Oct 11 2011

24 Super Creative Facebook TimeLine Profile Designs

Ever since Google has launched its social networking platform namely Google Plus, Facebook has been trying to meet the cut-throat competition by including cool new features to make users feel persuaded enough to stick to it. Undeniably, Facebook still is the choice of millions and the reason I could say is addiction to it and introduction of new user-friendly features every once in a while.

Latest to join the queue of cool features introduced by Facebook is ‘TimeLine’. While some of you might be eager to know about how your Facebook page will look like after the changes are made others might already have started using it and enjoying the change.

Frankly, I didn’t know much about how Facebook TimeLine could bring amazing changes to the user profile page for which I decided to check out the series of brand new Facebook Timeline profile designs. By following the simple steps you could bring the change and enjoy the new world of Facebook. Don’t forget to verify our Facebook account with either a mobile phone number or credit card number for it is essential step in using the new feature and enjoying the change.

On F8 Developers Conference Facebook introduced the new ‘Timeline’ profile design that is the revamped version of the old Facebook profile concept. Using the cover photo will give totally new look to your profile. Timeline gives a big cover photo space at the top of the page that makes your Facebook page look all the more creative.

How about checking out the timeline profiles of people who have changed their profile pages? See how by changing the cover photos in an innovative way some people have brought about great creative changes to their Facebook profile pages.

Below, we have showcased some amazing timeline cover designs that have given totally new and revamped version to the previous profile pages of the users. Don’t you think the revamp of your Facebook profile page will give you the great opportunity to get creative with your profile presentation? Check out these Creative Facebook Timeline design profiles and I am sure you won’t want to wait for long to change yours.

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1. Rayson Esquejo

2. Lanfranco Nantele

3. Jeremy Branson

4. Dustin Thaxton

5. Abarai RJ

6. DJ Spyder

7. Bruce Wise

8. Eyal Shahar

9. Ilham Shiraz

10. Lev Detrez

11. Pieter Dom

12. Peter Spence

13. Rudolfo Nobre

14. Tristan Brookes

15. Yuna Park

16. Maggie Lin

17. Lawson Hembree  V

18. Vinh Nguyen

19. Ekkapong Techawongthaworn

20. Manoj Varghese Mathew

21. Rodney Hess

22. Mohammad L. Azzam

23. Victor Zapanta

24. Andrew Grojean


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