Jul 5 2011

6 Major Google+ Features That You Will Find Missing in Facebook

The latest buzz in the web world is Google +. A few days back we introduced you to Google+ (‘Everything You Need To Know About Google Latest Social Network : Google+ Project’). All those anxious to know all about Google + certainly loved reading the article.

If you’re pondering over the issue that what makes Google+ stand apart from the crowd and would it be able to distract people so much so that it would lessen down the frequency of visiting social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter then a comparison between them would do the needful.

Talking about Facebook, you might wish to know about the features that make the two different from one another. Is Goolge+ better than Facebook or vice versa? The comparison between the two can be made both ways. In this article, I would focus more on the Google + features that are missing in Facebook.

Be it in the terms of user interface, chatting, uploading, sharing; Google+ is far different from Facebook. Below I’m pointing down the Google + features that you will not find in Facebook.  Reading this article will make you clearly understand that Google’s newest attempt at social networking is a great hit for miscellaneous reasons.

Google+ addresses many of problems that Facebook unfortunately has. From user-friendly interface to circles for grouping friends, easily manageable privacy settings, there are lot many cool features of Google+. After going through the article, you can easily make out if the Google + is a departure from Facebook. Listed below are 6 great features that Google’s new social network Google+ includes and the most loved Facebook misses. Check them out.

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1. Easy sharing (Circles)

Circles unlike in Facebook let you sort out the friends with ease. These enable you to create mini friend lists within your larger network. Easy customization of groups with drag-and-drop actions to limit who can see which of your updation, all together help you make your selection. One might question as to what makes it different from Facebook. It too gives you the option to customize.

Well, Facebook offers just few countable options for limiting who can see what, but it’s not easy to manage. I myself get bugged up sorting out the friends. You cannot change the settings for every updation as to select the people from the friends list as to who can see and who can’t. Also, it’s not as easy as drag-and-drop as in Google +. You surely can make your post visible to a specific people on your Friends List by clicking the lock icon that’s placed right next to the post.

2. Live Video Chat to plan details of an event (Hangouts)

Google+ comes with a free, multi-user video chat feature hailed Hangouts. Google has added the smart notable feature of video chat that was missing in Facebook. If you’re planning an event along with your friends or colleagues or host a party, you can easily manage the event-planning with the live video chat option that Google + includes.

3. Watch a YouTube video in real-time with friends (Hangouts)

Hangouts is one cool feature of Google +. Hangouts allows up to ten people to group video chat and watch YouTube videos. When you start the video, the group chat mutes everyone by default and a ‘Push to Talk’ button lets everyone enjoy YouTube videos and discuss it with comments. Facebook definitely doesn’t allow you to do so.

4. Curate content as per your interests (Spark)

Spark, as we discussed in our previous article is a new concept in Google’s social network that in an entertaining way lets you organize your content according to your interest. Facebook too does let you become a fan of or like a product, place, service or alike but you can’t cultivate an interest. Sparks in Google+ delivers articles, blogs and other content from the entire web depending upon terms that you enter. You can save terms and return to them at any time when you want to browse new content and you can add circles or individuals to an item to share it.

5. Upload photos and videos to the cloud and share them when you want (Instant Upload)

Google+ mobile apps that will have an auto-upload feature updates your photos or videos you take on your phone directly to your account and you don’t have to make extra efforts to share the same. You can customize the settings before they are visible on your profile this way you will keep a check on the pictures being uploaded. In Facebook, you have to make extra efforts to upload pictures and share them with your friends.

6. Easy Quitting

Have you ever tried to delete your Facebook account? I tried once and believe me it doesn’t actually remove your entire presence from Facebook. Friends can still invite you to events, tag you in photos or ask you to join groups after your account is deactivated. Google+ on the other hand lets people quit easily and completely. Just like Facebook does, Google+ lets you download all your data so you won’t lose anything if you quit.

Everyone’s already on Facebook, and most don’t use Gmail. The notable features listed above are sure to divert your attention to Google+. You never know Google + can be a strong contender of the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. So, guys whats the wait for! Enjoy the new Social experience called Google +.

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  • I’m really fed up with Facebook, especially their privacy settings. I can’t wait to give Google+ a try.

  • 1) Facebook has the “list” feature since its early stages. You create a list of people, “colleagues” for example, and then you can choose from your status (or in your privacy option as dfefault setting) to share your post only with that list (the same is for sharing photos, links, notes);

    2) Actually you can video-call your contacts on Facebook. A feature like that it’s not so easy to implement so it’s hard or unlikely to believe Facebook borrowed it from Google Plus. Anyhoo you have a video call feature on Facebook too;

    3) I see that this feature has been borrowed from Windows Live Messenger 2011. Actually you can share a video in real time with every people in your conversation; This, however, is the only feature Facebook don’t have but on Facebook, to be precise, every link you post (including videos) has real-time comments;

    4) The aspect of cultivation of interests, actually, lacks on Facebook but let’s just say that the “privacy” issue on Facebook are even decuplicated on Google Plus since it breaks the barriers in the web. Privacy works when things are kept separted unless the user choose otherwise so that I have a network in which I choose to share things or activities within it. I see Google in general being extremely lacking and arbitrary in keeping things separated and still deceptive when it comes to talk about how users data are managed in Mountain View;

    5) Actually that “feature” is standard on Windows Phone 7 devices and don’t need any app. Click and share through the cloud. However facebook apps for other phone let you share photos directly on Facebook since years;

    6) Deactivating an account is not deleting it on Facebook. For the latter there’s a precise option. I see many people suspending temporairly their profiles on Facebook and reactivating them again later. I see also many people disappearing completely form the Facebook network by asking to delete their profiles.

    People who care too much to privacy on Facebook shouldn’t, imho, even get close to Google Plus since it lacks, Google style, a strong control from the user on what he can share publicly.

    • Facebook allows you to adjust the privacy settings on everything that you enter into it. You have full control over what others can and can’t see. Any system that takes that away from you under the guise of automating privacy by guessing the relationships you have is just asking for trouble. Yes I may have a good relationship with my close friends, but maybe there are aspects of my life that I don’t mind sharing with this friend but I certainly wouldn’t want that friend to know. Facebook allows you to do this, Google+ does not.

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