Apr 4 2011

A Complete Guide On Converting Facebook Personal Profile Into Facebook Page

One greatest innovation in the internet world is Facebook. Not only mature people, even kiddos have their account on one of the amazing communicating and social networking tool. The ever increasing number of people registering makes the team swell with pride and they feel motivated to come up with new features to make people feel good about having registered on Facebook. While school/college students use Facebook to communicate with their friends and keep themselves updated with what’s latest in the lives of their friends, there are many people who use it with some purpose in mind.

Yes, I’m talking about the business entrepreneurs who actually use such social networking sites like Facebook for connecting with more and more people all over and let them know about their existence in the web world.

Well, latest buzz which most of you out there surely know by now is the new migration tool. According to Facebook, the social networking site has released its new migration tool that will enable people to convert the Facebook personal profile into the business Page that too in just a matter of seconds and with ease.

This is truly the good news for the business entrepreneurs who were actually find it difficult to use Facebook for expanding their reach. The new tool will lessen down the burden of lot many people for they will not have to start their business page from scratch zero and then slowly update the page.

Don’t take me wrong for coming up with the news that you’ve already been acquainted with. I’m here to let you all know about what actually the tool does, how can you go about changing your personal profile into the page, its limitations and all other relevant information that you would actually want to read about.

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Why should I convert my profile to the page?

Well, this the very first question we all ask when introduced to something new. As far as migration tool recently launched by Facebook is concerned, the profiles as y’all know are meant for individual people and are certainly not suited to meet your business needs.

To cater you needs and expand your web network you would have to create a new page and start from the scratch. The new migration tool without consuming much of your time will enable you to transfer your profile data to the Pages that are created for business purposes. To sum up in one line, the new migration tool will save a lot of your time and effort.

The new Facebook migration tool will be useful for users who wish to use their profile to promote their business. It will enable them to promote a business with a personal profile and use third-party Page applications to set up a like-gated landing page, run contests, collect mail addresses and recreate functionality from websites.

How to convert a profile to a page?

Migrating profile into the page for the business purpose lets you introduce your business to good number of people who are already there in your friend’s list. Sparing people from the effort of building a business page from scratch that would anyday take ample time, the Facebook’s Profile To Business Page Migration tool can let you convert an existing personal profile into professional one in the hassle-free manner.

The process is pretty easy, you just need to choose the appropriate business category, and specify a name, subcategory and little more information asked and convert it into the business page.

Import contacts

Enter your email address and you can send the invite

Wait for some time to let contacts import

Click on send button

Further, you can suggest the page your friends

It’s an easy and simple process to migrate from profile to page. You just got to follow simple steps and proceed  expanding your reach.

How are business profiles different from the personal ones?

Personal profiles and business profile are entirely different from each other for the fact that each exists and solves different purposes. Business accounts are for those who want to make optimum use of Facebook to administer Pages, run ad campaigns and much more to let their business grow. Business accounts have limited access to information on Facebook.

You can view all the pages and ads you own, but then you will not be able to view profiles or content owned by other people. The business accounts cannot be found in a search and you as the owner of the account won’t be allowed to send or receive friend requests. Personal profiles give you much more freedom than the business accounts for those as the name says are for personal use and can’t be used for business purposes.


Every good thing comes with some limitations so is the case with the Migration tool introduced by Facebook. As mentioned above, converting a profile into a page is easy and less time consuming process. Certainly, it retains the entire friends list and converts them into fans but all other information gets lost in the process if a user has not copied and saved all of their personal information well in advance. It’s an irreversible process. Once the profile is converted into a page, there’s no way to reverse the process.

Besides this, some users find the process of migration unsmooth and once it’s done, it doesn’t allow the user to post the content or make any other change.

Be aware, as the conversion from personal page to the business one is a one-way trip. Once it’s finished, you can’t transform your business page back into a personal profile. So, save the content you think you would need or download the information through the data downloader feature.

Once the conversion is done, the users won’t be able to write on the walls of friends, see their updates or access their messages. Besides this, the users won’t be able to register for a new account with the same email address or phone number associated with their old profile.

Users have to be extremely cautious about using the tool and it shouldn’t be used by anyone except those who were using their profiles just for business purposes. And yes, Facebook has warned the users with the personal profile for anything other than a single individual violates its guidelines. For such profiles, Facebook suggests converting them to business pages, otherwise users could loose access to their own content. Doesn’t that sound harsh by the social networking giant?

If you’re genuinely interested in maintaining a business presence on the site just without giving the second thought, go ahead and convert your profile into the page. Just make sure you save the important content before beginning your migration. Once you’re done with the migration, the profile you currently maintain will be converted to a business account that will be the sole admin of your new Page.

How can you download information from Facebook before migrating to Page?

Go to your Account Setting on the top right hand corner of your profile page and click the ‘learn more’ link beside ‘Download Your Information’. The page giving you the Download option will be opened up. Click on Download button and your data will start downloading. Sounds a simple process but worth a click before you migrate from Profile to Page incase you’re interested in doing so.

I’m sure all you business entrepreneurs have been waiting for the introduction of cool feature like this. Ignore the downside of the tool and be cautious. Just save all the relevant data before you start using the tool and creating page and move your Facebook friends to a Page.

I have shared all the information that I thought would be relevant for you to make a switch over. Now, I’m keenly interested in knowing if you would be the one converting your profile to a page? Let us know what you think about the new migration tool and would you like to migrate? Drop in the comments below.

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  • well,when we do convert,is there any way to upload the downloaded data to page?! like information’s and photo albums?

    • Sorry but till date there is no way to upload the downloaded data to the page.

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    yeah! this story has entered the popular today section on popurls.com…

  • Thanks a lot ofr the content, I have just one question, I have a profile and I have a Fan Page, I want to migrate this profile to that specific Fan Page. Is it possible?

    Thx in advance.

    • Thanks for commenting Maria. Would like to tell you that its not possible to migrate profile into fan page.

      • Shoot. I thought so. Thanks anyway. =)

  • I am in the same situation as Maria. We have both a profile page and fan page. When I try to turn the profile page into a fan page, it won’t let me. Should I permanently delete the FAN page and then retry? (eek!) We started building the fan base on another page since we didn’t think the change was coming. Thanks for any help. Would like to merge the 2, but I am thinking that’s not possible.

    • Jennifer, thanks for dropping in the comment. You are right, migration of profile into the fan page is not possible.

  • I was so excited to migrate a 4,100 person profile into a fan page… followed all the steps, and now, 48 hours later, nothing. The only page that comes up when I sign in is the “Basic Settings” page. Can’t see the wall or account settings, nothing. If I log in under another user name, I can search for the Fan Page by name, the avatar will show up and it will note 4,100 likes, but if I click on it to open it, just SPINS. and SPINS. Nothing happens.
    What can I do?

  • Presume you got sorted, Melissa? I have done both things – had a profile with 1,500 fans and started up a fan page from scratch. Still running the two – but plan to shut profile next week. On another voluntary organisation that I’m PRO for, I changed over using the migrate tool recently – it did take about 48 hours to change over. But it did convert our fans to ‘likes’. I should have saved our photos etc. beforehand.

    Far happier running things as ‘pages’ when it comes to business.

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  • I am still finding that people don’t interact nearly as often with a “fanpage” as they do with a profile so for a blogger, having a personality and profile is more engaging for me and my audience. My Fanpage is slow to grow but is run separately, also I imagine only 5-10% of the people you invite to convert will actually convert to fanpage likes, most will likely be ignored unless they all know you personally. Just statistically speaking on averages here. Great tutorial however, and worth sharing.

    If I was just starting up on Facebook now for my blogs, I would have done a page from the start, but I started before there were pages and much harder to convert and invest. Pages are still limited when it comes to finding profiles and building friendships, also lack of emailing when someone posts on your wall by default is annoying and even 3rd party apps are unreliable.

  • Wow, very nice tutorial, I haven’t that we can convert something like this.

    Thank you

  • my personal account have been converted without my request or confiirmationto an advertising page … i cann’t interact with my friends, or any of my wall data. more tha a week ago, i have the same problem, contacted the help centere, fill forms and no solution , please help

  • I have created some applications using my profile. If i convert this profile to page will i lose this applications? Will i be able to create new apps using this page?
    Thank you.

  • well I converted my personal profile into a page and NONE of my friends moved over… could someone advise if this is something that takes a while for the system to update? Just did it a couple of hours ago…

    • This was yesterday… How is everything now? Did u get your contacts?

  • Omzi…the same thing just happened to me like an hour ago. I am desperate…. Don’t know what to do!!! HELP please… Is this normal? How long do I have to wait?

  • hey! it’s been almost 24 hours and it still has not restored my contact… i’ve lost about 4000… does anyone know how I could get in touch with someone at FB?

  • Nothing is lost you can submit your request for a reversa! Just follow this link https://www.facebook.com/help/contact_us.php?id=189265951117017

  • Im trying to convert profile to a fan page and my fans are not imported also.
    May be FB cancelled that?

  • Im having the same issue-losing friends by trying to make fans. Does it just take some time for the merge to happen? I went to close the page because I had zero “likes” but when I did a few “friends” popped up. The tag line read- don’t go “so and so” will miss you. So friends are there-but not showing up?!? Anyone know when people will start showing as fans? Or how long the migration takes?

  • I have a personal profile and attached to it is a PAGE that is probably more important than the personal profile. I want to change the personal profile page into a “LIKE” page since I do not want friends. If I use the migration tool, will I lose the important PAGE that is connected to my personal profile? If so, how do I keep the 2 pages (the original important PAGE and the newly created page from my personal profile)?

    Thank you!

  • Hello,
    Can somebody help. I try migrate profile into fan page more than 20 times, but i cant,
    always when I go through the above procedure, facebook reset my account, after that i need to verified my account and change password, but after that im still on profile not in fan page.

    Have anybode the same experience and what i need to do, that i will change profile into fanpage.
    Is something wrong in name or url or what?

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