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The Best Way to Meet Single People

1/1: What is the best way to meet people on a dating app or website?

Looking through endless profile pictures.
27 (20.15%)
Automatically matched with other users nearby or of paths you crossed.
38 (28.36%)
Personality Profile Matching
Complex matchmaking based on compaible personalities.
33 (24.63%)
Auto Matchmaking
The dating services automatically sends you matches of new members based on criteria (from profiles) you set.
9 (6.72%)
Manual Searching
You performing searches on users profile info like location, physical attributes, and interests.
21 (15.67%)
Chat Rooms
Talking with people currently online.
5 (3.73%)
Speed Dating
Meeting people in real life and talking one on one for a short time period one after another at single events.
1 (0.75%)
Having a Matchmaker reviewing profiles and matching members.
0 (0.00%)
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