Oct 20, 2011

iCloud, The Great New Feature For Apple Devices

One of the most exciting features of the new Apple iPhone 4S is iCloud. This is great for backing up and storing files to ensure that you do not lose any. You do not have to worry about backing up your data yourself, as it is all done automatically. Every time you add a file to one of your Apple devices, this is automatically shared between all of them, so that you can access the file from any Apple device.

If you are give an iPad for your birthday, then you buy yourself an iPhone from O2 a couple of weeks later, you can begin to share information across your devices.

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Oct 19, 2011

Other Type of Blogging: Experienced Bloggers

One blog type to consider if you are looking for a blog type is the experience blog. This sort of blog features the experiences of various people either in one area of work and life or in a number of different areas. The blog posts may be written by guest bloggers who have had a certain firsthand experience or the individual writing the blog may interview the experience.

This works well in a blog format because a lot can be learned from direct, firsthand accounts and people have new experiences all the time. Thus there is usually a steady flow of new material. The following are some tips for creating this type of blog:

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Oct 19, 2011

20 Cases To Let You Flaunt And Protect Your iPhone 4S

If iPhone 4S features successfully persuaded you to cut down other expenses and spend the money to get one for yourself, then I guess you are set to show off your latest cell phone. If you are the one who has been using iPhone 4 for a while now, you would be thinking of using the same case but if you are on lookout for smart case for your iPhone 4S then scroll down more.

A few days back we posted about the iPhone 4S ‘13 iPhone 4S Features Users Need To Know About Before Buying‘ and when its hitting the stores to be made available for sale, you might want to buy it and flaunt it in style but then taking care of such a valuable gadget is also essential. Here, we have come up with the stylish and cool iPhone 4 Cases that will perfectly fit your iPhone 4S. There are lot many options available for sale to make your pick.

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Top 5 Excellent Services To Customize Your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Facebook – one of the most popular social networking site in the world with millions of users is feeling lot of competition from newly launched social networking site by Google called Google+. Since the day Google+ launched, Facebook is trying hard to retain its users and introducing some new features that will increase the user experience.

The latest was Facebook Timeline that was introduced in F8 (latest Facebook developer event) : a new interface of Facebook profile that will allow you to feature a big photo at the top of your profile and below that your everything you had done since from you joined Facebook is well accommodated monthly giving a nice layout.

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24 Must Have Apps For Your New Apple iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S – the latest version of Apple most advanced smartphone called iPhone was launched few days ago in Apple Event and available now in stores from October 14th. Despite of early disappointment after launch of iPhone 4S between gadget freaks those were desperately waiting for iPhone5, no one has ever think that iPhone 4S also gonna become a successful product from Apple company.

If you are Apple iPhone fan, you already have the idea about the queues standing outside the stores where iPhone 4S was started selling. Gadgets freaks became crazy and online orders was also closed before it was available in the market for sell. If you too thinking of buying shiny iPhone 4S, you should check out our article featuring iPhone 4S features that you need to know about before buying.

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Top 4 Excellent Google Music Browser Userscripts To Increase User Experience

Google Music Beta – One of the Google’s own cloud music service that was launched 4 months before on 10th May, 2011 was getting positive response from the public. In just short span of time, technology blogs are comparing Google Music Beta with already two big giants already doing good in this zone – Apple iTunes and Amazon Music Cloud.

Since the day Google Music Beta launched, users were finding to add more new features in this new service other than Google has provided by default such as listen recently played even you are offline, your created playlist will be synced on mostly every platform, service can mix your playlists according to your moods and many other features that will make you fall in love Google Music Beta.

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Oct 13, 2011

12 Handpicked Free HTML5/CSS3 Web templates Of September 2011

If you are into business or a brand executive of any company – you must know that in today’s world website represents about your product and brand. Creative Website shows how you want to represent your company goals, values and creates a long-lasting impressions on your visitors that can be your potential customers in the future.

Thats the reason, it is very necessary to give full attention to your company’s website so that it can be face of your brand. I always insist business owners to hire a talented web designer/developer to design websites rather than doing on your own.

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Oct 12, 2011

Motorola Droid Bionic vs iPhone 4S : Which One Will You Choose?

Smartphones, we all know have been growing tremendously as far as technology is concerned. Not only this, there is continuous progress in numbers too. Planning to buy a smartphone and saving money by cutting out other expenses I tell you is any day easier than deciding about which one to pick. Innumerable choices sometimes leave us bewildered.

Talking about the latest smartphones that will certainly add to our confusion are Apple iPhone 4S, and Motorola Droid Bionic. Hope, you are well aware of the availability of Droid Bionic. Yes, its already up on the market shelves and iPhone 4S too will be made available soon.

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Oct 11, 2011

24 Super Creative Facebook TimeLine Profile Designs

Ever since Google has launched its social networking platform namely Google Plus, Facebook has been trying to meet the cut-throat competition by including cool new features to make users feel persuaded enough to stick to it. Undeniably, Facebook still is the choice of millions and the reason I could say is addiction to it and introduction of new user-friendly features every once in a while.

Latest to join the queue of cool features introduced by Facebook is ‘TimeLine’. While some of you might be eager to know about how your Facebook page will look like after the changes are made others might already have started using it and enjoying the change.

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Oct 10, 2011

15 Brilliantly Designed Free WordPress Themes Of September 2011

WordPress – most popular CMS platform that is used by millions and millions of people from all around the world for various purposes such as creating personal blogs, business websites, portfolios, e-commerce sites, web design sites and many more. It’s up to your imagination and WordPress will probably help you to create a site for you.

The reason behind popularity of WordPress is first of all it is open-source, free to use and the most easy CMS platform to manage the content and customize it in the any manner you want. To use WordPress, you don’t need to be a web developer or web designer or even with a slight coding knowledge.

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