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We have a great feature available that allows you to compare any dating site or service we have reviewed. When compared together you get a full list of features and attributes of each dating service listed from top to bottom to give you an easy side by side comparison. Up to four services can be compared on a given page. Features and attributes of dating sites we track include cost, coupons, guarantees, regions available, languages, type of dating site, membership options, mobile apps, and many of the profile attributes used by the dating sites like relationship types and age ranges.

Remember that most features we track for a dating site that can be compared, can also be searched on. The best place to do this is from our advanced search page. The great thing is that any site returned in a search result can be compared. Just click on 2 or more checkboxes beside the results and then click the compare button to make your own VS.

You can also search and compare more than just dating sites. Just change the search type in the advanced search page to search for profile help services, background check services and relationship books and guides. If you want you can also compare services across types (i.e. dating site with background check) but only the features that are common between the two types will be returned on the comparison page.

So let’s go ahead and compare a few dating sites. You can visit the pages below for a full table on how each of these services stack up against each other:

Popular Dating Sites Compared

How do the top dating sites compare to each other? We created a few options for you to check out.

Matchmaking Services Compared

Do you like your matches provided for you instead of searching a database of singles. Let's see how 3 dating sites that offer this feature compare.

Sugar Daddy Sites Compared

How do the wealthy dating sites compare to each other?

Free Dating Sites Compared

The 3 top free dating services in North America are listed below.

United Kingdom Dating Sites Compared

How do dating sites from the United Kingdom and Europe stack up against each other? Which one is better?

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