How To Easily Take Back Up Of Your Tumblr Blogs

Tumblr – one of the most popular micro-blogging platform that allows its users to publish videos, text, images, link in a style with just a matter of clicks. The main advantage of Tumblr blogging service is its simplicity – you don’t have to be expert in publishing your content.

Though, Tumblr doesn’t offer too many features but not having too many features sometimes would help people to easily understand the things and do it accordingly. Even Tumblr provides platform for those newbie bloggers who don’t have enough money and looking for free website and hosting options.

But, there is one thing that Tumblr always lacks in comparison to WordPress, Blogger is that Tumblr doesn’t offer easy way to backup your posts. It doesn’t offer any backup tools or an easy way to export your blogs on your computers.

If you are Tumblr user from last one year or so – you must have noticed a day-long outage happened in December 2010 when it leaves Tumblr users in stress. It was a massive outage that time and leaves users to think “what if I’ll lost my Tumblr blog?”.

That time, every user was thinking about taking regular backup of Tumblr blog. However, it offeres an API that allows you to write your own scripts to backup your blogs but this is not the easiest way. So, I researched alot on the Internet and found 2 super easy tools to backup your Tumblr posts.

In this article, we gonna discuss about these 2 tools in details and how they work. So, without wasting any time further, check out 2 easy tools to backup your Tumblr blogs in no matter of time.

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1. Backup Jammy

This is a webapp that will allow you to take backup of your Tumblr blog very easily in a HTML file to your computer. It couldn’t be much simpler – you just have to enter your Tumblr username and you can choose number of posts and type of posts you want to take backup of.

This service also allows you to take backup of your custom domains using the Tumblr service. It is a simple webapp and it will work on any browser on any operating system.

2. Tumblr Backup (Mac OSX)

This is a very simple and easy tool to backup your Tumblr posts but only available for Mac OSX so far. Talking about the tool in detail, it will create backup of your Tumblr blog posts that can easily be viewed on any computer, you can burn into CD, or hosted as an archive of static HTML files.

You just have to use your Tumblr account details via Tumblr Backup tool, select the blog you want to back up, select the desired folder you want to save your blog content and press the “Start backup”. Estimated time will depend on how much content is in your blog and when backup is done – you will get HTML files and media will be easily viewed in simple preview app. You will also get a backup of separate theme file if you have customized your theme.

I hope these Tumblr backup tools will help you to take backup of your Tumblr posts in a very easy way and make you worry free. Enjoy Tumbling tension free from now !

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