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Jul 11, 2011

13 Very Useful Add-ons That Works Great With Firefox 5

Two weak back, Mozilla has launched new version of its browser called Firefox 5 with many new cool features and improvements. Firefox 5 has taken the legacy of Firefox 4 that become popular because of its totally redesigned minimal looks and speed improvements. There were many features that was introduced for the first time in Firefox 4 that made it popular choice for users to download it.

In this new version, Mozilla has once again come up with some great features in its new version Firefox 5 such as pin sites to your taskbar, easy syncing options, new password manager, keep track of search engines with color-coded search bars, new PDF viewer and MP3 player and many more that will increase your productivity while using Firefox 5.

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Jun 16, 2011

25 Must Have Firefox 4 Add-ons For Web Developers

Back in March 2010, Mozilla launched one of the most advanced version of their browser called Firefox 4 that has been downloaded by millions of people in just 2 months. With the release of Firefox new version, there are many features that has been talk of the town such as Improved HTML5, Better CSS support, New CSS properties, More Audio and Video support, Fast Rendering, Speed Improvement, Built-in Developer tool and much more.

Personally, I like the new version of Firefox 4 because of its minimal look and speed enhancements. But, as you all know that every good thing is not perfect and this is same in the case of Firefox 4.

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30 Very Useful Add-ons That Works Great With Firefox 4

The totally redesigned Firefox 4 was launched on 23rd March, 2010 and some of you may be giving it a try. I hope you are liking the new version of Firefox that has come up with great speed enhancements, new and minimal looks, pin-up your favorite web apps like Windows 7, panaroma view of your tab pages to battle tab clutter, do not track features to block your browsing behaviors and much more. Personally, I like Firefox 4 because of its minimal look and speed but I founded few quirks that annoyed me while using Firefox such as Google search box, blurry fonts and others.

But, I founded some easy tweaks to fix those annoyances that many of users facing with the new look of Firefox 4. You can find our previous post where we have showed 5 super easy tweaks to fix Firefox 4 user interface annoyances that will make your working experience much better with the new version of Firefox.

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5 Super Easy Tweaks To Fix Firefox 4 User Interface Annoyances

March 2011 seems to be looking good in history of browsers. Three major players of best browsers came with their most awaited versions in their history. First of all, Microsoft launched totally revamped version of Internet Explorer called Internet Explorer 9 with some great features and functionality, then Google updated Google Chrome to Google Chrome 11 with speeds enhancements and revamped settings page. And last but not the least, Mozilla released its new Firefox 4 to the public few days back.

Yesterday, I got a chance to download the new version of Firefox called Firefox 4 and must say Mozilla has put its best efforts to develop this version. Lot of goodies has been brought up in this version such as newly designed interface, speed enhancements, less clutter interface and much more.

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