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Aug 24, 2011

How To Easily Create A Custom Tab For Your Facebook Fan Page For Free

GOSO provides engaging Facebook applications that boast of making your Facebook page thank you. The Applets offered by GOSO provide a simple way for you to elevate your Facebook experience thereby pleasing your fans and target audience. Each Applet is a nice blend of easy to use options along with smart advanced features.

The Welcome Applet by GOSO is an easy to use free Facebook application which allows you to customize the welcome Facebook Page using a simple content management system, image or HTML. The Welcome Applet provides a website experience right on your Facebook Fan Page. It’s like the ‘Front Door’ to your brand on Facebook.

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Aug 18, 2011

Important Tips And Considerations When Choosing a Web Hosting Company

There are many considerations when choosing a web host. Not all web hosts are the same, and if there weren’t so many considerations, there wouldn’t be so many web hosts. The market is saturated with hosting providers, and customers have lots of choices when it comes to picking a web host.


Some free web hosts impose ad banners or pop-ups on their customers’ websites to cover the cost of hosting. You can usually upgrade to paid hosting and remove the ad banners. It’s a good idea to upgrade when you start making money on your website, and there is no shame in choosing the free web host at the beginning with ads displayed on your site. The amount of web space is another consideration.

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Apr 4, 2011

A Complete Guide On Converting Facebook Personal Profile Into Facebook Page

One greatest innovation in the internet world is Facebook. Not only mature people, even kiddos have their account on one of the amazing communicating and social networking tool. The ever increasing number of people registering makes the team swell with pride and they feel motivated to come up with new features to make people feel good about having registered on Facebook. While school/college students use Facebook to communicate with their friends and keep themselves updated with what’s latest in the lives of their friends, there are many people who use it with some purpose in mind.

Yes, I’m talking about the business entrepreneurs who actually use such social networking sites like Facebook for connecting with more and more people all over and let them know about their existence in the web world.

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Mar 2, 2011

Top 10 Job Search Engines For Finding Your Dream Job

Two years back, I had seen the biggest recession period of my time and you too also remembered that black period in the history of employment or I say unemployment. Many of us lost jobs that time and many still recovering from that recession period. I was working in Advertising agency that time and had seen many of my colleagues axed from their jobs due to recession. Thanks to my good luck I survived that period. But, someone said that time is never be the same and I totally agreed with this line.

Time is changing and companies all around the world hiring the fresh talents. The only think that job seekers do is find and use the best resources available to improve their chances of landing a job or want to secure a job.

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8 Things Page Admins Should Do Right Away After Upgrading To New Facebook Page Redesign

Facebook Page Redesign – it’s already on the floor and I believe many of you started working on it. This time Facebook has done full redesign of the Facebook Pages. The new Facebook Page layout looks and operate more like individual user profiles. The latest changes in this update are page admins can now post and make comments on other Facebook Pages by opting “login as Page” feature. The top bar is also replaced by the relevant photos just like we already seen in user profiles layout.

The most noticeable difference that you look into new Facebook Page redesign is the new layout. The left-hand menu is now used for navigation menu and left-hand “Information” box is also gone. The right-hand menu has also been redesigned and introducing a new section that shows page admins and users that how many of their friends have also “liked” the same page.

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