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Nov 3, 2011

Top 8 Best Free Online Data Backup Services To Make You Worry Free

In today’s world, everything is become digital and saved on your computers, laptops, notebooks, etc. whether its your office documents, school research works, eBooks, photos, videos, movies and many other important documents. So , losing important documents that are saved in computer is a kind of nightmare for us all.

If you have gone through such situation, you must be knowing how hard it can be to lose important data. I already gone through such situation when my hard drive crashed suddenly and luckily I got an expert that helped me to recovered some important data from it. But, you won’t believe my heart was in my mouth till the time data was not recovered.

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Oct 13, 2011

12 Handpicked Free HTML5/CSS3 Web templates Of September 2011

If you are into business or a brand executive of any company – you must know that in today’s world website represents about your product and brand. Creative Website shows how you want to represent your company goals, values and creates a long-lasting impressions on your visitors that can be your potential customers in the future.

Thats the reason, it is very necessary to give full attention to your company’s website so that it can be face of your brand. I always insist business owners to hire a talented web designer/developer to design websites rather than doing on your own.

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Sep 23, 2011

20 Free Useful Icon Sets For Web Designers And Developers

If you are regular reader of our blog, you must have noticed a sudden rise in the articles related to design category. The major reason behind featuring more articles related to design are that we are getting a good response from such articles and who doesn’t love more traffic. Atleast, we do !

From jQuery animation tutorils to jQuery tutorials of year 2011, fonts collection to best minimal logo designs – our readers love each and every article that are related to design and development. It clearly shows that our website has developed a reader base of designers and developers from all over that world that are loving our articles.

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Sep 16, 2011

Top 15 Fresh And High-Quality Fonts For Designers

Its been more than 5 months when we last shared fresh and high-quality fonts that can be used for various purposes such as Posters, Advertisments, Logos and in many other graphic projects. That article was greatly appreciated by designers and fonts were downloaded more than thousand times. That clearly shows that how much designers love fonts and always look to have them in their kitty.

However, its hard to find high-quality fonts in the search engines because there are infinite number of low quality fonts floating on the net.

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Aug 31, 2011

8 Best HTML5 Tools Every Web Designer Should Have

HTML also known as HyperText Markup Language is always been one of the favorite coding language among designers. But HTML is always considered as the basic language to design websites. However, the era has changed from the last 1-2 years with arrival of HTML5 which has all the ingredients to create awesome websites with great special effects and much more you can imagine.

When HTML5 launched, it became the talk of the town because mostly very designer was excited with release of new markup language.

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Jun 2, 2011

Top 7 Most Powerful And Free Video Editing Software For Linux Users

Linux – one of the great operating system that marked its presence among big giants like Mac OSX and Widnows OS. Linux OS is getting popular these days because it is free from virus threats and other such attacks that makes easy for many users out there to use it without worry. One of the another major reason behind its popularity is linux is totally free to use for both commercial and personal purpose.

A few days before, Linux has launched one of the most advanced Ubuntu version, i.e., Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal” that was more powerful, full of features and comes with totally fresh look. If you had installed it already, you should seriously look at our article on Ubuntu 11.04 that briefs 9 essential things to do after installing Ubuntu 11.04 on your system. I am sure this article will help you make your Ubuntu 11.04 more powerful and productive than ever before.

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Apr 27, 2011

Top 10 New High-Quality Free Fonts For Designers

Freebies – one of the most lovable word specially for graphic designers, web designers and developers. Every now and then, they find free resources on the Internet such as free fonts, jQuery plugins, free WordPress or Drupal themes and many more. Due to our blog niche, we can’t come up with freebies everyday but we occasionally share some great resources with our readers that are really useful and free to use. For example, we shared best jQuery plugin of March 2011 and free WordPress themes some days before.

In this article, we thought to gather up some great high-quality fonts that are totally free to use. Fonts are always been in high demand to make any design creative. When it comes to logo designing, creative guys always give an most importance to the fonts.

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Apr 20, 2011

Top 4 Free Alternatives Of The New York Times Worth Checking Out

Newspapers are always been a great medium to stay updated with the currents news and events from all over the world. Many decades past, our father, grandfather and their grandfather do first thing in the morning after waking up is reading newspapers. I have been doing the same thing after waking up in the morning but from past few years reading newspaper habit is almost came to an end because of Internet.

You should be wondering how Internet can change the habit of reading newspaper? The answer is simple – its much easier to stay connected with the world news on Internet rather than reading newspapers. First of all, it saves time and you can read news on any topic at any point of time. You don’t have to keep newspaper all day if you can’t get time to read it in morning.

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Apr 5, 2011

30+ Handpicked Artistic And Free Tumblr Themes To Add Extra Zing

Blogging – everyone seems to enjoying it and likes to maintain a blog for various reasons. Professionals, individuals, kids, retired persons, photographers, designers, housewives – everyone is diving into the world of blogging and sharing their personal thoughts or skills or whatever they have in their kitty. Even I started my first blog in fun just to share my clicked photos and random thoughts that time but later I realized the real power of blogging and entered into the world of professional blogging.

Blogging is really great if you are dedicated enough and has a zeal to provide extra to your loyal visitors. You can earn a good amount of money from blogging if you really know what you are doing and how you can do to make it more successful.

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Mar 23, 2011

18 Brilliantly Designed Free WordPress Themes Of Jan And Feb 2011

Two weeks before, we shared stunning collection of  premium WordPress themes that were appreciated by our readers and told us that they really worth buying. Some of the our readers told that they bought their favorite themes from our collection while some told us to come up with an article that shows free WordPress themes. I really liked the idea because everyone can’t purchase a premium WordPress theme particularly when someone just started the blog or a business.

The most important reason behind the popularity of WordPress is – first of all it is open-source and the most easy to manage and customize CMS platform. That’s the reason, you have seen various developers built hundred of WordPress themes everyday whether a premium one of free.

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