Everything You Need To Know About Using New Android Web-based Marketplace

In 2010, Android OS was one of the major development in the market of ever growing smartphones. Google Android not only survived against its strong competitors like Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian but also become largest selling smartphones built on Android Technology in U.S. Google Android offers lots of amazing features like multi-tasking, fast processors, multiple home screen, neat notifications system, cloud services and much more. Even, Android Marketplace has come too far with thousands of cool apps built everyday and more coming in the future.

The latest addition in Android marketplace was introduction of Web-based Android Market that Google demonstrated in its latest event where it also introduced new Android 3.0 also called as Honeycomb, which is specifically designer for tablets.

Before that, the only way for Android users to discover and download apps was Android marketplace installed in their smartphones. But introduction of Android web-based marketplace changed everything when users search for Android Apps – now you can browse, search, buy and install Android apps right from your computer desktop  browser. The new Android web-based marketplace is user-friendly with prominent screenshots and user reviews. The marketplace is directly connected to Twitter that means you can share your favorite or purchased apps with your Twitter followers.

The Android web-based marketplace is nearly best to the perfection and and almost do everything a user will want. I will show you a brief overview on how to use the new Android Web-based marketplace so that it will be become easy for you to discover and install great Android apps in your beloved Android phone.

How to Install Apps from Android web-based marketplace

The most wanted feature for any Android users is to install apps directly from the web market and it does it brilliantly. No need to scan QR code or download .Apk file or any other software. Just head towards web marketplace, select any app and you can buy and install apps right from the web interface. It will automatically download it in your phone over the cloud without being touching the phone. Let’s see how it works :

1. Find any app you want to download and click on “Install” or “Buy” button at the top.

2. A new popup window will open-up that will prompt you to choose a device on which you have to install the app. If you have more than one phone related to the same Google Account, it will show you the list of phone in which the selected app in compatible. It also prompts you with the list of permissions app required.

3. After confirming the installation or purchasing detail, your phone will immediately start downloading the app in your phone over the cloud without touching it.

How to Manage your account in new Android Web-based Marketplace

Just click on “My Market Account” link on the top-right hand corner of the page next to your google account name and it will show the list of the apps you have installed or downloaded from the Market. You can also install your favorite Android apps from here in the future to other Android devices or tablets. The only cliche is your phone will be linked to the same Google account.

How to browse new Android Web-based Marketplace efficiently

I have browsed the Android Marketplace to its depth and pretty much liked it. It’s simple to use and finding the apps is easier than ever. The home page divided into large main portions :

  • Most noticeable portion of the front page is skybar on the top thats shows name and logo of the featured apps. It will move automatically from right to left showing featured apps. However, you can hover over it and it shows left -right arrows to move the skybar manually.
  • The left hand side of the front page is given to categories and sub-categories. You can jump to any category of apps like games, communication, social networking, music & audio etc and it will re-direct you to the focused category page. Inside page of the category divided into “Top Paid” and “Top Free” tabs.
  • The right portion of the front page is divided into three tabs : “Featured, Top Paid And Top Free” and lower side is given to “Best Selling Games”.

If you like any app and click on it, you will be directed to the app’s page. This page is absolute simple that shows you the description of the app, screenshots, videos and a few user reviews on the front page. There are three other tabs that will show you all user reviews, what’s new (any recent change in the app) and the permission required. There is also a button of Twitter that you can use to tell your friends or followers which app you have installed or purchased. The twitter link will take your followers directly to the app’s page in the Web store.

The right side will show the info and QR code of the app. On the left side of the page, you will see the more apps from the same developers (if any) and any other apps related to the same category.

There is also a buit-n search bar on upper right-hand corner on every page of the Market that allows you to search the apps and will auto-suggest as you type. After entering the search query, it will take you the search results page showing “advanced options”. This option will help you to search the relavant app by price, device compatibility and popularity.

One of the most important feature that I like is Market in-app purchasing that means you will be able to buy things from within an Android App. For example, if you want to buy any book in e-reader app or extra levels in a game or upgrading from free to “pro” version of any app, you don’t have to go to browser and then come back to the Market to purchase the things. Every purchase will be made in the app directly.

So, what do you think about the new Android Web-based marketplace? Are you using market place and excited you enough? Any other feature you want to see in Android web-based marketplace. Drop us the comments and tell us about your views.

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