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Nov 25, 2011

12 Excellent Windows Phone Mango Apps Worth Downloading

As you all know Microsoft a few months back came up with a software in favor of Windows Phone 7 which is nothing else than the revamped operating system for smartphones. Endowed with a bold interface called Metro, it has lot may cool features being added while others that were removed from the previous version.

The software version known by its former code name, Mango was rolled out with an aim to help Microsoft’s smartphones give strong competition to its peer group like iPhone and Android. Not talking much in detail about the cool features that make Windows Phone 7 genuinely worth considering for miscellaneous good reasons.

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Nov 22, 2011

15 Awesome Yet Free Microsoft Products Worth Downloading

With the advent of Mac and Linux, I agree Microsoft has lost bit of its charm but it still gives the strong competition to its peer group. Lot many tech savvys out there still prefer Microsoft over others for miscellaneous good reasons of their own. Microsoft has successfully made its place in the hearts of millions of people and persuaded them to stick to it with its new cool features that promise to enhance the user experience.

Talking about the software, as they say they are the soul of any computer system. Without them our lappys/systems are nothing but just a piece of hardware. Today, with the availability of amazing range of softwares, every user is looking for the best one to make difference in their productivity, user-friendliness.

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Nov 18, 2011

10 Best Free Windows Backup Software To Keep Your Data Safe

While working on our systems, one thing that keeps bothering each one of us is the safety of our data. Safety as in losing the data! Back up is the most important thing that we all need to consider but unintentionally we keep procastating the backing up of our valuable data and keep flirting with disaster.

We tend to ignore and just keep bothering and one fine day it’s all gone. But that’s not the case with all. techies all around the globe are working hard to offer the users the best possible solutions for the back up their valuable data and lot many people make optimum use of the best resources available.

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Sep 20, 2011

6 Major Flaws Of Windows 8 Which Microsoft Needs To Rectify

Recently, at Windows Build Conference in Anaheim, California, Steven Sinofsky introduced the much awaited latest Windows operating system-Windows 8. With the heat of Windows 8 filling the air, there is so much hype and excitement. Revealing the insights of the software, we came up with the article entitled ‘Everything You Need To Know About Windows 8 And Its Awesome Features’  just after it was unveiled.

Hope you all found the article informative and it was successful in making you well acquainted with the all new Windows operating system. Coming to the point, we at WebTabLab don’t just introduces you to the latest stuff in the tech world but also keep you updated with all the thumbs up/ thumbs down the latest tech stuff gets.

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Sep 15, 2011

Everything You Need To Know About Windows 8 And Its Awesome Features

Microsoft has taken a next step forward and showed off the next generation of its Windows operating system – Windows 8. At Windows Build Conference in Anaheim, California by Steven Sinofsky unveiled the much awaited Microsoft Windows 8.  Before it was finally launched there were rumors about Windows 8 features that the consumers could expect. A few months back we came up with the article in which we talked about the expected features of Window 8 OS - Top 10 great features that can really make Windows 8 an awesome Operating system.

So, just after the Windows 8 is finally unveiled we thought of coming up with the list of cool features that is sure to appeal you all.

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May 30, 2011

4 Excellent Tools To Use Microsoft Office And Google Docs Together

There was a time when Microsoft Office was the only program to work with documents. You just name it and you will find a suitable program in Microsoft Office suite to done with the job. But, because of its slow responsiveness and bulky price, there were many people that slashed Microsoft Office suite over other programs.

Another major reason to switch from Microsoft Office program is because majority of people that use Office spends their most of the time on the Internet. And that’s the reason, you can notice that these days people are using Online Office programs because they are simple to use, available anywhere in the world and totally free to work with.

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10 Great Features That Can Really Make Windows 8 An Awesome OS

Windows OS : One of the most used operating system ever developed by Microsoft is creating buzz once again because every other tech blog these days is talking about Windows 8 – the next big version that can change the future of Windows OS dramatically. I don’t know about the future of Windows 8 but I am quite sure that Microsoft is putting their best efforts to build a OS that makes everyone happy.

There are many rumors taking place about the features of Windows 8 and many questions arrived that “What would be the design for next version of Windows 8, what it will be called ?”

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May 17, 2011

Looken Backup Manager: Best Way To Backup Your Microsoft Outlook Data

Imagine one day you open your laptop/pc to witness the worst scenario that is, the loss of all your valuable data like emails, contacts calendar entries and much more. We are blessed to be the part of technologically advanced world. Undeniably, technology has offered us immense options to help us do our tasks with ease and surely it has lots in store for us which time itself will tell. Without wasting time on predicting what technology will offer in days to come, I would directly come to the point.

While technology has given us the great number of options to do our tasks easily and speedily, we are following the path of success with some fears in our mind. One such fear while making efficient use of technology is the loss of our valuable data.

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Mar 29, 2011

8 Must Have Internet Explorer 9 Add-ons For Improved Browsing

Undeniably, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have won the hearts of millions for the genuine reason that these come endowed with amazing features that make our task easier. Well, each one of us wants the best of the rest, and when it comes to choosing browser for ourselves, we wouldn’t want to make any compromise.Internet Explorer, the Microsoft browser unfortunately lost its ground and failed to win the hearts of the users when launched first, but then that doesn’t mean the improved versions launched would too fail to impress us all.

Many tech savvy people ditched Internet Explorer for other best options readily available, but when Internet Explorer 9 was introduced, many people loved its cool features and welcomed it. It was after several months of beta testing, the IE 9 was introduced on Windows 7 and Vista.

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10 Great Features That Makes Internet Explorer 9 An Awesome Browser

Microsoft – a giant company never unveiled their future projects in details in their announcements. This lies same in the case of Internet Explorer when they first introduced it at PDC on November 2009. They didn’t show much us with just a glimpse about the direction of the development, technologies that will be used to make new browser and few benchmarks it will set in the field of modern day browsers. But, after one and a half year of playing with Internet Explorer, they finally launched one of the most modern browser – Internet Explorer 9 day before yesterday to the public

The final release of Internet Explorer 9 is providing a really great browsing experience and anyone can download it now by heading to this link.

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