Top 10 Ways to Irritate a Photo Editor

The photographers and the photo editors are closely related with each other. Both professionals need each others help some or the other day and this is the reason that they are always included in each others conversation. However the photographers use the Photo Recovery Software too but still they need the services of the photo editor at a point of their job.

As every profession has its own community, there is a particular community of the photo editors too. If you being a photographer want to make a place in this community, you either need to be very good or very bad. You actually need to make them very happy or to irritate them to make them feel your presence.

I guess irritating them would be the better way out of these two. Let me tell you a few ways to irritate the photo editors, just follow these points and you will surely come in books of the photo editors and of course it will not be the good books for sure.

  • Leaving all the work for them- This is the best way to irritate anybody actually. If you want to irritate your photo editor, just leave all the research work on them and do not take any responsibility on your shoulders. Make them feel that they are actually your research assistant.
  • Never respect them- being disrespectful always irritates other and thus this is the second top idea to piss off your photo editor.
  • Never keep your words- Make a plan of attack before the assignment starts. Make alluring promises but as the assignment starts and move on its way, never keep your words. This will irritate your photo editors the most. Change your plan in the midway to spice it up.
  • Never be available for them- This may irritate anybody. Make sure that when they need your assistance the most you arenít available. Never reveal your actual contact details with them.
  • Try every way out to harass them- You can use the fake calls and fake emails to harass your photo editor. Make all the extra efforts to annoy them. A regular stream of emails or calls may irritate them like anything.
  • Lack professionalism- Never behave like a professional, it means that treat them as an absolutely unknown person at a point and then change your attitude suddenly and behave like old pals. Crack some stupid jokes when on work with them.
  • Create a bad and heavy website- When a photo editor starts working and the website loads slowly it annoys like anything. Give them a bad website as a tool with heavy flash files and numerous bad animations. Let them struggle with your really bad website.
  • Never be on time- at the initial stage of the assignment make a deadline for the project and then never be on time. Always miss the deadline like an unprofessional photographer.
  • Always complain- try to complain about everything they do. Never miss even a single point to complain. Always ask them to fix the non sense problems. Try being negative all the time and create a negative ambiance while working with them.
  • Be extremely egoistic- Nobody wants to work with the self centered and egoistic people, be as egoistic and self centered as you can. Never care for them or their needs. Work according to your own comfort zone.

Following the above mentioned tips will make your photo editors go crazy and no doubt they will soon start hating you.

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