Nov 23 2011

3 Simple Ways To Check The Authenticity Of An Online Business

In today’s technologically advanced era when people of all generations (from kids to the elders), are connected with the web world by different means; you can avail the opportunity. From buying goods to starting an online business, blog, social marketing business; there are innumerable options that the web world offers.

Internet has immense information on almost any topic that you might be interested in; the point is how genuine it is. Or let me put it this way, how genuine or legitimate an online business is!

If you don’t know if the website or any online business is legitimate you are at total risk, be it if you are there on any web page to get information, improve your knowledge or buy something. Any website that asks you to shell out your hard earned money for say buying something online, it makes us fret for a while and then at one point we take a risk and pay for the products and services.

Wanna get rid of that feeling of fear if the money you are shelling out is worth it and will you get what you expect (for what you have paid), and if the website or that particular online business is legitimate? Well, I guess you need to be bit smart and you will get rid of bewilderment.

You smartness and awareness can help you avoid losing money on the internet. Simply knowing how to distinguish true internet business from online frauds can help you a great deal. It is quite important to check every aspect of an online business to make sure it is a legitimate. It is not worth your time, money and efforts to do something or get involved in an online business without prior knowledge and assurance that it’s genuine.

Read on the tips and tricks that will let you know if the online business you are dealing with is legitimate or not.

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1. Google It

The first and the easiest way to know if the website is legitimate or not it Google Search! Searching the information related to the website you are dealing with is one of the best ways to arm yourself against potential scam websites. Users post about being were ripped off by the particular online business website mentioning about the customer service. If you Google the name of the business, alone with the word “scam” will bring in front of you the complaints if any against the website and its services.

We do agree that a single spiteful comment can’t tell about the website but when the site is illegitimate, there will likely be many complaints from many sources. Well, if the website is new, it is not sure that there will be comments and reviews posted when you Google it so make sure you use other means of checking if the website is legitimate or not.


2.Use Retailer Search

Once you are done with checking the scam reports, you can go a step further to check for general reviews through Google Shopping. It’s a retailer service where the customers rate their experiences. Also, Google lists reviews from some major review sites. Search for the store’s name or an item the store sells thereby finding the merchant which appears on the price comparison page. Also, you can try it’s an online shopping search website and that lets you browse and search retailers to find the customer’s reviews. Besides this, you can give a shot at Reseller Ratings, which unlike Google Shopping or BizRate simply rates online retailers.


3. Web of Trust

Last but not the least, downloading Web of Trust will ensure you are playing safe. Web of Trust is one of the most useful add on that successfully catalogs user experience data thereby sharing the same with all the Web of Trust users, providing data to every user to know the experience of other users.

Install the extension which has a “Vendor Reliability” section. There is a scorecard for specific sites which gives you specific details about how well the site ranks and reviews about the site which is quite sufficient an information to help you determine just how reliable the business is and how long it’s been around. Web of Trust doesn’t have entries for the all new websites.


Install Web Of Trust

To wrap up, the time you spare to check out if the website is legitimate or not is worth it. After all its your time and money and you have the complete right to know if wherever you are spending is not going to leave you with the bad feeling of having lost it. So, each time you plan to spare your time and money on any online business, take some time out and check if you are going the right way!

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