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Middle Aged Man Kansas City

I recently met an attractive woman on Plenty Of Fish. She gave me her phone number, which was an Atlanta area code (I am in KC). Soon after, she asked that we use Hangouts to communicate. Her profile disappeared from Plenty if Fish. She explained that she was form Ghana and finishing nursing school in a few weeks. All she wanted to talk about was relationships and marriage. A bit sudden for someone who knew nothing about me and as it turns out, had no clue what part of the country I was in. She sent a few more photos. I read some previous posts here and came to the conclusion that she was probably not who she said she was. I asked for her to write my name on a piece of paper and take a picture with it. I have not heard back from her. Thanks for the previous posts.

Too Cool

My girl is actually from my local area So. Cal but is currently in VA with an aunt. She lives in Cali with grandma and parents live in Ghana. I just starting chatting with her and she says she'll be back home next week. I'm trying to push her to meet up to see if she's for real. Since I know the city really well where she claims she's from, I'll have a little fun and try to make her slip up by asking about favorite restaurants and things and where she goes shopping. She probably didn't think she'd find someone that could call her out on stuff, but if it turns out she's real that would be awesome.

Florida man

Yes women from Ghana Melissa Emilia Sherry Esther florenzia all or 32 years old going to be 33 in a couple weeks cannot call me on the phone because the speaker doesn't work are extremely beautiful in their photos meanwhile I am overweight short hairy and just generally unattractive male and immediately the women are talking about marrying me and all they want is honesty truth faithfulness Trust no more than 2 days of talking and I need money because my grandmother is out of food stuff in Ghana yet she says she lives in Ohio with her Uncle her parents are dead and she's going to nursing school that story is the same their phone number is a internet text number from California to New York to Baltimore all over their excuses they were in New York and their late father got them the phone number they are mixed race this is their story their fathers are American and their mothers are from Ghana yet these women are not black hahaha they all say the same exact thing and I have their pictures and I sent all their pictures so one gal that sent me for picture that look the same and she has not responded yet but it's a total scam they want money for their visa their phone their grandmother the starving to death so on and so on so I told them my job was investigating internet scams and compiling information on the scan and turning it over to proper authorities so that they can go arrest the perpetrators and all the sudden they stop emailing me


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Yes ... Unfortunately I fell for it ... And I sent almost a $1000 until I realized this whole thing from Ghana was a scam ... Elizabeth Amable .... And Amable Adetsi ....same freaking stories ..... Amazing ..... I asked both of them to pose in an exact pose with certain color of clothes .. And some writing that will prove its their pictures .... So far I got every execuse why they did not send it ... Camera fill in the water .... Or some type of lame execuse .... Amazing

make sure they have webcams...

Me and elena clarkson

Hey ask her if the taxes are all paided up on the inheritence? I know because I have been talking to the same person as you and you will never see her or meet her I was talking to her for two years . The story you just wrote is exactly the same as the one I was talking too. Dont send money. You will reget it believe me. I got burned for 55k before I came to my senses.

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I have a question for you. It isn't about dating but it is about something very similar to your statement about the women from Ghana and their mum and dad passing away in an auto accident at the age of 18 years old. She is living with her Grandmother and has been living wither her since the death of her parents. This is very different and yet it is very similar. I was caught in the snare of sending money, because she isn't working but she is going to get her certification on hair stylist. She told me that she and her Grandmother only have milk and bread for their daily food. But in this situation I met her on a site called "meet me", and the way she told me made me realize that she was serious. Her first statement was she wasn't into any drama and she don't play any games but she was interested in talking to me. I agree to chat with her and she told me to go to this site called "hangout", there she told me about love and what it is suppose to be and what love is really like, we talked about everything. I was like "hmmm okay" she seems promising. I saw pictures of her and I was blown away by her beauty. She told me she had one boyfriend and he cheated on her to the point of a painful discovery of his cheating. My thought was could she be "cat fishing?" I was very skeptical and I asked her to send me a picture with her standing with a note saying my name followed with "this is me with her name and date it. She did just that. I asked for an I.D. card and she sent that. She has done everything I requested without hesitation. But I am still skeptic and I'll tell you why. In her country there is a tradition that they do before they get married called "I.N.F.", which mean "Inform the Family." According to her they go into the village and inform the elders the "King" of the village and all the family members, kind of like when a man asks his lady to marry him and if she says "yes" she announces it to her family and friends about her engagement and everybody is excited and happy for her and they want to meet the husband to be. So, in her situation they go and have a meeting about the news and agree that she should be married to him. And after that they have the celebration called "I.N.F." But here's where it get suspicious for me. The "groom" is suppose to send a certain amount of money for her celebration. Her Grandmother told me that he "groom" is to pay for the beer (50 cases) goats for the feast (five goats), the clothing material the place of the ceremony/celebration. The price that is paid will be determined on the what all she can do as far as the ceremony is. For instance, if I send oh, say, $15,000.00 it will be a pretty good size ceremony. So the larger the money the bigger the ceremony. Okay, again, I was skeptic so she had me to look it up on YouTube to prove or show me how it works. Everything seems promising. Oh by the way, she told me that the money don't come to her but to the people who is going to set up the ceremony. OH, BY THE WAY she is rich according to her and her Grandmother. Her dad left her a large sums of money over $20 million in gold. and according to her dad he wanted her to meet someone special and he want her to genuinely fall in love with each other and not only that, all of her property/estate will be signed over to him the "groom". The family lawyer will contact me after the I.N.F., ceremony and sign over all of her property to me and I can get us a home and she can get her passport and visa and do all the necessary paperwork to come to America and be a U.S. citizen and we can live happily together. Now, I said all that to ask this. Can anyone tell me if this "I.N.F., is in fact real or legit or what? because I am getting ready to send the funds over to her (but not directly) so that she can have the ceremony and the family lawyer will contact me thereafter and ask me some questions and then send me the documents of her property/estate and then sign everything of property over to me. He will even ship her gold to me as well to any place I want. I have never heard of anything like this. Honestly, I don't care about her property I just care and love her and I only want to be with her. However, if the money is indeed real then it wont hurt to pay some of the bills. I just want to know if the I.N.F is real or am I being taken advantage of. She asked me for my phone number, I gave it to her and she directly called me just to hear my voice and after that we were back chatting again she told me that I had a very nice voice. I have talked to her three times already.

Thank you for your input and support and information. It will be greatly appreciated.

P.S. She got angry with me last night because I told her that I was going to ask someone here in America about the "inf" to prove that it is legit to my friend. She told me not to do that because there are many different cultures in Ghana and she named off a few and they wouldn't know about it because they have their own way of celebrating someone getting married. And that raised a flag of warning in me. So this is why I am really asking someone about this. If you have any information on this tradition in Ghana I really would like to know.

Thank you sincerely "Jack".


I have been on Zoosk, and lately the scammers have gotten bad. I like to have fun with them like getting pics from them, some are fairly erotic. Can't believe they just send pics first. I have some of their pics to share, can you post them here. If not where can you post them to share and give warning.

Rob hostance

Got scammed big time. She had me hook line and sinker. Met her on a dating app. Went to hangouts. Her dating app said she was from louisana . When we got chatting she said she was from boston. Told me her brother was a preacher in africa. Her mom lived in germany. And she was a interior designer in boston. Her name is HARRIET PIKE. she didnt want money but wanted to come live with me in canada. Then her mom got sick in germany and needed 700 euros for meds. Hooked. Sent 700 euros which cost 1000 canadian union express. Then her mom dies and is to be buried on ghana africa. Needed to pay for casket. Wasnt paying anymore until i had proof of her id. So she showed me an american passport. Looked her up on google and all kinds of internet search
No HARRIET PIKE ANY WHERE IN THE USA. Then she said her passport was being held by a man who said she was promised to by her mother.only way to get out of it was to pay him 5000. Wasnt doing it . Told her to go to embassy. Never heard from her again.


All the stories that I've heard in this forum are very similar, but I've been talking with a woman from Ghana which appears to be the same person that everybody has been talking about. She also contacted me, but directly on messenger and requested me to meet her on Whatsapp. Ecentially, she've told me the same story, but she sounds at some moments talking in a sincerity way, promising she'll never leave you and making you feel as the most loved man in the world. She also has asked me for money. At the beginning, I was completely blind about what that person was trying to do, later, my eyes were finally opened. Off course, I'm not going to send any money, no matters how truthful sounds her story. I feel pain for that person bacause, a so smart, beautiful and well educated lady, could have been a great doctor, lawyer or something else, but sadly, this is not the case. I really wish that person may open her eyes and change her life and may see that she still has the chance of living without faking others, doing the right things. I really wish the best for her.


Regarding to the same lady I was before talking about, many times, as men, we close our eyes and don't want to see the reality, even when we are aware that our money is in danger. I'm not going to reveal anything about this lady, I'm just trying to make go into sense to those men who just see a pretty face, a beautiful body, sweet words and don't see the escencial in a woman, her heart, good intentions, a pure spirit and a real good woman. If I had the opportunity of visiting Ghana I surely talked to that lady and with respect and well treatment of a gentleman, I'd talk words to her that it'd make her understand that the right way and the right life always is better, because at the end, if she doesn't change her way, just loneliness and an empty life will be what expects for her. Men should no send any money to people who just want an easy way of living, without seeing how many hearts will be broken and how many pockets from good and well intentioned men will be empty. Playing games with others is not a good way for an easy money, no mattering how bad we do to those people. What we do now, afects our future, so what we sow, is what we will receive later. Lady, you still has the chance of changing your life, try it, the result will be different for you, a better one, just do it, you can still do it, please, do it.

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