May 19 2011

15+ Best Free Android Media Player Apps You Should Check Out

Undeniably, there’s a strong competition going on between Android and iOS. I remember writing about the ‘Tablet War : Apple iPad2 vs Motorola Xoom vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1‘. Fun it was to talk in length about various competitors that roll out amazing range of gadgets to please the consumers. Claiming to offer best of the technology, we have to agree each one is surviving in the market for one or the other good reason.

Smartphones for example, leave the gadget freaks so much confused that they struggle really hard to come out of the dilemma as to which one is the best. While several people are keen to get the iPhones and show off to their friends, there are lot many who prefer android phones over iPhones. Each individual has his/her own reasons to make the pick.

Be it iOS or Android gadgets, we always try to come up with best offers to make you feel good about having made the pick. Okay, let me put a question before you all. Are you passionate about movies and music? If you have an Android smartphone and your answer to my question is yes, then you would love checking out this article till the end. Listed below are some of the best Android Media Player Apps that created a lot of buzz in the Android Marketplace.

Pinned below are the best free Android media player apps that would let you enjoy melodies, watch videos and much more that too without paying even a single penny. Check out the collection of 15+ Best Free Android Media Player Apps and experience listening music and watching videos on your Android smartphones.

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1. arcMedia :

arcMedia is a free media player with additional codec support. It’s a media player for Android with additional format support. Stream or download your media files from a network (samba) share across a wifi connection as per your choice.

2. Cubed :

^3 a.k.a. Cubed is a music player for Android. It’s a visual experiment that explores different visualizations of one’s music library. Download ^3 from the Android Market today. The app incorporates a 3D interface that works in either portrait or landscape mode. Playlists, shuffle, album cover art, visual theme are the added cool features of the app.

3. TuneWiki

TuneWiki is a free social media player app that lets you view the subtitled lyrics as you listen to your favorite music, watch music videos, and stream songs through our SHOUTcast radio integration. TuneWiki provides lyrics for over 3 million songs translated into over 40 languages.

4. DoubleTwist

DoubleTwist media player Android app plays both audio and video files. It integrates easily with their free desktop client for importing and exporting playlists and podcasts. Find all the music on your phone and sync music and video with the free doubleTwist app.

5. Meridian Player Classic

Meridian Player for android is fully loaded with smart features like video and music playback, lyrics search, gesture control, Edit ID3 tags, ratings. No need of annoying buttons; just slide your finger on the screen. The sensor-based screen orientation, auto resume to where you’re watching, RTSP streaming, easy access to IP cam anywhere as long as it provides the RTSP streaming using H.264 and playability guessing are other cool features of the app.

6. MortPlayer

MortPlayer is a clean UI music player for android. It includes all common features like shuffle, forward, folder based navigation, playlist support, flexible play, swipe gestures and much more. Simple to use MortPlayer is for all those who prefer folder structure over tags.

7. bTunes

bTunes is a media player for Android devices that have the same layout as those on the iPhone and ipod Touch. The features include voice commands, lock screen controls, Bluetooth controls, bookmarking, album art, downloads missing artwork when needed, easy-to-use interface and the list goes on.

8. MixZing

The MixZing Music Player for Android is simply the most advanced music player. It’s features are similar to Meridian player. It includes MP3 tag editor, mood player, home-screen and lock-screen, artist info, videos, photos, album art, widgets support and genre video browsing.

9. Astro

Astro Player is a media player app that comes with audiobooks and podcasts support. It has advanced bookmarking functionality. The app enables you to listen audiobooks, podcasts, music and watch video in parallel and never lose playback position.

10. Real Player

RealPlayer an app that lets you seamlessly play your video and music content. With this app you check out slide show of your favorite photos, organize and play music your way and showcase your photos and videos. Download the all-in-one digital media player app from the Android Market.

11. Video Player

Video player is an android app that lets you play your favorite tunes while on the go. This app plays all H.264 & 3gp videos without any fuss. The features include thumbnail of video, video details like length, time left etc, themes support etc.

12. Moboplayer

The best video player on Android! Watch any of your videos on a phone without conversion, anytime and anywhere. MoboPlayer is a very interactive video player that is about 3.6MB large and that can be stored on your SD card. Moboplayer supports almost any video format that is under the sky and plays videos without a lag.

13. VitalPlayer

VitalPlayer supports almost all video and audio codecs. It also plays baseline MP4 formats, works perfectly well with the latest android 2.3 gingerbread version. Also, you can reduce program size if you wish to.

14. mVideoPlayer

mVideoPlayer is the best video player replacement app available for Android. The app comes with a lot of useful and handy features and user-friendly interface that improves on Android’s built-in video player. The app is freely available at the Android market, to let you give it a try if you have a great interest in watching movies and TV-series.

15. RockPlayer Lite

RockPlayerLite ia an app that comes with a nice and clean interface. It’s a high performance, almost all formats media player with a loads of functions. It saves your time and disk space to transcoding or format converting. Just put your video on sdcard or click the URL in browser to watch the video.

16. VLC Player

VLC Player android app comes with simple and fast interface. Though it does not feature any database, its search features are optimal and supports a wide range of video formats. VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework for music enthusiasts.

So, which one is your favorite pick? Let us know your best Android Media Player Apps in the comments section below.

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  • There is no official VLC for Android yet. See this note from the VLC developers. The screenshot of “VLC” is actually a screenshot of doubleTwist.

  • Can anyone tell me which one of these players support’s playlists in the format .mu3 ?
    I already tried to make several players play .mu3 files that I copied into a directory in my Android tablet (after editing with the correct path to the songs), but they didn’t work.

    The players I tried, not only didn’t play the .mu3 file THEY ERASED IT AS WELL (who can tell me why they did this ?).

    I would appreciate any help. JF

  • Best. Media player of android

  • Better than other.

  • The playback quality of the different packages vary widely since only a few come with a built in equalizer. It would be useful to list which do or do not have equalizers.

  • Best. Media player of android.Better than other.

    The playback quality of the different packages vary widely since only a few come with a built in equalizer. It would be useful to list which do or do not have equalizers.

  • this comment area is full of spam!

  • Trying to find an Android video player that works with typical 720p/h.264/mkv files put on my HP TouchPad (CyanogenMod 7.1) is tricky. It seems that when these players detect h.264 on my setup and use hardware decoding, they do it for both video and audio, but the latter ends up being silent!

    If I switch to software decoding of h.264, then again it’s done for video and audio – this time the video is choppy even overclocked to 1.8Ghz, but the audio works fine.

    It seems like hardly any video players on Android let you choose hardware/software decoding *separately* for video vs. audio!

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