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Dec 5, 2011

Everything You Need To Know For Going Creative With Google Plus

Talking about a particular topic every now and then might sound monotonous but as they say; never judge a book by its cover! Each time I choose to come up with the article related to something I have already talked about, I actually sit down to do the brainstorming to understand how to make it interesting and useful so much so that it will make you feel good about having spared few moments.

Talk about the cool new social networking platform that has earned unexpected fame within a short span of time is endowed with some amazing features. Any guesses as to what’s the name of the social networking site I am talking about? Yes, it’s Google Plus!

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Top 5 Excellent Services To Customize Your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Facebook – one of the most popular social networking site in the world with millions of users is feeling lot of competition from newly launched social networking site by Google called Google+. Since the day Google+ launched, Facebook is trying hard to retain its users and introducing some new features that will increase the user experience.

The latest was Facebook Timeline that was introduced in F8 (latest Facebook developer event) : a new interface of Facebook profile that will allow you to feature a big photo at the top of your profile and below that your everything you had done since from you joined Facebook is well accommodated monthly giving a nice layout.

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Sep 22, 2011

9 Amazing New Features Of Google+ That You Will Surely Love To Use

In today’s cut throat competition, one needs to work hard on USPs so as to stand apart from the crowd and persuade people to opt it for other competitors. Take the example of Google+ which has posed a strong competition in front of already existing social networking platforms with unique features that are somewhat missing in other competitor groups. Undeniably, the aim of all social networking is same but then it’s the persuading features that magnetize the users to check it out and start using.

Almost every one of us is well acquainted with the Google’s latest venture, if not completely then I guess atleast you have heard about it. You got me right! Here, I am talking about the latest social networking platform well know by the name Google+.

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Aug 24, 2011

How To Easily Create A Custom Tab For Your Facebook Fan Page For Free

GOSO provides engaging Facebook applications that boast of making your Facebook page thank you. The Applets offered by GOSO provide a simple way for you to elevate your Facebook experience thereby pleasing your fans and target audience. Each Applet is a nice blend of easy to use options along with smart advanced features.

The Welcome Applet by GOSO is an easy to use free Facebook application which allows you to customize the welcome Facebook Page using a simple content management system, image or HTML. The Welcome Applet provides a website experience right on your Facebook Fan Page. It’s like the ‘Front Door’ to your brand on Facebook.

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Aug 22, 2011

Top 5 Free Browser Based Tools To Record Your Google+ Hangouts

With the promising features that somewhat speak out loud for its uniqueness, Google+ has entered the social networking group to give strong competition to its already existing social communicating tools. The cool new features that were missing in other social networking platforms have made it the choice of millions and the fact is that there is slight shift of users towards the all new Google+.

The article ‘Everything You Need To Know About Google Latest Social Network : Google+ Project’ certainly made you well acquainted with the Google’s new venture named Google+. Hangouts that enable up to ten people to group video chat was talked about in the article along with other cool features that Google+ offered.

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Aug 3, 2011

TweetPort : Best Twitter App To Send Most Important Tweets Directly To Your Inbox

Twitter by now is one social networking site that none is left unacquainted with. Over the years ever since it is launched, Twitter has become the integral part of social networking. While we keep enjoying what this cool social networking giant has to offer, we all keep looking for smart widgets, apps that help make our twitter experience worthwhile.

We at WebTabLab are all set to introduce you to one of the coolest Twitter apps dubbed TweetPort.

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Jul 28, 2011

30 Google+ Profile Photo Hacks To Display Your Images Creatively

Ever since the latest social networking buzz, Google+ has been out, we have been regularly updating you all with its cool features. From the very first article which was the introduction ‘Everything You Need To Know About Google Latest Social Network : Google+ Project‘ to the 25 Tremendous Tools To Enhance Your Google+ Experience, continuous efforts are being made by the team of Webtablab to make you all well acquainted with the Google’s latest venture.

I’m sure, by now you have the clear idea about what’s the topic for the day. Yes, I am here with an article that is genuinely dedicated to Google+ and I don’t think I need to spare extra words talking in length about its features as you all have surely got accustomed to Google+.

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Everything You Need To Know About Google Latest Social Network : Google+ Project

A day before yesterday, Google announced the next stages of its major social project called Google+ project or Google Plus. You might have seen a black bar appearing on the top of the and invites itself to show everyone in style that something big is coming from Google. Yes, you are right, Google+ project : a mysterious social service that Google has been working from quite a long time.

A social project that is led by Vic Gundotra and Bradley Horowitz that has been tried to hide from us and we thought that it is least of interest after some time. But, it is real and really big that has been put after great efforts of top engineers over a month under total secrecy.

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Jun 10, 2011

4 Critical Problems That Facebook Should Solve Immediately

Facebook – one of the most largest social networking site with more than half a billion users has always been in news for various reasons that are mostly not so pleasant. We have various examples in the past that has set Facebook site on radar such as lack of privacy controls, selling user’s private data to companies, not able to control Facebook hacks and scams, changing from FBML to Iframe and many others.

Other than these big issues, one thing Facebook users not liked about it is constant changes that Facebook developers make. Though, sometimes these changes are quite fantastic to enhance the user experience but most of the times it has been not so welcomed by its users.

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How To Turn Off Facebook New Facial Recognition Feature

A few days before, we written an article  ”Top Facebook Hacks, Scams And Attacks You Need to Know About” in which we showed some of the most popular Facebook scams, hacks that are really annoying Facebook users to a great level. There is one thing very clear, that whatever Facebook do – it becomes news and talk of the town for everyone for sure.

Once again, Facebook is in news because of its newly feature introduced called Facial Recognition that automatically identify people in photos and suggest to your friends that they tag you in it. This newly Facebook Facial Recognition feature again renewed concerns about the privacy practices of the world’s top social networking service.

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