that are not only free but creative enough to use in your web design projects. The reason behind featuring best free icons sets are because the use of icons in websites and blogs are increasing day by day. You can see that every other website use attractive icons to make it more lively and creative to the visitors.

Its seems that icons are becoming basic requirement of any website and designers always love to keep attractive icons in their kitty to use in future design projects. The demand for best icons sets are increasing day by day and sometimes its very difficult to find the best ones out of the chunk of some devastating icon sets.

So, in this article, we have done a great research so that you will concentrate on projects rather than finding ones. Here’s the list showcasing 20 free useful icon sets for web designers and developers. Let us know which one of these you gonna use for your next web design project.

1) Free Google Icon sets

2) Credit Cards

3) Concept Icon sets

4) Dark Icon sets

5) Transparent Icon sets

6) Coffee Pages Icons

7) Royalty Free Icons

8 ) Vector Icon sets

9) Free Stock Icon sets

10) Twitter Icon sets

11) Yummy Icon sets

12) e-commerce-icon-set

13) iCandies

14) Sports Icon Sets

15) Management Icon sets

16) Social Icon Developers

17) ginux-icons

18) xrabbit-icons

19) Cocaset

20) phuzion-icons

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