Nov 8, 2011

11 Cool Facebook Timeline Tips And Tricks You Will Love To Use

Facebook recently  has announced big time changes to persuade the users so much so that they don’t make a shift to its contending social networking platform. We have been hearing a lot about the latest cool new features of Facebook. Clearly, Mark Zuckerberg and his team members are working hard to survive the cut-throat competition posed by its contenders. Remember the Facebook Timeline released just recently? Not to forget the 24 Super Creative Facebook TimeLine Profile Designs. Cool designs they were, isn’t it?

Timeline is a new way of presenting yourself on Facebook. Gone are the days when the users had to settle down with the single column wall of posts and bear the static feeling that all your past updates have.

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13 Popular Sites To Download Free eBooks For Your iPad

iPad – One of the Apple’s most revolutionary masterpiece is a great gadget when its comes to give a truly amazing multimedia experience. You can watch movies, listen music, play games, check e-mails, video chat with friends and family, chatting and much more.

But, you know there are many iPad consumers all over the world using iPad as an reading device. The main reason behind using iPad as an reading device is because of its great high-resolution, LED-backlit screen that makes the text brighter and crisp.

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10 Excellent Tips for Starting a Small Business

To start a new business, the key elements are determination and hard work. Proper managing skills and professionalism follow them. If you are planning to start a small business, remember that starting a business is easy but making it money-spinning is easier said than done. However, after reading this article you will definitely get help in starting a new small business and you will learn how to get rich.

Starting your own small business starts with thinking of what business you actually want to get into. It is very important to consider your personal interests and passion before deciding on the business. If you start the new business on basis of your interest, you will always enjoy working on it.

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Nov 4, 2011

7 Things You Should Know About Gmail New Look

The news that Google is all set to revamp the Gmail is not new and we all knew soon we will get to see Gmail in a new avatar. Back in July, Google began testing the new look for Gmail-its web-based email client. And finally the day has come when the new UI is live and available to all Gmail users.

If you are an existing Gmail user, you might have noticed the “switch to the new look” link on the bottom right corner. Firstly, I didn’t bother to click it for the matter of fact that I was facing the time crunch but then somehow i got the urge to check it out so, I thought of giving it a try and see what all amazing changes Google has come up with this time to leave its Gmail users flabbergasted.

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Nov 3, 2011

Top 8 Best Free Online Data Backup Services To Make You Worry Free

In today’s world, everything is become digital and saved on your computers, laptops, notebooks, etc. whether its your office documents, school research works, eBooks, photos, videos, movies and many other important documents. So , losing important documents that are saved in computer is a kind of nightmare for us all.

If you have gone through such situation, you must be knowing how hard it can be to lose important data. I already gone through such situation when my hard drive crashed suddenly and luckily I got an expert that helped me to recovered some important data from it. But, you won’t believe my heart was in my mouth till the time data was not recovered.

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Nov 2, 2011

Phones and Fashion: Inexorably Intertwined?

Few would dispute that Apple is a brand and not merely a company with a nifty logo. This monolith of trend-setting is at the forefront of dictating the way in which we interact with technology. Back in 1984 when Apple released the Macintosh, you’d have been forgiven for thinking that style wasn’t at the forefront of Steve Jobs’ thoughts. The Macintosh came in a gruesome shade of beige, with a grey to brown keyboard that we can only recoil at today. The truth is though, style mattered to Apple even then.

Steve Jobs always spoke about that first Macintosh: how other companies were opting for grey and white, but Apple went ahead with beige because they wanted a product to mesh with the customer’s lifestyle. Something to match the other beige items in those pioneering minimalistic interiors.

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Top 10 Ways to Irritate a Photo Editor

The photographers and the photo editors are closely related with each other. Both professionals need each others help some or the other day and this is the reason that they are always included in each others conversation. However the photographers use the Photo Recovery Software too but still they need the services of the photo editor at a point of their job.

As every profession has its own community, there is a particular community of the photo editors too. If you being a photographer want to make a place in this community, you either need to be very good or very bad. You actually need to make them very happy or to irritate them to make them feel your presence.

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Top 5 Most Powerful Wi-Fi Hard Drives For iPhone And iPad

In today’s world, life is very fast and hell lot of busy when it comes to take vacation with friends and family. You need to take permissions from your bosses so that it won’t affect the work or business. And when you are your own boss, then its actually become more difficult task to think about vacations.

You have to think hundreds of things before leaving for vacations such as assigning tasks to your sub-ordinates, cashflow, office budgets, client follow-up, who fill attend your important office phone from clients and much more.

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Oct 24, 2011

5 Customizable Technologies

Dell offers a myriad of different technologies to help improve both personal and business performance and growth. A leader in application management, cloud computing, and storage, Dell IT Solutions supplies the goods.


In today’s world of smart phones and tablets, more and more companies are bringing apps into their portfolios. Dell offers a litany of app services, such as integration, management, and modernization. Transitioning from beginning developers to Dell is easy and seamless. No matter what the needs of the company, Dell also offers custom development of apps that are easy to use and manage.

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Oct 21, 2011

17 Cool Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Features That Will Make You Say Wow

The very name ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ will surely leave you lip-smacking but this one has nothing to do with something to satisfy your taste buds. Techie freaks surely know what’s been talked about here. Android 4.0 OS, nick named ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ has just been introduced by Google and Samsung at a press gathering in Hong Kong. As anticipated, the latest version of Android OS comes with plethora of features.

NFC-enabled Android Beam, offline search in Gmail, amazing lock screen, Face Unlock to name the few are the amazingly cool features. Well, it won’t do the real justice if I sum up all the features in one paragraph. The cool new ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ includes stupendous features that definitely deserve a special mention and talking them individually would actually make the consumers well aware of what all are the promising features of what we can all the latest buzz from Google.

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