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Jul 5, 2011

6 Major Google+ Features That You Will Find Missing in Facebook

The latest buzz in the web world is Google +. A few days back we introduced you to Google+ (‘Everything You Need To Know About Google Latest Social Network : Google+ Project’). All those anxious to know all about Google + certainly loved reading the article.

If you’re pondering over the issue that what makes Google+ stand apart from the crowd and would it be able to distract people so much so that it would lessen down the frequency of visiting social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter then a comparison between them would do the needful.

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Everything You Need To Know About Google Latest Social Network : Google+ Project

A day before yesterday, Google announced the next stages of its major social project called Google+ project or Google Plus. You might have seen a black bar appearing on the top of the and invites itself to show everyone in style that something big is coming from Google. Yes, you are right, Google+ project : a mysterious social service that Google has been working from quite a long time.

A social project that is led by Vic Gundotra and Bradley Horowitz that has been tried to hide from us and we thought that it is least of interest after some time. But, it is real and really big that has been put after great efforts of top engineers over a month under total secrecy.

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Jun 21, 2011

7 Amazing Google Chrome Experimental Features To Enhance Browser Functionality

If you are a regular Internet user, you must have come across various browsers in the past that you like to and use to surf your favorites websites. Some of most popular browsers in recent times are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera. There are many other browsers too but most of them are not widely used and not available for every OS platform.

All these browsers are great but Chrome is the one that is gaining huge response these days among normal and power users because of its ultimate range of add-ons/extensions availability and its innovative experimental features in Chrome Labs.

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Jun 3, 2011

9 Cool Google Science Fair Projects Of 2011 That Will Leave You Stunned

Have you heard about the latest murmur about the Google’s new venture? Google this time has involved lot many people in the project. Without further delay let me tell as to what’s the latest endeavor by Google. To motivate the young talent across the world Google planned to conduct its first science fair in which the contestants were to submit their ideas and compete with the other resourceful brains all over

Entitled Google Science Fair Projects 2011, it’s an online science fair that allows students from the age of 13 to 18 compete with each other either as an individual or in teams.

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May 30, 2011

4 Excellent Tools To Use Microsoft Office And Google Docs Together

There was a time when Microsoft Office was the only program to work with documents. You just name it and you will find a suitable program in Microsoft Office suite to done with the job. But, because of its slow responsiveness and bulky price, there were many people that slashed Microsoft Office suite over other programs.

Another major reason to switch from Microsoft Office program is because majority of people that use Office spends their most of the time on the Internet. And that’s the reason, you can notice that these days people are using Online Office programs because they are simple to use, available anywhere in the world and totally free to work with.

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How To Use Google Music Beta On Your Apple iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch

10th May, 2011 – Google has lunched its own cloud music service called Google Music Beta. We all are expecting that Google will soon launch its music service just like Apple iTunes and Amazon Music Cloud. And they had launched Google Music Beta in one of the biggest Google event of 2011. Those who are aware of what Google Music Beta already know the power of the new service.

Basically, Google Music Beta allows users to access and edit their music collections from various platforms like Android and iOS devices, Windows PC, Mac OSX and Linux.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Tablets Aren’t Ready To Buy Right Now

When Apple launched iPad nobody knows that Tablet will be so successful in the coming years. Now, every company is trying to enter in Tablet market by manufacturing high-end tablet devices. Many companies like Motorola with its Motorola Xoom, Samsung with its Samsung Galaxy Pad, LG with its LG Slate has jumped into the tablet market in competition to the Apple iPad. The fact is there is a clear cut competition between two operating systems – iOS vs Android OS. The future will tell which OS will win the tablet market but we are here to talk something else.

If you remember, Apple launched iPad 2 on this March 2 and you have already seen a long queue in the front of Apple store when it hits the store a few days back. The craze for buying Apple iPad 2 is enormous as it always happen in the case of Apple products.

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4 Quick, Easy And Free Ways To Take Backup Of Your Gmail Account

Google – one of the most trusted company, giant search engine and also known for producing great products and services. One of them is Gmail, one of the best and most popular email service offered by Google. But, you know everything is not flawless even Gmail too and we have seen evidence of such a flaw last weekend. I know most of you were not aware of what happen because there are chances that your Gmail was working absolutely fine. But you know there were some unlucky Gmail users whose accounts were all erased without any reason.

There were about 0.02 percent of all Gmail users or roughly 40,000 of the 200 million accounts were affected due to the “unexpected bug” that makes all their Gmail data including mails, contacts, calendars, events erased.

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Mar 4, 2011

Tablet War : Apple iPad2 vs Motorola Xoom vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

A few days back I came up with the Legendary Tale of Steve Jobs and frankly speaking I just loved writing about the ingenious person. Despite the health issues, Steve Jobs came at the launch of the much new Apple product. Finally, the wait is over and the cool new iPad 2 announced late back in December 2010 is here for the gadget freaks who were anxiously waiting for the one. Thinner and lighter version of Apple’s popular tablet will hit the market from March 11 in the US.

Everyone is talking about the Apple’s iPad 2,  its cool features and how it will enhance the user’s experience and lots more. To break the monotony, I thought of coming up with an article that would not simply leave you bored  of reading all the more similar stuff.

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Feb 19, 2011

Top 10 Essential Google Chrome Extensions Every Web Designer Should Install

Google Chrome – In its starting days, no one has never imagined that browser from Google can come so far and become the second most popular browser. Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most speedy browser available at the time which is used by almost every age group of any profession. If you remember when its launched, there are not too many persons used Chrome because of frequent crashes and low performance. But, Google has listened to their users and improves speed, reliability, performance with latest updates. One most noticeable factor other than speed that makes Google Chrome as first choice for the default browser is its increasing Chrome Extensions Gallery.

There are thousands of Google Chrome extensions that you can install for any purpose you want. You can find extensions for playing games in your free time, find ranking of your website, for developing and designing websites, to keep remember important dates, chat with your friends, keep track of your latest mails in your inbox and much more you can imagine.

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