Apr 28 2011

How To Make Your Facebook Wall Clutter-Free Installing Easy Scripts

Reading is anyday my favorite pastime, while not writing; I can be seen reading. A few days back I just thought about reading articles related to Facebook addiction. I was amazed to see the web world is full of articles related to the ever mounting Facebook craze. Articles that read “How to get rid of Facebook addiction”? “How to avoid getting distracted by Facebook”? caught my attention.

Deleting your wall, turning off the email notifications, getting time limiter plugin, deleting some friends from the friends list were the suggested tips to avoid yourself getting much distracted by Facebook.

Let me ask you one simple question. Would you like to follow these steps? I’m sure many of you would not. Frankly, even I would not want to take these steps. Facebook is actually helps us take a refreshing break from the hectic work schedule. Many people out there would not agree with me on this. Well, everyone has a viewpoint!

Without taking the topic to different direction I think I should come to the point. When we log-in to check latest updation on our Facebook wall, we come to know about the mood of our friends, their thoughts, new friends, latest uploaded pictures of our friends and much more. Don’t you at times get lost? Many a times, we come across such posts that we feel we could remove from our Facebook wall. Ask me, I feel it’s a sheer clutter that bugs me up.

If you’re the one who shares the same feeling and wish you could remove the clutter from your wall and select what you want to see on your Facebook wall or in other words get more power over your wall then, here I have listed the scripts that would help you de-clutter your wall and see only the updations of your choice.

A few days back we came up with 5 Easy Ways To Turn Off New Photo Viewer In Facebook. Here is yet another article to enhance your Facebook experience. Read on to know how to make your Facebook wall clutter-free.

Listed below are 3 easy scripts that will help you de-clutter your Facebook wall. Have a look!

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1. Simplified Facebook

Simplified Facebook is a script that lets you simply hide extra messages as pages, groups, new friendships and so on. It adds a new box to your Facebook wall that enables you to easily filter out updates from your wall (any update of your choice).

Simplified Facebook lets you :

• Remove likes

• Remove new friendships

• Remove applications

• Remove links

• Remove photos

• Remove applications

Install Simplified Facebook

2. Better Facebook

With Better Facebook, you can eEnhance Facebook with tabbed news feeds, advanced feed filters, comment tracking, static header and more! It is the most advanced script as it helps you de-clutter your Facebook wall effectively.

Better Facebook script enables you to :

Remove certain updates from your wall. The Better Facebook “Feed filter” feature gives you access to multiple options which can change your Facebook stream completely.

Easily disable many boxes that appear in the right sidebar. Just click the “X” to remove any panels you no longer want to see or click the header title of any box in the right panel to “collapse” it if you don’t want to remove it completely.

Mark as read and /or mute certain updates. Use the tool’s Gmail-like “Mute” and “Mark as Read” options for each individual post as well as for all the visible threads via the control panel.

Install Better Facebook

3. Remove Facebook Right-Column

As the name clearly hints, it’s the script that helps you filter out the irrelevant updates from your stream. Removing the right column that comprises of pokes, events, “People you may know” and other things, it removes clutter from your homepage and helps you stay focused on your wall updates.

Removes the Right-Column on Facebook makes sure your homepage is free of :

• Pesky Ads

• Friend Finder

• Irrelevant Text/Images

Install Remove Facebook Right-Column

Okay, here are the three most effective scripts that would help you to declutter your Facebook page. Do you know any such script that you would want to share with us? Drop in the comments below.

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