Nov 24 2011

30+ Smart Cases That Ensure Protection Of Your Samsung Galaxy S2

Whether you have an Android phone, Apple device or any other gadget; the fact remains we all love our gadgets so much that we will do almost anything to make sure your cool gadgets are safe. Correct me if I am wrong! There are lot many options available to help you solve the purpose and take care of your loved gadget.

Personally, I always fret about my gadget falling, getting scratches and likewise. Infact, there have been lot many times when I have actually lost the grip thereby ending up damaging my gadget and felt the need of smart casing.

All you Samsung Galaxy S2 users must feel blessed for owning a smartphone that has innumerable casing option flying on the market shelves these days. Frankly, hell lot of choices sometimes baffles the customer so much so that it takes long time to select one for ourselves. Well, here I have compiled the list of some of the coolest Samsung Galaxy S2 casings that are actually worth checking out.

Sparing out few moments and checking which casing you would want to opt for will make your Samsung gadget feel blessed for you being considerate to take care! Take a look at the smart Samsung cases and pick one for yourself. Don’t forget to drop the comments and let us know as to which casing you liked the most for your Samsung Galaxy S2.

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SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case: Anne Rossi Series

Made up of premium genuine leather with crystal elements from Swarrovski, the case looks stupendous.

Available in white and twilit edition.

SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case: Ultra Thin Air Series

Uber-cool, light-weight, ultra-slim fit case with a UV crystal coated high gloss surface, rounded corners, easy access to all buttons and ports altogether make it a wise choice.

Available in white, soul black, reventon yellow and fantasia hot pink.


Pink Flowers Hard Snap On Cover Faceplate Protector for Samsung i9100 + Free Texi Gift Box

This one is for all you girls out there! The amazingly beautiful flower artwork hard case protects your smartphone against scratches and bumps.


SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case: Linear Pure Series

Linear Pure Series is a case that promises to make your gadget look all the more appealing. Also, it makes it easier to access all buttons and ports. Besides this, there is a crystal screen protector that helps avoid scratches.

Available in white, blue, pink, yellow, and fantasia hot pink.

Case-Mate Pop! Samsung Galaxy S2 Case with Stand

Lightweight plastic case with soft rubber, feature called ‘Pop’ is simply amazing.

Available in white, black and pink.

Amzer Luxe Argyle High Gloss TPU Soft Gel Skin for Samsung S2 i9100 Case

Luxe Argyle High Gloss TPU Soft Gel Skin is like feather on the cap. Along with extra grip on angled surfaces, anti-dust and scratch-free properties ensure complete safety.

Available in black, clear and hot pink.

Acase Samsung Galaxy S2 Case Superleggera PRO Dual Layer Protection

Acase blending polycarbonate and silicone makes an elegant design which doesn’t make your smartphone heavy. The case is rubber coated that’s anti-fingerprint, dust proof and provides a comfortable grip.

SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case: Leather Argos Series

Made up of vantage full grain leather, 100% handmade with no sewing or magnetic, this ultra slim case with leather thickness of only 1/2.5mm is sure will make you feel good about owning one.

Available in black, white, tender blue and shebert pink leather.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Case: elago S4 BREATHE

Made using durable polycarbonate for your device, it is coated with polyurethane that helps avoid scratches and give a good grip. Ultra slim fit and lightweight case is one coolest cover.

Available in silver, black and white.


SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case: Leather GARIZ Series

It’s an elegant case made in premium genuine leather to hold your device in an ultra slim design.

Available in black and brown.

SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case: Neo Hybrid EX Series

SGP Neo Hybrid Case EX is the slimmest complete protection solution for your Galaxy S2! It is slim case which provides easy access to all controls and ports.

Available in infinity white, reventon yellow, soul black, satin silver, sherbet pink, champagne gold and dante red.

SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case: Ultra Silke Series

Premium silicone cover with a matte, and rubberized finish is the USP of SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case The surface is coated with high polymer that makes sure dust doesn’t stick on the surface.

Available in lavenda, dante red, indigo blue and fantasia hot pink.

5 Pack Checker TPU Skin Cases for Samsung S2 i9100

Available in five vibrant colors to fit every occasion the high quality checkered TPU cases promise to make your smartphone look elegant.

SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case : Ultra Capsule Series

The ultra Capsule series offers a slim design with rounded corner to enhance the looks of your smartphone.

Available in pink, lime, white, tender blue and reventon yellow.

iTALKonline Premium Leather White Clip On Flip for Samsung Galaxy S2

The elegantly chic white case enables you to quickly insert and release your device with ease. Made up of premium high quality leather the trendy case fits your device perfectly!


iGadgitz Black Genuine Leather Pouch Cover for Samsung Galaxy S 2 i9100

It’s light-weight case that promises to add charm to your smartphone. Also, it’s not bulky thereby ensuring to fit comfortably in your pocket.


SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case: Screen Protector Glas Series

The SGP Steinhell Glas made up of specially processed high-tension tempered glass helps prevent your smartphone from scratches and shocks to your device. With features like thin thickness, anti shatter film and easy installation, the smart case snugly gives your device ultimate safety.

Available in white, black and pink.


Skinomi TechSkin : Black Carbon Fiber Film Shield & Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S2

Made in carbon, this case offers an effective damage protection without making your smartphone light weight and not bulky.

SGP Samsung Galaxy S2 Case: Option Back Cover Art Series for Linear Series

SGP Linear Series with different colorful themes makes your smartphone looks elegant. Its back cover can only be used along with SGP Linear Color Series or SGP Linear Pure Series. Unique and beautifully crafted this case is available in zen, alchemist, nazca and soul.

SGP Samsung Galaxy S2: Neo Hybrid Series

The neo hybrid series provides rubber protection to your smartphone. Easy to install, perfect fit, good protection all these features contribute in making it the right choice.

Available in infinity white, soul black, dante red,reventon yellow, tender blue, sherbet pink, champagne gold.

Blue Design Vines Hard Snap On Cover Faceplate Protector for Samsung Galaxy S2

This smart case for your Samsung galaxy s 2 with hard protector case is the ultimate choice.


 iGadgitz Black Silicone Skin Cover with Tire Tread Design for Samsung S2

Now this one is for all you auto freaks. The tyre tread case fits your phone perfectly offering durability and elegance together!

WalkNTalkOnline: Samsung Galaxy S 2 White & Silver Dots Crystal Gemstone Flip

The cool premium handmade diamante flip case made up of high quality gemstones let’s to flaunt your smartphone elegantly.

Grey White 2 in 1 Hybrid Rubber Plastic Skin Cover

The Grey White 2 in 1 Hybrid Rubber Plastic Skin Cover with hard plastic and silicone skin ensures safety.

Available in red and white.

OTTERBOX Samsung Galaxy S2 Case: Commuter Series

The OtterBox Commuter Series with the durable silicone skin safeguards the screen from scratches and the corners from bumps and shocks. Offering a unique and stylish design the case is genuinely a safety cover.


Electromaster(TM) Brand: Pink Flowers Design Crystal Hard Skin Cover

This hard skin cover with flower artwork at the back for your galaxy SII perfect protection.

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield: Skin Protector Shield Full Body for Samsung Galaxy S2

Extremely transparent ArmorSuit MilitaryShield protects against UV to prevent yellowing of your device. It fits the Galaxy S2 perfectly to protect your smartphones from rain, sand, dust.

Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly for Samsung Galaxy S2

Made up of 100% premium silicone that absorbs any shock your galaxy s2 may receive from any accidental drops or bumps ensures complete safety.

Available in black, green, blue, transparent white, orange, maroon red, hot pink, grey and baby pink.

iTALKonline FlipMatic Easy Clip On Vertical Flip Pouch Cover with Holder

This unique looking Samsung Galaxy s2 case offers a quick insert and release design with a magnetic closure for easy access to your buttons, screen, camera and charger/headphone sockets and much more that too with complete safety for your smartphone.


iGet (TM) Samsung Galaxy S2 Case Faux Croc Leather Folio

The cool Folio Cover keeps your Galaxy S2 protected, offering a slim design and has slots for credit cards.

Samsung Love Hearts Diamante Disco Bling Back Cover

The hard back cover with little love hearts is for women who love flaunting their smartphones.


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