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Sep 5, 2011

18 Weird News Stories Of August 2011 That Will leave You Dazed

The world I tell you is full of weird people becoming the part of unusual stories you would never imagine could happen. We usually want to e aware of the major happenings around the world. News that are related to us, those that affect us directly catches our attention. Another kind of news that each one of us is interested in reading, watching or listening are the weird, unusual and strange happenings; be it by the people on individual level or collectively.

From, bizarre, fashions to the weird festivals around the world, not a month or I must say a day passes without any weird happening taking place. Continuing with the trend of jotting down the weird, wacky, odd, unusual, crazy, funny, offbeat and strange news from across the world, we at WebTabLab have come up with the Weird news stories of August 2011.

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Aug 16, 2011

25 Weird News Stories Of July 2011 To Leave You Speechless

If you are the regular reader of WebTabLab Weird News, you certainly know that every month we come up with weird news of the previous month. Talk about the weird news, anywhere you can spot weird people or weird happenings that become the news stories. From a calendar standpoint, dates with odd numbers like 7-9-11 is odd but as far as happenings are concerned; anything unusual that grabs the attention of all becomes the part of weird news.

Keeping the trend of jotting down the list of weird news stories of every preceding month, we are here once again with the Weird News Stories of July 2011. As its August, the news stories that are sure to leave you surprised are of July 2011.

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Jul 20, 2011

25 Weird News Stories of June 2011 That Promise To Surprise You

Weird news and weird people all around the world, leave us sometimes wide-mouth-opened, while at other times we smile, we frown and react in a different ways. Unlike the simple, news stories all around, the weird news stories take us by awe. We all have to agree that nothing gets so much attention than something that is unusual and out-of-ordinary.

While surfing the net, reading newspapers, changing the TV channels; one thing that is common is the attention seeking content. The content that is out of the crowd and not the part of humdrum tends to catch attention of all.

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Jun 14, 2011

20 Weird News Stories Of May 2011 That Will Leave You Surprised

Ever since, we have started the trend of coming making the list of amazing news stories around the world, trust me I actually fall short of words each time a sit to plan what to write and how to play with words to talk in length about the weird happenings and people. In the end I just stop thinking about what to write and how to go about writing, I simply sit down and go about writing whatever comes to my mind.

The WebTabLab since the very first beginning month, promised to keep you all updated with the best of the rest weird news of the preceding month. Not to mention, the response on all the weird news stories of each month that has passed by has got the immense result.

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May 11, 2011

20+ Weird News Stories Of April 2011 That Will Leave You Surprised

From the very first day of the April till the end, it was actually one of the exciting month of the year. First April, we all remain cautious so that no one can befool us and the excitements continues as world’s pillow fight day, water pistol competition and much more take place in this very month. After the long winter months wonderful weather adds to the charm. It is indeed like a cherry on the cake.

Every month we jot down the weird news of the preceding month. Not to mention, the weird news stories of previous months have surely left us all amazedWhile some weird happenings around the world make you smile for a while there are lot many that promise to leave you wide mouth opened.

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Apr 12, 2011

15 Weird New Stories Of March 2011 That Will Leave You Surprised

Pardon me for beginning my article with a question but I would genuinely be interested in knowing what is your favorite pass time? Ask me, I would say whenever I get time from my busy schedule, apart from enjoying music you can find me sitting on my couch with the TV remote in my hand. Surfing TV is everyone’s favorite pastime. Undeniably, our lappys and PC have become the good source of entertainment but TV has its own place, isn’t it? Let me not take a dive into the conversation as to which is the good source of entertainment.

Whatever we are surfing; be it TV, internet or even reading the newspaper, one common thing that catches the attention of each one of us is anything that’s out of ordinary, something that is unusual.

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Mar 15, 2011

20 Weird News Stories Of February 2011 To Leave You Stunned

It’s said that you can’t get your mirror image. Sounds cliché but I think is the apt line that one would not try to copy anyone. Be who you are! “You were born an individual, so don’t die a copy.” You might be wondering why I’m writing about all this when the header reads “20 weird news stories of February 2011″. Well, I’m writing all this for the matter of fact that while stumbling upon the weird stories I was wondering how come people do things that create the hype and leave us amazed. We as an individual do different things and that’s where the fun lies.

Ask me, I would say, its total fun to see and read about people doing such things that might sometimes leave you shocked; sometimes you have a smile on your face and roll down in laughter.

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Feb 18, 2011

20+ Most Weird News Stories Of January 2011 That Will Leave You Amazed

In today’s technologically advanced world where we are surrounded with amazing gadgets that promise to keep us well connected with our loved ones, don’t you sometimes feel like you have no time to spend with yourself? Frankly speaking, sometimes, I feel like leaving aside all the gadgets I’m blessed with and go bag packing. Traveling around the world, a good novel in my hand, meeting new people, taking pictures has always been my dream. Somewhere deep inside I have that curiosity to know about various travel destinations, weird news stories, somewhat odd kinda festivals that take place around the globe, and what not.

In the quest to know about various odd happenings around the globe, I keep surfing the net. In between my hectic day’s schedule whenever I get time, I stumble around and while doing so I come across various odd news that sometimes make me smile and at other times leave me wide mouth opened.

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