Sep 8, 2011

Top 25 Most Useful Apple Safari Extensions Of Year 2011

When it comes to choice of browsers, sometimes you will find yourself in the cloud of confusion – which browser is actually good and which one has to use in the long run. That makes most of the user to download most of the popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Personally, I am using Chrome, Firefox and Safari from last 1-2 years for different purposes. However, I liked Google Chrome very much because of its speed, durability and extensions gallery to choose from.

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5 Efficient Steps To Give Your Mac “911″ Care with MacKeeper + License Giveaway

It’s hard to imagine an average Mac user that wouldn’t want to keep their Mac in top shape. As most Mac users, I’m always on the lookout for new apps, and I must say that a great number of Mac maintenance apps are available on the market today. All of these apps promise to keep a Mac clean, healthy and protected, and sometimes it’s hard to choose a decent piece of software among them.

Today I’ll tell you about MacKeeper – an all-in-one system utility that acts like a 911 for a Mac, as stated on their website. If you are confused with abundance of Mac apps and cannot make up your mind on which one to choose, MacKeeper would be a perfect solution.

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Sep 5, 2011

18 Weird News Stories Of August 2011 That Will leave You Dazed

The world I tell you is full of weird people becoming the part of unusual stories you would never imagine could happen. We usually want to e aware of the major happenings around the world. News that are related to us, those that affect us directly catches our attention. Another kind of news that each one of us is interested in reading, watching or listening are the weird, unusual and strange happenings; be it by the people on individual level or collectively.

From, bizarre, fashions to the weird festivals around the world, not a month or I must say a day passes without any weird happening taking place. Continuing with the trend of jotting down the weird, wacky, odd, unusual, crazy, funny, offbeat and strange news from across the world, we at WebTabLab have come up with the Weird news stories of August 2011.

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Sep 3, 2011

PrivyTalks : Easy To Use Online Chat Service That Ensures Complete Privacy

Web world is a great blessing as it shortens the distance between people residing in different parts of the world. No matter which country, town people are residing, they can easily get connected to other people from entirely different part of the globe. All thanks to the Internet. This is one aspect of the web world as we know who the person on the other end is; say our relative, family or friend.

While on the other hand, the trend of meeting people online to finally settling down as life partners is increasing day by day. We meet someone online and in sometime that person becomes the important part of our life.

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Aug 31, 2011

8 Best HTML5 Tools Every Web Designer Should Have

HTML also known as HyperText Markup Language is always been one of the favorite coding language among designers. But HTML is always considered as the basic language to design websites. However, the era has changed from the last 1-2 years with arrival of HTML5 which has all the ingredients to create awesome websites with great special effects and much more you can imagine.

When HTML5 launched, it became the talk of the town because mostly very designer was excited with release of new markup language.

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Aug 31, 2011

22 Very Detailed jQuery Animation Tutorials For Creative Designers

Its been few years ago, when somebody want to create animation – it was always assumed that animatation is the created with the help of Flash. One of the widely used software to create any kind of animations irrespective of fact where it is used such as web animations, web apps or independent animated files.

But, from a year or so, things has changed – JavaScript frameworks has gained lot of popularity and widely used by many designers and developers all over the world.

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Aug 30, 2011

10 Unusual Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’ resignation indeed has left the technology sector shocked no matter how prepared everybody was about this extreme step of the legendary figure. WebTabLab is a blog dedicated to the tech world, and a legend like Steve jobs deserve a special mention which is one of the reasons that we came up with the article dedicated to him after the news of his resignation spread all over.


Was that one article reading ‘Most Remarkable Steve Jobs Quotes And Memorable Video Moments‘ enough as the dedication to Steve Jobs? We can go short of words but the thoughts that keep running in our minds persuade us to sit down and write more about him. So, we are here once again with yet another article in which we have talked in length about Steve.

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Aug 29, 2011

Most Remarkable Steve Jobs Quotes And Memorable Videos Moments

Legendary Tale Of Steve Jobs: ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’! The title surely makes you recall the article we completely dedicated to the ingenious man in the technology sector. The latest news that has been floating over net is about his resignation from Apple Inc. Steve Jobs has resigned on pancreatic health grounds and his stepping down has shocked the world.

You all know well, Jobs co-founded Apple in 1976 with Steve Wozniak but was forced out in 1985 by then-CEO John Scully and the Apple board. He returned to an Apple in early 1997 when the company acquired NeXT. He was named permanent CEO in 2000.

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Aug 25, 2011

Skype Vs Axvoice : Where You Should Put Your Money?

Every other VoIP provider out there makes big claims about its service but finding the right service which would really help you get best value out of your money can become intimidating. After using so many different internet phone services you can safely assume that I know all the ins and outs of a dependable VoIP service.

Skype VS Axvoice review will help you know better which service you should really go for. I would review these services from a phone user’s point of view to let you reach the important decision of selecting the right phone service.

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Aug 24, 2011

How To Easily Create A Custom Tab For Your Facebook Fan Page For Free

GOSO provides engaging Facebook applications that boast of making your Facebook page thank you. The Applets offered by GOSO provide a simple way for you to elevate your Facebook experience thereby pleasing your fans and target audience. Each Applet is a nice blend of easy to use options along with smart advanced features.

The Welcome Applet by GOSO is an easy to use free Facebook application which allows you to customize the welcome Facebook Page using a simple content management system, image or HTML. The Welcome Applet provides a website experience right on your Facebook Fan Page. It’s like the ‘Front Door’ to your brand on Facebook.

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