How To Enable And Use Gmail New Preview Pane Feature

Google is always known as the innovative company coming with some great products and services time to time and help the internet community to a great extent. It has some great products in its kitty such as Adsense to help online publishers, Analytics and Webmaster tools to help site owners and bloggers, Reader for those who loves reading and many more such services are there.

One of the most trusted service that I leave intentionally is Gmail. I am sure that this email service offered by Google is an integral part of your life whether its your personal or professional front.

Personally, I can’t seriously think living without Gmail because my online life is attached to it. All my important business contacts, friends and family, my Paypal account is attached to it.

Even, Google knows the fact that there are millions of users that rely on Gmail. That’s the reason, Google team always try hard to make user experience much better by introducing new features and Gmail labs.

The latest is Preview Pane – one of the Google’s newest Gmail Labs feature that allows users to read mail right next to your list of conversations. In simple words, you can read or reply to your mails while browsing your other emails. Preview Pane is heavily inspired by the Gmail app for iPad and Android and I am sure their users will recognize the interface instantly.

If you too loved the Gmail app for tablets, you can too enable Preview Pane in Gmail Labs section. If you don’t have idea what I am talking about, you can check our guide on How to enable Gmail Preview Pane to browse emails while replying to them.

1. Login to your Gmail account and head towards Gmail Labs link. You can click this link to directly access Gmail Labs page.

2. Search for Preview Pane in Gmail Labs page search bar that you will find on top of the page. You will see the lab you requested in search bar comes on top. Just click Enable button in front of the Lab feature.

3. That’s it, you are done. You just enabled the Preview Pane in Gmail. Now you will see totally new Gmail interface that resembles look of Gmail tablet apps.

4. The first thing you will note after activating Preview Pane opens your Gmail into three-window panel, with the Preview Pane in between the navigation and email panes.

4. You can even change the pane settings with a button that appears on the top right hand corner of Gmail that let you toggle between three types of Pane :

  • No Split : It is just the same old interface of Gmail that you are using presently.
  • Vertical Split : This is the interface that I have shown you in the above screenshot.
  • Horizontal Split : This Pane places the preview pane at the top and emails below the preview pane.

Personally, I like the idea about the Preview Pane that let me reply and read emails while I am browsing them. As this feature is in its initial stages, it is little bit clunky.

So, what are your thoughts about Gmail Preview Pane? Will you enable Preview Pane from Gmail Labs Page? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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