Aug 31 2011

22 Very Detailed jQuery Animation Tutorials For Creative Designers

Its been few years ago, when somebody want to create animation – it was always assumed that animatation is the created with the help of Flash. One of the widely used software to create any kind of animations irrespective of fact where it is used such as web animations, web apps or independent animated files.

But, from a year or so, things has changed – JavaScript frameworks has gained lot of popularity and widely used by many designers and developers all over the world.

Many developers these days widely use various JavaScript frameworks that help them to create smooth and stylish animations for websites, web apps and much more. There are many JavaScript available but jQuery is becoming favorite for all developers because it the most advanced, powerful and lightweight JavaScript framework that is open-source and totally free to use.

Creative designers create amazing animations with the help of jQuery and there are enourmous effects possible using jQuery. If you too are interested in creating animations using jQuery, we are compiling a list of best jQuery animations tutorials from all over the Internet.

There are various types of tutorials in this compilation such as animated navigations menus, headers, floaters and many more. So, say bye bye to Flash and start using jQuery animation tutorials for smooth animations.

So, here’s the list of 22 excellent jQuery Animations tutorials for creative designers. If you know any other jQuery tutorials that you feel suits best in this list, feel free to share with our readers in the comments section below.

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1) Create a Funky Parallax Background Effect Using jQuery

2) Crafting an Animated Postcard with jQuery

3) Puffing Smoke Effect in jQuery

4) How to make an Impressive Animated landscape Header with jQuery

5) Make an Animated alphabet Using Keypress events in jQuery

6) Animate image filling up using jQuery

7) Create a Unique Gallery by Using z index and jQuery

8 ) Merging Image Boxes

9) jQuery Parallax Tutorial

10) Build a Top Panel with jQuery

11) Creating a Polaroid Photo Viewer with CSS3 and jQuery

12) Create a cool Animated Navigation with css and jQuery

13) Learning jQuery fading menu replacing content

14) Animated Navigation Menu with CSS3

15) Grid accordion with jQuery

16) Animated landscape using CSS and jQuery

17) Animated Drop Down Menu with jQuery

18) Simple vote Using jQuery Animate

19) Animated Text and icon Menu

20) Revealing Photo Slider

21) Create Animated vertical Menu using jQuery

22) Create a Realistic Hover effect with jQuery

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