Sep 27 2011

Why Is Android Spy Software Too Powerful To Be True?

Android Smartphones are expected to conquer the mobile industry in near future. Acknowledging customer’s demand, many reputable Mobile phone companies have switched their OS to Android. This emerging trend has given boom to spy software over the Android operated smartphones.

These Android spy apps are setting new standards in the spying industry with perfect synchronization in the smartphone. StealthGenie is one such software that is a collection of all the available monitoring features along with some additional up gradations and new apps, which have stood it unique in this industry.

The features are obtainable by choosing one of the three packages i.e. Basic, Gold and Platinum, depending upon feature availability and required time period. Platinum package is for one year, containing the maximum of all features and thus considers being the Best Value of all types.

Adding power to Demanded Features:

Android spy software of StealthGenie offers all the features that are commonly found in other apps. Have a look on some of the most demanded ones.

Features for Calls:

Record Calls: This feature enables the user to record all incoming/outgoing calls from target phone on which the software is being installed for monitoring.

Distinction here is that the user can record calls only from the numbers that have been specified to be alerted called Trigger Numbers.

Call History: The software provides the calling history of all received and dialed numbers along with time and date stamps. The software compares the information received with the Phonebook contacts of the target phone and then shows the name of the person contacted.

Features Supporting SMS messaging:

SMS Records: Android Spy app of StealthGenie saves all the received/sent SMS messages to/from monitored phone.

There are two bonus points here; one that deleted SMS messages from the target phone are also retrievable to read and investigate to the user of Android Spy Software. Second that the user can define Trigger Contact numbers and Trigger words to get notified whenever they are being found in any of the SMS message.

Redirect SMS: A whole new distinctive feature, this enables the user to send SMS to any of the contacts of the monitored smartphone. The charisma here is that the recipient of the message will get the impression of receiving it from the target phone itself without knowing, in reality it is not send by him/her.

Features for Emails:

StealthGenie Android Spy allows the user to retrieve and read all the incoming/outgoing Emails from Gmail and from the target phone’s primary Email Account.

This feature also empowers the user to define Trigger Email address and Trigger words that are helpful in notifying the user whenever they are being found in any of the emails. These could be foul words i.e. abuses or the name of the person or place somehow forbidden or suspicious to talk about.

Features for Geological Tracking:

Real Time Location Tracking: This significant feature enables the user to view the live movement of the target phone on a Google map built-in in the online interface, where the tracker of StealthGenie follows the smartphone of the monitored person. This feature facilitates the user to see at what place the target person is? This feature is extremely helpful in catching cheating lovers and disloyal employees who lie about their activities and betray the company or spouse.

An improvement made on this feature is the ability to show records of the previously visited places, along with the history of time and date and the duration of the stay. Furthermore, the navigation is not restricted to GPS only but uses Cell Towers for maximum accuracy of the target phone’s exact location.

Target phone’s internal and external Security: In case the monitored phone is stolen, the Android spy software offers features that take no time in tracking it down. It does so by providing SIM change notifications, the facility to Lock Phone remotely, and wiping out all the sensitive data saved in the target phone. These features are an addition to Live Tracking of the phone and make the phone 100% secure in case it is stolen.

Online User Interface:

Promising to make the use simple, Android Spy app’s online interface is designed to perform all the tasks remotely and with maximum ease. The user can control over the target phone sitting at a distant place anywhere in the world and monitors the phone with extreme efficiency. User interface is basically user’s space known as Member’s Area where all the activities are monitored and all the settings can be customized.

Customize Settings:

Android Spy Software for Smartphones allows the user to customize all the features as per the need. The settings allow the user to set time intervals for alerts, gives him/her options to set preferences whether they want results to be uploaded from all the communications or just from the trigger numbers, whether they want alerts online on the online interface or activate them for SMS or Email alerts.

The customize settings also have tabs of ‘Remote Pause’ and ‘Remote Start’ of the application along with a tab to ‘Remotely Deactivate’ it whenever the tasks are achieved.

Hence, there are many other facilities a StealthGenie user enjoys, including the updates of newly introduced features and news feed of all the upgrades to the already present features. The user of Android Spy app is able to watch over the photos, videos recorded by the target phone and even listen to the music files.

The user is capable to listen to the live surroundings of the target phone without making a call and above all it ensures 100% secrecy over it and gets deactivated without giving a single clue. It is completely controlled software that gives no hard time to its user at any stage of its utilization.

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