Sep 13 2011

20 Powerful And Useful jQuery Tutorials Of Year 2011

A few days ago we created an awesome post featuring some of the great jQuery Animation tutorials which was appreaciated by our visitors those are in the professions of designing and developing. This article clearly shows that how flash is getting out-dated and JavaScript frameworks are taking place when someone want to create animations.

This article has also shown that jQuery is becoming favorite for many web developers and designers out there and using this JavaScript framework for creating stylish animations for websites, web apps, stylish effects and much more.

Being one of the most advanced, powerful and lightweight JavaScript framework – we here at WebTabLab like jQuery very much and always love to showcase various compilations related to jQuery such as best jQuery plugins of May 2011, great jQuery plugins of July 2011 and recently jQuery animation tutorials.

This time in this article we have tried to find out some great jQuery tutorials that will help designers and developers to create awesome functionality and stunning effects with the help of jQuery. I am sure all fellow designers and developers out there will love our effort and help us to find out more jQuery tutorials and give those links in the comment section below.

Excited enough to create great effects and functionality for your website – Here’s the list compirising 20 powerful and useful jQuery tutorials of Year 2011.

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1) Rotating Image Slider

2) Password Strength Meter

3) Creating a Filterable Portfolio with jQuery

4) Simple Images Slideshow with jQuery

5) Create Delicious Tag Field using jQuery

6) Drag Drop Shopping Cart using jQuery

7) Parallax Slider

8 ) Building a jQuery Powered Tag Cloud

9) Fullscreen Gallery With Thumbnail Flip

10) jQuery Expand Stacked Images using Slider

11) Thumbnails Preview Slider

12) jQuery Tutorial Create a jQuery Menu Slider

13) Image Zoom Tour

14) Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery

15) Animated Text and iCon Menu

16) jQuery Style Switcher

17) Animated Form Switching

18) Create Multiple pop up divs using the jquery

19) Facebook Like Face Detect

20) Animated Content Menu

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  • Hey, thanks for picking up my tutorial (no. 18) and mentioning it in your blog post! =D Great list you’ve put together here, I’ll be checking out quite a few of them myself.

  • Number 2 is using Mootools not jQuery.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the mention – Create a jQuery Menu Slider

  • Very Useful & Interesting list.. would love to use “jQuery Expand Stacked Images using Slider”

  • thanks for the mention really appreciate :D

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